Friday, July 8, 2011


Friday Bargain Bin: Kitchen Edition

Riondo Pink Prosecco, $9.74 (was $12.99)
Just trust me on this: Buy a case ($116.88) and serve this at all girl parties. Showers, bachelorettes, UFC championship viewings, etc. The bottle is adorable, the drank is good, and your friends will be all like “AAAaawwwWW-uh!”

Make Your Own Mozzarella Kit, $20 (was $35)
WHAT!? More like Make My Own Mozzarella Kit (send me all your mozz).

Three-Quart All Clad Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl With Base, $29.99 (was $70)
Wow, this is a perfect li’l mixing bowl for chefs who want to make aioli but only have two hands. Three-handed chefs are welcome to take advantage of this spectacular deal as well, obviously.

Steady Sticks Wine Glass & Bottle Holders, $9.99 (were $19.95)

Paint Your Own Tea Set, $7.99 (was $9.99, but really, does it matter?)
This is a 32-piece tea set that you could, I mean if you wanted to, make into a 32-piece cockandballs tea set for under ten bucks. What is the hold up?

Pumpkin Mille Crepes Cake, $21.95 (was $85)
OK, so this has probably been frozen since last September, but it is THE BEST AND OMG TWENTY BUCKS? These are like twenty bucks a slice at a restaurant. Not kidding. Race ya.

Floral Patchwork Vintage-Style Apron, $17.99 (was $29.95)

BBQ Bug Zapper, $7.49 (was $13)
Holy shit, have you guys ever played with one of these? It’s like “That fly is going down!

12 Fishs Eddy Carnival Coasters, $1.98 (were $3.95)
In other carnival news, I’m making a whole TAL show about Amusement Parks that’ll air early August. There’s gonna be a dude in it named Dutz Bonus, Jr. Real name; I checked his ID.

Blue Silk Flower Napkin Ring, $0.99 (was $4.95)
OK, these are hideous, but I could not pass up an opportunity to remind you of this treasure.

Cuisinart 3-piece Baking Sheet Set, $17.99 (was $35.98)
Hey, you know you gotta re-up your baking sheets someday. And this comes with two regulation sized jelly-roll ones!

12oz. Bag of Hanayuki Panko Breadcrumbs, $.25 (was $4.78)
Um, this is basically free panko. Time you got your Tonkatsu on. (NICE NAILS.)

Pie Contest in a Box, $11.99 (was $14.99)
Invite me! To be a judge. My favorite is strawberry-rhubarb. You win.

Jane Feltes produces the radio program "This American Life."

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I just hosted a pie contest for work and it was brutal and a kit would have made my life SO MUCH EASIER. It was fun though, and pie!

Also I think I'm gonna order a case of wine?


I have two bug zappers (though not exactly like the one listed). They are the best things ever created.


@QuiteAimable My boyfriend's roommate bought one last year for their fly-infested house. I had so much fun with it that after I killed the bugs inside the house I had to be restrained from heading outside to wreak havoc on innocent insects. It was probably one of the more maniacal moments in my life.


I see a few things here that some soon-to-be-married friends might be getting as shower and wedding gifts. Namely, the wine glass/bottle holders.

Hot mayonnaise

@KellySkittles: I thought you were angling toward the electrified paddle.


@KellySkittles: Not the panko?


@ejcsanfran I'm buying the panko for Christmas stocking stuffers.


@Hot mayonnaise You know, I was considering buying them that paddle, too. Maybe with a card that says, "do not use while intoxicated."

Nicole Cliffe

I just want Jane Feltes to live with me and buy me things.


@Nicole Cliffe I think the rule is you have to buy Jane things?


@punkahontas I'd be down with that, too, as long as she'd share the things.


@punkahontas But if you live with her, then maybe you get to use them too?


@Ophelia Yes, I'm sure she'd share! She'd probably do your nails for you too! But I think you'd have to do the buying. That's the tradeoff.


@punkahontas I think I'd take it. I would be far more stylish that way than in real life!

Jolie Kerr

JANE! I was JUST googling "pink champagne cupcake recipe" were you reading my mind???

Also I want everything. All of it. Even the hideous napkin rings. (Okay not really those.)


I am going to order a case of the bug zappers. Flies have been miserable this year at my stable.

Also, a case of wine, just because.


@Kinloch At first, I read this comment as though a horse had written it. Can't you just picture a fed-up mare swatting flies with a swatter held in her teeth, while periodically putting it down to take a delicate sip of pink wine from a bucket?


@Ophelia Now I'm reading it as if my horse wrote it. LOL. Not sure I would trust him with something that could shock and kill insects. Sadly my horse is a little special. He would most likely drop the swatter IN the bucket of pink wine and then drink & electrocute himself.

Yes though, I can definitely picture a delicate but fed-up mare managing just fine to politely swat flies and sip rosa. I shall keep that imagine with me later.


