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Were You Alive In...

Previously: 1989.

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood


sorry your heinous

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

I'm with Josh here.


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood And yet: you are so eighties.


Only part of it.


@Brunhilde Me too, highfive!



I feel young again!


@JoanTition Haha, ditto.

Anna Marquardt

Yes, but I was in utero for most of it.


i was -2.


also, is the font a throwback to MASH?


@becky@twitter High fives for being -2!


@becky@twitter Same. Go 82!


@area@twitter @Chaise Longue CLASS OF 2000!


@becky@twitter Yeah, I thought it was MASH, too. Which seems so '70s to me, but I bet if I look it up, 1980 was it's heyday or something.


@becky@twitter Party hearty; smoke a bowl--'cuz we're the class of Double-O.


3 years early


Are these all going to be in order?

Sarah Beach@facebook

Hell yes. Dumb and young, but alive.


No! I don't know what to think about this census game yet.


@VictorVictrola I agree! What is going to happen?

And, just in case non-responders can't participate in the awesome party you guys are going to throw when you announce the "results" of your "study," I was not alive in 1980.


I came out of a lady in 1980!


@rootmarm whoop whoop!! me too!!!

Lady Humungus

@rootmarm ditto!

Anna Marquardt

@Jengraf_80 holler at the metal monkeys in Chinese astrology (or earth rams if your birthday is before February 16).


@Anna Marquardt I've always been fond of being a metal monkey.

Anna Marquardt

@Brunhilde me too! I want to start a band called Satan's Marmosets.

Lily Rowan

Shit is getting real up in here. Alive and conscious in '80, represent!

Tuna Surprise

@Lily Rowan
Can't wait til they start dippin' into the 70s. It'll be like a ghost town around here.


@Tuna Surprise Word to all y'all's mothers.


@Lily Rowan yeah, I thought there would be more people saying yes to this... :-(


@Tuna Surprise I bet twenty bucks they stop before they get to the 60s because they think it'll be too embarrassing for anyone to admit. The thing is, once you get to be this old you don't embarrass that easily. :)

Magpie Shinies

@Tuna Surprise More reasons for me to feel old! (#1 reason, my birthday is MOnday)


@Lily Rowan 1980 was a banner year for finger painting.


@HelloTitty: So, should we start taking bets on which of us is the oldest? And I think there should be a prize for the "winner" (by which I mean "loser") - maybe a hip replacement?


@ejcsanfran I'll take my Hairpin t-shirt now please.


@Magpie Shinies 41 on Wednesday! A hearty yes to 1980, which was a super fun year, sorry so many here had to miss it. Luckily, UO and American Apparel and doing their level best to keep it alive for you.


I was not alive and neither was my sister (well, she was in my mom's stomach) but my dog Toolie was but now he's not anymore.


Yes, but memories are hazy and limited to snippets of the Muppet Show, Sesame Street and Mork & Mindy.


@LaMuda All on black & white TV, not because it was 1980, but because my parents were cheap hippies. (For a long time, I thought the microwave was invented in 1985, because that's when we got one.)

Magpie Shinies

@LaMuda we finally got a color TV to go along with our first VCR. I kept the b&w one all the way through college.


@LaMuda Ha! Me too! We got a colour TV in 83/84ish, I remember.

Apparently I also thought that, whenever I turned on the TV Sesame Street would start. But that was only because I was only allowed to watch Sesame Street.

ann aunamis

Yeah, I was 10.


@ann aunamis you have me beat by 2 years, you win!


@ann aunamis So those of us alive and with intact memories of 1980 can just cluster here together, ok?


@ann aunamis - 10 as well. old enough to remember HR puff-n-stuff when it was on the free tv. a tv, i might add, that hummed like an MRI machine whilst warming up. 5 mintues later, there was a picture.


@spitfire clustering right up. I was a pale, skinny eleven year old wearing desperately hideous clothes (control freak Mom) but in the plus column, I think this was the year I bought my first LP, Adam and the Ants, Kings of the Wild Frontier woot! I still think the eighties were a pretty good time for teenagers


@ann aunamis I was ten too! Climbing trees, roller skating (on metal wheels because my parents were too cheap to kick down for the big fat-wheeled wonders), and playing lively games of "show me yours & I'll show you mine" with the neighbor boys down by the creek. Good times...
@dabbyfanny I had a blast as a teenager in the 80's. Adam & the Ants figured large & loud in there, along with a shit ton of Bowie, Siouxie, Bauhaus... oh dear. This is turning into a TL;DR. I'm rambling in my old age.


