Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Keira's Parents Can't Remember If There's a Fox on the Beach



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Kristina Lucarelli

I'm having sparkling wiggles flashbacks


Next week's episode: "Daddy, where's the pizza ship?"


This can be added to my list of GOOD REASONS TO HAVE CHILDREN:
1. So they can be a tiny Garth to your Wayne
2. Adorable profanity

young preeezy

So this girl is adorable, and there's like, an entire series of youtube videos of her. One including her singing a 'Bif Naked' song.

1) OMG BIF NAKED! Who remembers her??? It took me a full 5 minutes before I went "OHHHH BIF Naked! NOT the 'Bare Naked Ladies' or some random hippie band from 20 years go! That is so random! Why is that girl singing a BN song?? Are her parents really fans? That's weird. I mean Bif was alright, but just totally random and tatood and stuff. I don't remember anything about her music, other than the whole thing seemed kinda gimmicky. So random. I mean like, ten years ago random.

2)Keira's brother is adorable. Case in point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS8iNLD_vLQ&feature=related


@prizzzle Oh God that is so cute! That's the kind of thing your parents show you when you're fighting with your siblings, "see! You were so cute together! What happened?

And I'm the Dad

This is hilarious. I've had similar linguistic run-ins with my kids, and I wish I'd recorded them.

- And I'm the Dad (http://andimthedad.com)


I can't wait for her makeup tutorials.

fondue with cheddar

As I imagine many kids do, my nephew pronounces "fork" like "fuck". It's not really a swear, but what's really hilarious is the way he says my neice's name. He has trouble saying "Danica", so he calls her "Ca-Ca". :D Fortunately, she doesn't know the alternate meaning.


She's so adorable!! (I like the "Are You A Girl" video in particular.) And I love that her brother is named Rain, especially since they're (half) Korean.


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