Thursday, July 28, 2011


Jeah! The Unstoppable Ryan Lochte

"I wanted to do something that everyone thought was impossible. Since they banned those suits, everyone thought a world record would never get touched again. I just wanted to show everyone that can happen. That's why we have records — they're meant to get broken."
—The scaldingly hot goon Ryan Lochte beat Michael Phelps again, this time wearing less clothing than ever. There sure are a lot of videos of him to watch online!

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Ehhhh I think I prefer Michael Phelps' nerdy-dolphin thing over the "I am more than an athlete, I am a true psychopath!" vibe this Ryan Lochte gives off. Though I really did appreciate how he tosses what appear to be pony kegs far into the treetops.


@Quinciferous Or Cullen Jones, Aaron Piersol.

Katie Heaney

"Newsfeed: 'Edith Zimmerman likes Ryan Lochte.'"


@Katie Heaney

Interview him, interview him, interview him, interview him, interview him, interview him, interview him, interview him, interview him, interview him, interview him, interview him....

Katie Heaney

@atipofthehat make him give you swimming lessons!!!!

Kenneth Berserk

"What can we do to make me become here, to up there?"

Sshhhh sweetie don't talk, just roll massive tires with your bad self.


@Kenneth Berserk I watched it on mute.


"Ryan is a freak among freaks among freaks." Ah, so intense! Love it/him.

apples and oranges

was he throwing a keg?

apples and oranges

I'd also like to introduce to y'all the sweet, adorable Eric Shanteau. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Shanteau he swam in the Olympics with cancer! he is so cute! seems so nice!! (I could write a dissertation on my favorite Olympians...Laura Wilkinson, anyone?!)

Katie Walsh

Why am I not surprised by the keg tossing?


"You got to get excited" just won me over.


Gah! How is it that all the swimmers have hot faces too? I mean, I expect them to have nice bodies... Soccer players are the same!


I am actually a farmer hunter internet freak among top 10%freaks among top 10% of those freaks! - I shout while tossing my traveler's cup granny-style into the air. Suck that Lochte!

Caryn Josepher

i got drool on my keyboard


Oh girl, I know. Ryan is just one example of the many reasons I chain myself to my television every four years during the summer Olympics. He is a very good candidate for my Olympic Swimmer Fantasy Boyfriend roster now that Ian Thorpe and Lenny Krazelburg have retired.


@chevyvan Lenny Krayzelburg! I LOVE HIM. He was my very first Olympic Swimmer Boyfriend.


I was spending time watching the wrong series - move over landon donovan...I need to appreciate Ryan Lochte.


Watching him on tv today was the highlight of my Sunday.



He lifts things up and puts them down. And sometimes chucks them really, really far.

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