@ann aunamis King of the Wild Frontier! I was eleven and an Ant Person.


@ann aunamis I was eight. It was third grade. Blondie was my favorite band. I remember my mom crying after John Lennon got shot. I also climbed trees like a monkey and rode my bike all over the place.


@ann aunamis I voted for Carter in my school's mock election. I think I was the only one, which was a good indication on how that election was going to go.


@Momster: Ha, I was nine and remember seeing Blondie playing on TV on the Dick Clark New Year's program when it turned 1980. We were all excited to hit a new decade.


Hello! I was also alive and also ten in 1980.


Is that the font for "Combat Rock?" Was that 1980? Not that I was alive then or anything - oh yeah, we did a Kindergarten dance to it - swear.


fine tuning their demographic, no doubt. Alive and well, over here.



Bus Driver Stu Benedict

@HelloTitty Suicide is Painless, or at least that's what my previous incarnation thought...


I was two. And this is my favorite picture taken of me that year: http://yfrog.com/kfx00loj


@KellySkittles Look at that f'in hipster!!!

sorry your heinous

@KellySkittles adorable!


@KellySkittles Two year olds represent!

tiny dancer

@KellySkittles Another 2 year old here. I had a shirt that said Disco Baby.


@sorry your heinous Thank you!


@scully Sometimes, I wish I could get away with wearing that outfit now, if only for an hour.

Magpie Shinies

I remember 1980 really well, even though I was 6-7. I remember it turning 1980, my parents dropped me off at a friend's house (her older brother was "babysitting," ie drinking with his friends), we played Monopoly and celebrated when the ball dropped, then waited an hour to "really" celebrate, since it was the Midwest.

I also remember the 1980 presidential election, I had a teacher ask the students who would vote for Carter to go to one side of the room, and the students who would vote for Reagan go to the other, I was the only student on the Carter Side. Stupid Midwest.

I was really excited about the Voyager program (my whole life!) being at Saturn. Dad was really into astronomy, and we had a huge telescope in our backyard, so this was a big deal to me at the time.


Yes! Alive and conscious. Which just might make me the world's oldest Caitlin.


@scully Wait wait wait, I'm Caitlin and I was born May 72, can you top that?


@CJane NOOO I CAN'T AND THAT IS AMAZING! I was really starting to think that aside from Caitlin Thomas I was the oldest one. I'm a '76er.


@scully Hi five! What a lonely childhood I had and now we are a dime a dozen. I have lots of stupid things with my name on them these days simply because I didn't back then.


@scully Not even close, kiddo! '69er here (snicker)


@dabbyfanny Oh snap!


Hell yeah! Anyone care to join me in singing the theme song to Midnight Madness? Anyone? Why are all of these crickets chirping?

Tuna Surprise

Midnight Madness is the only reason I knew what Pabst Blue Ribbon was when it became popular again...

Tuna Surprise

@kayjay Forgot to add:
Meat machine, meat machine!


@Tuna Surprise Hey Melio, "fagabefe".

There is never a time when the utterance of the word "fagabefe" isn't funny. NEVER.


Nope! Finally, one of these posts doesn't make me feel old!


yes. christ, i feel old.


Why? Why are you doing this? Just to make me feel old? That's not very nice of you. I was a teenager in 1980.


@ShanghaiLil40 You are not alone!


I was there in spirit


Finally one I wasn't around for!!

danielle johnsen

Yes. I was there. In a womb and then celebrated the last few days of the year!

Anna Marquardt

@danielle johnsen what what December 1980 birthdays!


I was wearing Snoopy mittens at the dinner table


born in 1980!!!

Ms. Information

@ThundaCunt Virtual hi-five!

Roxy Throatpunch

Not until November, but I rocked it out those last two months.


Yes. That Christmas started off my expansive 'Space Lego' collection.


@KirRoyale I am jealous of your space Legos.


Born that year, and John Lenon was there for most of it too, which is nice to think of.


As of August, yes. Spent the earlier months in the womb.


The font reminds me not only of M*A*S*H, but the fact that all my little boy friends' G.I. Joes were in jungle fatigues, and all the accessories and everything were modeled on Vietnam War equipment.


I'm ready to learn more about Richard Lawson's role in these mysterious posts. Plots are thickening?


@cbrownson Right? Ready is an understatement--I'm dying to know what he's doing on these posts!



And has he ever been "A Dude"?


Oh, and Mt. St. Helens, y'all!


