Monday, July 18, 2011


Rebecca Black's New Single, "My Moment"

The second offering from the infamous "Friday" singer isn't catchy at all, not even toward the end when you've got a different tab open and you find yourself doing a little shoulder shimmy to it. Not even then!


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So now we can all finally talk openly about the fact that the whole "Friday" thing was a huge internet joke, and we don't actually like Rebecca Black's "music," right?


@EleanorRigby Exactly. We don't hate her because she's famous. She's famous because we hate her.


This sounds like an American Idol victory song.


I find it kind of remarkable that this is somehow worse than "Friday."

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

I still believe the perfect test for music snobbery is if you hate "Friday".


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood: ...but if you love the Jimmy Fallon/Stephen Colbert rendition, complete with Knicks dancers and gorilla.


This is like the Glamour Shots of singing, right?


@Monkey yes! With the auto-tuning being the fuzzy camera lens.


Couldn't you have just Rickrolled us?

Matt Blank@twitter

And another one floats to the top of the toilet bowl.


We best be steppin' off of her 'moment'.


Where's Benni Cinkle? FAIL!


@ejcsanfran I watched solely for Benni C.


Anyone getting Vanessa Hudgens vibes? Also, how do her bangs not bother her?!


But you guys! She's waited so long and now it's finnnaaalllyyy here! Her moment!
It's like when twenty year olds dance to "At Last" at their weddings. What? You waited like 6 years between puberty and your love coming along.


I kind of loved her after how self-deprecatingly hilarious she was post Friday fame (i.e., the entire Funny or Die April Fool's Day). After fifteen seconds of this song, I kind of hate her again.


Gawd, this is worst than Friday but not funny. It's earnest in all the wrong ways, and just good enough to not be so bad it's good. But still be terrible.


Good for her.


I don't care for this song. Whereas Friday expressed the awkwardness and uncertainty of a young girl trying to find her way in this crazy world, this Rebecca Black knows what day comes after next and knows for damn sure which seat she's going to take, even if she has to stab her goofy-dancing but well meaning brace-faced friend to get it.


that guy doing the wave arm at 2.21 looks like a young, ashamed jon hamm.

Ms. Information

The best part about moments is that they're fleeting. Next!


I've been watching 0:22-0:25 over and over again so that I can repeat it identically before I blow out my next birthday candles or whatever. Everyone who witnesses it will think I am SO CUTE.

tea tray in the sky.

1:14-1:16 is definitely her Moment.

Erin Miller@facebook

she is going to be swimming in a pool of embarrassment by the time she's twenty, in a way similar but far magnified to the shame of my year 8 haircut.


"I'm get-ting my pay-per." Love it.

Hot mayonnaise

Rebecca, you've used 14 of your 15 minutes.


I thought it was cute. Please do not maim me.

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