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Happy Hour: Let's French

You guys are in luck. Today is my birthday so I was going to spend this post melodramatically mourning my lost youth (remember Skip-Its?! I'll probably never experience joy like that again) and boring you with the details of the bad birthday luck I've had in past years (my boyfriend-at-the-time gave me a moldy coffee cup) before offering you some mess of a cocktail that would probably be perfect for deciding to sleep with a bartender or just putting your face on the toilet for a little while.

But you're off the hook, since tomorrow happens to be Bastille Day, which celebrates the storming of the Bastille in 1789 and the symbolic start of the French Revolution. So let's keep it classy this week, shall we? Besides, sleeping with bartenders is very 1999. Who can afford to keep drunkenly buying everyone drinks ("It's on me guyyyysss!") until dude finishes his shift at 4 a.m.? Let's make 2011 the year of sleeping with freelancers. Freelance writers, maybe! Wink, wink.

Anyway, it's only fitting we go super French to celebrate Bastille Day, so let's take a cue from Busta Rhymes and pass the Courvoisier.

For those of you who prefer to mix your cognac instead of sipping it neat ("those of you" being me), you're going to like this: Last month, Courvoisier came out with Courvoisier Rosé, a blend of the brand's cognac and French red wine grapes. I'm generally skeptical of alcohol that seems like it's marketed to ladies — I'm looking at you, Cupcake Vodka — but this one happens to be damn good. I've been obsessed with finding a way to add blackcurrant liqueur to all my mixed drinks, and Courvoisier Rosé really hits the spot with that flavor, along with blackberry and a touch of cherry and vanilla. And ABV is 18%, compared to the 40% of traditional cognac, so it definitely goes down smoothly, even if you're not usually a neat or on-the-rocks drinker.

Still want to mix it up? To keep it simple, try adding sparkling water or mixing with a one-to-one ratio of Prosécco. Or, use your morning OJ in this:

Belle Rosé
1 part Courvoisier Rosé
2 parts Orange Juice
½ part Lemon Lime Soda
Raspberry garnish

Directions: Combine Courvoisier Rosé and orange juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a glass. Top with lemon lime soda and raspberry garnish.

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Diana Vilibert is freelance drinker and writer, and she's in the throes of her quarter-life crisis and spent last night Googling stories of people who got buried alive.

Image via Courvoisier

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now this beverage, i could get behind. me-ow, that sounds tasty.


How timely. I found out yesterday that after almost eight months of subsistence-level part time work, I got a job. A real job. With health insurance and a 401(k) and everything. Totally going to celebrate by PASSING THE COURVOISIER.

Diana Vilibert

@Clare Congrats! Definitely get your drink on.


@Clare Congratulations!!!


@Clare go you!!!


@Clare Tip it, Clare!


@Diana Vilibert et al: Thank you everyone! And happy birthday, Diana!


I'm not the biggest fan of pink, but damn the color of that drink is purty.


It's MY birthday too! And now I apparently need to head to the liquor store.


@madamvonsassypants happy birthday sassypants!

Nancy Sin

@madamvonsassypants Mine too! Aaah! Give us all the alcohol.


This doesn't sound nearly boozy enough!


@Gnatalby Agreed, I like strong and strong-tasting drinks myself. Dirty martinis have only two spirits but goes down so well and to what delightful effects. Two or three is when I cut myself off, or else I have no idea what happens after.


@Diana Vilibert Not on point at all, but I keep meaning to ask you: what dark rum do you recommend? I indulged whimsy the other day and made a whole mess of arugula syrup and one of the few ideas I had was to mix it with dark rum, but I don't drink rum much, so ideas? Thanks if you can humor me!

Diana Vilibert

@josiah: yum! How about doing a white rum? Here's a recipe from Cienfuegos in NYC: Add 1.5 oz white rum (Flor de Caña), 2 oz fresh watermelon juice, 2 dashes celery bitters, .5 oz fresh lime juice, .5 oz arugula syrup, and a sprinkle of cracked pink peppercorn (!) into a shaker, fill w/ice, shake well, and strain.


@Diana Vilibert Awesome! Thanks! However, at .5 oz of syrup per, I am going to need to invite over every friend I've ever had...


@josiah: Cutting in here...because dark rum! Yes! I strongly recommend Mount Gay. Bajan rum is the best. ever.


@josiah @Chaise Lounge Yes Mount Gay. Plus it is cheap and not gross. If you want to go a little fancier, but still not too pricey, English Harbor is gorgeous. You can drink it on the rocks.


@josiah: Throwing my two cents in for Gosling's. It was on sale at the packy store the other day, and makes the best dark 'n' stormies everrrrrr...

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I have a 4 year old bottle of Manischewitz on my porch with my name on it.