@LaMuda Oh yes! We had ash in northern California, I was nine and making godseyes at camp....

Lucy Sanders@facebook

Only from April 17th on....well, I was alive before that, but in utero.


@theharpoon, I wish I could remember what happened to it. I'd love to pass it on to my boys and carry on the grand tradition of yelling "Holy Hell! Where's the fucking vacuum!!" every time I stepped on one of the cockpit canopies in the middle of the night.


My parents had just met! Yay, I feel young.


The responses to these make me feel like a large amount of the lovely Hairpin ladies are remarkably close in age to me.

So uh, wanna grab a drink?


@leon.saintjean where do you live, again?


@becky@twitter I'm wildly unoriginal. Colonial Williamsburg, County of Kings.


@leon.saintjean i'm in boston and could use a fizzy lifting drink. ::sad trombone::


@leon.saintjean Darling, I would love to but alas there are obstacles. Let me tell you them:

- I think you've already mentioned elsewhere that you're in your twenties, so I'm automatically off your list of lovely Hairpin ladies remarkably close in age to you. Let's just say I'm... older than that. Still lovely, though.

- I'm married. Like, since dirt was invented. Today's our eleventy-seventh anniversary!

- I quit drinking a few years ago. It's ok... it's for the best for me, my sanity and society in general.

- I live completely across the entire country from the County of Kings. Far, far away.

That said, I like what you have to say around here and I would if I could. Good luck in your quest for drinking companions! :o)

bear surprise

@becky@twitter aww you guys! i moved from cw to boston after graduation! i would like to be the bridge that unites you!


No. Is this series going to end with Richard Lawson finding out my birthday and then writing my personalized love horoscope? Cause that would be neat.


Alive, but sort of blobby and limited to asserting myself through wails and bodily functions. Looking back, I suppose I have progressed somewhat over the years.


@redonion Haha!


I was learning to drive in my mom's pea-green 1972 Ford Torino.


Yup. 1979 babies, are you with me?


@Cavendish Ya heard.


@Cavendish Holla.


@Cavendish Represent!


@Cavendish Loud and proud.


Just for the last 3 1/2 months.

the other lisa

Also born in 80. What do I win?


I was not, but I continue to have a crush on M*A*S*H-era Alan Alda.

...actually, present-day Alan Alda is pretty awesome, too. He's been married to the same women since forever! And is a proud feminist! And author! Activist! Philanthropist! Intellect! Um, this ends my bizzaro gushing about my secret weirdo crush.


@etheline. Don't feel bad about your secret weirdo crush. I've always had a thing for Steve Martin. Also Robin Williams. So, um... funny guys? I guess?


@etheline. Mike Farrell is also totally rad in real life. I met him at a book signing. (It was his book.) He's an anti-death penalty activist. It was cool to meet him, even though I'm more of a Trapper John fan, show-wise.

And no, I was not alive in 1980. But I lurve M*A*S*H. My parents' house is full of catchphrases from the show, most notably: "It's NICE to be NICE to the NICE, FRANK?!?"


@jenergy Oh, I can understand the Steve Martin thing. Such charisma!


@alpelican JEALOUS! I also grew up in a M*A*S*H house. Whenever I'm visiting my parents, my dad and I meet on the couch for an hour of it. Watching it without him just isn't the same.


So wait, when are we going to get one of these for 2003? Or, like, 2010 or something. Are one-year-olds on The Hairpin?


@melbouc@twitter I think there are a couple of fetuses around here somewhere...


I was so bummed in 1980, the seventies were over and I only had two years to bask in them.

Tina Rowley

Not, like, old enough to run for office or anything. But I got my period in 1980. I have a feeling that I'll be waiting a long time for my birth year to show up in its psychedelic font. Man hadn't landed on the moon just yet. They were still ironing out the last details for Woodstock. Serge, Jane, take it away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQY34DaywB8


I was, but I don't remember it.


Yes! For a whole year, even...


This is either market research or a drunken bet between Edith Zimmerman and Richard Lawson about how many comments they can generate, and yes I was.


@MrComment Based on this comment I am now imagining some sort of combined drunken market research betting scenario. Also, I was born in 1980.


I was not alive, but I do watch M*A*S*H



My specious theory on the "were you alive in" posts. Edith wants to know the age of a specific commenter but is too afraid to ask, so they're narrowing it down ONE YEAR AT A TIME!

Or it's just comment bait and I'm EATING IT UP!

