Monday, July 11, 2011


The Bermuda Triangle of Canadian Highway

"It could just be that some sick people up there realize that women hitchhiking alone are easy pickings. Towns are far apart and there are long stretches of road. Sometimes the radio fades out and there is no cell service. There are logging roads off every highway. If someone has bad intentions, you will find a victim. Someone can go off and drive for an hour and throw a body into a ravine and they would never be found.”
—Uh oh: Women keep spookily disappearing from British Columbia's Highway 18 — a.k.a. the "Highway of Tears" — and the latest one left behind an empty tent and pickup truck. "We don’t think she just wandered off drunk and fell into the lake," says a reporter. "It is completely off character. I don’t know if they will ever find her at this point." Suspects include an old man "with long white hair." God? Don't hitchhike! It is supposed to be really pretty up there, though.

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Hot mayonnaise

The "Trail of Tears" website is horrible, and not because of the GeoCities styling.


@Hot mayonnaise There is no way I'll be able to unsee that horrible logo of connected eyeballs!


a man with long white hair... bob, is that you?!


@isaidweresinking It has to be Bob. Bob a la Cooper?



He is BOB, eager for fun.
He wears a smile...everybody run.


@isaidweresinking That is exactly who I pictured while reading this.

cat of the canals

@isaidweresinking Interesting fact: The actor that played Bob was just some random dude from the filming crew that was accidentally in one of the shots and Lynch decided that he absolutely had to play Bob!


You always start Monday's with the light stuff.

The "Highway of Tears" logo is creepy.


So what you're saying is, we should all stop trying to be Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night?


@rayray That is just plain unacceptable.

the fourth bot

@isaidweresinking My thought exactly. The geography is even right!


but why is their campaign limited to 'girls?' according to the highway of tears website, an entire family has gone missing, along with a few men.


@becky@twitter The disappearances that don't fit a pattern are unlikely to be repeated in a preventable way. If you had a few women and an entire family go missing in the same period that 45 young men disappeared under similar suspicious circumstances, it would be reasonable to treat the former as potential one-offs while investigating the latter as probably related or part of a pattern.


@wharrgarbl i just think it might be more worthwhile to advertise "don't hitchhike no matter what is between your legs because it is dangerous and people have been killed" rather than "don't hitchike because you're a girl and that automatically makes you weak."


@becky@twitter Except that if you have a population who is being specifically targeted because of what's between their legs (and quite possibly also their race), it makes sense to include that in the warning. If you've got a serial killer going around hate-criming women and girls in the community, pretending that men face an equal risk from that quarter is kind of like dancing around the fact that it's mostly synagogues getting hit during an arson spree.


This is why I try to never leave the city (except to go to crowded beaches).The woods are filled with hoardes of feral in-bred mouth-breathing killers. Never find yourself more than a mile or so of a place that sells lipstick.


@SarahHeartburn I know, right? Sometimes it's good to be indoorsy.


It's actually Highway 16, and: could everybody quit joking ahout this? I grew up there and this horror has been going on for decades, mostly to native women (and mostly yes, girls, as in just teenagers) so everybody quit acting like this is out of a David Lynch film. In the middle of elementary school classes, cousins of these girls used to break down crying. Jesus.


@mo.evans Thank you. I lived in BC for awhile; also not finding this funny. And it's the strangest coverage I've ever seen of the issue. It's weird to read about it like it's some wacky Canadian thing to get abducted while hitching.


Wow. Not a good entry to read right before bed.

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