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood Mix that with some 7up and make yourself a spritzer.


Wooo as a fellow freelancer and drinker and a person who has tomorrow AND friday off work (thankyou traditional French laziness and stormers of the Bastille) I lend my full support to this post.


ohhh Skip It... tricking children into exercise just like Pogo Ball. Well THAT doesn't happen anymore.


Don't forget the French 75! Gin, simple syrup, lemon, champagne. It was named after a 75 mm Howitzer, due to the drink's kick. Besides being delicious, if you are a pretentious jerk (like me!), you get to show off your impeccable French accent by referring to it as a "Soixante Quinze."


I have just realized that if I was a strikingly handsome idiotic douchebag, I could speak to women entirely in Busta Rhymes song titles.

Leon: What's happenin'?
Unfortunate Lady: Not much, what's up with you?
LSJ: New York Shit.
UL: Uh..okay. So uh...what do you do?
LSJ: Run the show. All I do is win.
UL: That's uh...not actually a job description?
LSJ: Respect my conglomerate!
UL: You don't make any sense.
LSJ: Watch ya mouth!
UL: You're a weirdo, I'm not interested.
LSJ: Don't get carried away; I know whatcha want.
UL: No, you don't. I mean, you're strikingly handsome and all, but you're um...kind of an idiotic douchebag?
LSJ: Gimme some more
UL: No, I'm rejecting you, this isn't playful flirting.
LSJ: Eh, world go 'round.
UL: This isn't turning around. Please leave.
LSJ: Touch it.
UL: I'm calling the cops.
LSJ: Make it clap!
UL: ((walks away))
LSJ: Don't cha...
UL: ((opening the door))
LSJ: What's it gonna be?
UL: ((exits, door closing))
LSJ: Get out!


@leon.saintjean You're giving UL too much credit. She'd probably put up with more from strikingly handsome guy.


@NeenerNeener he'd have her hooha all in check?


@leon.saintjean I'm guessing just for one night.


Ah, definitely tabling this for next Bastille Day. This quatorze juillet I'm sticking with sidecars. (The better to get my mother and sister drunk with, my dear.)

mademoiselle cait

♫ The very best thing of all is the counter on that ball ♫

Judith Slutler

LOL, you mean it's Bastille Day and we just beat the French at ladies' soccer!? USA USA USA WOMEN'S-SOCCER-BASED NATIONALIST TRIUMPHALISM YEEEAHHH WOOOO


Can you make this with regular Cognac? We got a bottle of Remy Martin Champagne Cognac as a gift and have noo idea what to do with it... Diana help mee... what are some cognac mixed drinks? I don't drink this shit straight.


@DrFeelGood Also, a good recipe for a Dark and Stormy? I made some with some Bacardi (hangs head in shame) and it was not that good. All the recipes I've come across are kind of bland.


@DrFeelGood Sidecars sidecars sidecars. It's simple and classic and delicious.

Also, if you have champagne, a champagne cocktail!


@Lucienne Oh hello!! I have all the ingredients for both already! You don't realize how shocking that is... Thanks!


@DrFeelGood: You need Gosling's dark rum and real ginger beer for the dark 'n' stormy. That's it. If you're ambitious, add an orange, lemon or lime wedge, but it's not necessary. Nectar of the gods!


Oh, Skip It. Does no one else remember the uncomfortable ankle chafing or were my neighbor and I overly zealous in our skipping?

Charismatic Megafauna

I am SO LATE to this pre-Bastille party, but since it's still the 14th, may I suggest replacing the Courvoisier Rosé with one of the great Vins Doux Naturels (i.e., Muscat, Banyuls or Maury)?

Essentially what Courvoisier is doing with this Rosé thing is a lightly fortified sweet wine. This already exists! Possibly already at your wine store - possibly better/cheaper and not lady-marketed.

eleanore w

Love this cocktail. It's the perfect way to end most evenings. And I'm not sure I agree that the whole "bartender thing" is so 1999; I kinda think it's pretty timeless...minus buying other people drinks. Let's not retire this as a possibility!

The Spinsterlicious Life


Best party I ever gave!!! "The Bucket List Party" We did this last month and it was awesome. All invited guests where asked to write a bucket list of 10 things they wanted to do in their lifetime (sounds better than, before you die). As they arrived, we had them put their list in a bucket (love the synergy). After dinner one person pulled out a list and read it. We all had to guess who's it was. We laughed and shared more than any other dinner party I've ever had. We learned so much about each other. People started brainstorming on how to help others with achieving their list - their dreams. It was awesome.

I asked each guest to take their list home, save it and we'd do an annual dinner to celebrate things achieved! Too fun!!! More party ideas on thefoldednapkinstory.com blog

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