Edith Zimmerman

@Becca Hahahaha. I was like "Richard PLEASE. Please." And he was like "JUST ASK, YOU IDIOT. But ugh, fine."


I was 10 years old and in 5th grade. I looked like a boy because my mom cut my hair, and I was wearing nothing but hand me downs from my sisters. I remember that I got teased all the time because it was so easy to make me cry, so eventually I had to go to the school counselor and I did nothing but cry in her office twice a week. I was jealous of my older sisters who were in high school and college because they seemed to cosmopolitan and pretty and had boyfriends. I had no idea what I would do with a boyfriend, but I really, really wanted one.


@SuperMargie Awww, my 10-year-old 1980 self so totally identifies! I had the bad mom haircut, too. Seriously, she called it a Dorothy Hammill, but it just looked like she put a big salad bowl on my head and cut around the bottom. Boo. I think I still thought boys were the same as girls, though. No older sisters. ;o)


@SuperMargie We are almost the same age and my mom made me get a boy haircut too.


@SuperMargie I was in second grade...and I had a boy's haircut. My mom would never let me grow it long because she said my face was too small :(


I was in fifth grade, and allowed to watch M*A*S*H


@MoonBat Remember Benson? I wasn't allowed to stay up past my bedtime to watch it, and I remember laying in bed and hearing my dad just roaring with laughter when it was on and feeling like I was missing something REALLY GOOD and getting so mad I couldn't sleep anyway.

Michael J. Levy

Nope. I was unalive.


I was not even a glimmer in my papa's eye then.

But I am given to understand this is the year Post-It notes were first offered for sale, which I find both excellent and very strange. Post-It notes are so mundane but it's hard to think of a world without them. (My office, for one, would be so screwed.)


I was alive and drooling. Much like today.


The only reason I can figure out for my birth is either hate sex or alien abduction. But yes, I was there for it all in 1980.


Yup. Born three weeks prior to the start of the year. I technically span 5 decades and am only 31.

Ironika Leigh

This is bullshit.

Carina Salazar Jaramillo@facebook

Through most of it, I was born in January '80.


No, not for another year.


I was zero!


I was there for almost three whole months of 1980!


How low will you go? (Yes! Got my first real job that summer!)


I was only alive in the 80s for two years, but man I wish I could remember them. I've heard great and terrible things about them, but I feel like I would've liked the 80s. How weird would it be if we had memories going back to infancy? Creepy, but awesome.

Elizabeth Rose Kites@facebook

Yes! But I don't remember any of it!(I was two, not on an epic bender)


Yes. In other questions. Should/can I change my name? This Juicebox is the new Douchebag is bringing me down. I am PMSing and my period made me buy some brownies and question whether I should just give up the Juicebox. *sigh* I need a beer with a coozie IRL.


@JuiceBox Reclaim JuiceBox! Take back the box.


Yes! And I remember watching Love Boat and Three's Company reruns before my mom's soaps came on.


Yes! Ka-chunk was the feeling when I changed channels using 2 different knobs on our TV with built in doors. I think it was in color...


Now I understand why I am sooooooo much wiser than you folks. Ahhhh, the start of the Reagan era.


Yes, I received the Good Citizen award in front of the school that spring. I was given a round yellow pin-on badge. Basically a teacher's pet award. Kept that thing well onto the 80s.


Yes! I was going to University of San Francisco and listening to loads of punk rock.


Ok cut to the chase guys. Were you alive in 1848? 1775? How about 25 AD? I went to summer camp so long ago that fucking Jesus Christ was my counselor and my best friend had polyeboslia. His name was Ug...and he walked on all fours. There were two epidemics when I went to camp: head lice and the Plague, the Bubonic Plague.


@DrFeelGood wet hot american summer. yes.


Yes goddammit and i voted. So do the math!


Vaguely. I was at an age when parrots are still smarter than you.
This game has something to do with teevee?


I sure was. I couldn't talk yet though.


I was hitting double digits in 1980.

fondue with cheddar

Hell yeah, I was alive! Kindergarten/first grade. I remember kids singing a song in the cafeteria about the 1980 election. I've since forgotten how it went, but it was definitely pro-Reagan.


Not only was I alive, but 1980 is the year I started Catholic school, my parents divorced and both of my paternal grandparents died. Oh, and I had my tonsils out. A lot of future craziness is rooted in that year.


Yup, I was! Born in '79.


I was three and totally rocking a bowl cut and romper. I was so current.


Yes but I was nearly a year old so I think I was present but not totally aware.


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