@Ophelia This is a perfect anthropomorphization of my mare, if you add in swearing under her breath as she zaps flies.


OMG, like best FBB yet.


Clearly you forgot the everybody-happy-making Happy Hotdog Man, now only $10.99. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUTPCEA-al0


I want everything but the napkin rings. But especially the wine things and the mixing bowl. And how did I never think to make a crepe cake??


@MeghanElizabeth I found the wine things with free shipping on Amazon, so cheaper overall: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0027XN5B4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER

I'm ordering for my friends too.


@CheeseLouise Amazing. Thanks!!


The bug zapper is sold out! Boo. Boyfriend would have LOVED that, as he is always wandering around with the fly swatter like he's on safari in our living room or something.


@Maria This is what I have: http://www.harborfreight.com/electronic-fly-swatter-40122.html


@QuiteAimable How's it work?


I really want the pink prosecco, but the shipping charges are deterring me. Anyone know where to buy this in NYC?

Theda Baranowski

@punkahontas I actually found it first in my local liquor store in Queens. Colony Wine and Liquor, at 85th St. and 37th Ave. Take the 7 to 82nd, walk a block to 37th Ave, and then up to 85th. You can't miss it. Bonus, you'll probably walk in on the owners bitching each other out in Russian.


@muzivitch Thanks! After all that I will certainly need a drink. (I'm in Brooklyn.)


The panko are at regular price now...


I really want the pink prosecco, but I don't think I can justify spending my week's grocery $$ on a case of wine? Or can I?


@kittenskittenskittens: I thought "week's grocery" and "case of wine" were synonyms. Have I been shopping incorrectly?


@ejcsanfran Usually I like to toss in some overpriced cheese and crackers too, ya know?


If I buy the tea party set will you come over and decorate your very own cup? We can fill them with bourbon if you want. (I want.)

(I'm a little bit serious about this... am I creepy? Chicago friends?)


@JoanTition OMG I would totally join you for that.


@JoanTition I have a cute backyard perfect for drunk tea parties. JUST SAYIN.


@JoanTition Okay we need to pick a date and make this an official meet-up. I'll bring bourbon. Last weekend in July? Email me?


@JoanTition, yes, yes! There were definitely some others interested too, like @hotdog. Let's do this.


@josiah I am emailing youu and I am also proclaiming August 6th or 7th as the ideal days to do this.


@wallsdonotfall My manfriend told me (begged me?) to stop saying this, but I'm going to say it anyway: I'M TOTALLY JAZZED.

Ironika Leigh

@JoanTition I'm totally in. AND TOTALLY JAZZED (just to spite your manfriend.)


@JoanTition August 6 or 7 are both good for me!

Ironika Leigh

@josiah I want to make cups!! (list me too, which you already know)


@JoanTition iiiiiit's haaaaaaaaaappening.

Theda Baranowski

Riondo Pink is what I buy for nights when I'm watching America's Sweethearts alone on Netflix again.

So, you know, tonight.

Creature Cheeseman

For anybody who is willing to debase themselves for free chick-fil-a... http://www.cowappreciationday.com/


You do not need a kit to make cheese! You need a heavy pot, half a gallon of milk brought to an almost-boil and stirred quite often to keep it from scorching on the bottom, a quart of buttermilk dumped into that and stirred for a few seconds so that it curdles, a strainer triple-lined with cheesecloth to dump this whole thing into, a pinch salt to season it, and then a few minutes to squish it and rinse it if you want one big ball of cheese instead of ricotta. And that is IT, and you probably already have these things, and it will be SO IMPRESSIVE. Especially if you squish it into little curds and then make gravy and thick fries and have POUTINE.

I am a cheese evangelist.


@Pixley I'm having a poutine eating and Mad About You (shut up, Paul Reiser is hot) watching party next week and this recipe is exactly what my life needed. thank you!!!

Legs Battaglia

this seems like the right place to share this - timpa bras now available at century 21 in lower manhattan for $9.97. thanks for the tip, jane!


My friend once bought that pink champagne stuff for a pre-drink to a semi formal party. I don't really know how it happened but she pretty much drank the whole bottle herself. I believe the night ended with a mess in a cab.

.....Drinking a bottle of champagne by oneself is somehow the worst thing. I guess it's the bubbles? I learned this the hard way with my mom's $150 birthday champagne that I somehow thought was $6 president's. And it ended with a mess in a cab.

Can ANYBODY hold their champagne?! Not in my experience.

Banana dance

@redheadedandcrazy - holding champagne is impossible. I just wrote about it on the post about real life proposals.
"Do you want cash back?" during sex.
"I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine" as I'm pulling out all of the dresser drawers.
Champagne = Class. Every time.


OH god. Pie Contest. I love pie so hard I had pies at my wedding. No cake. Pie. TEAM PIE.

:Cinnamon Girl:

MY FAVORITE IS STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PIE TOO. Well that and Peach-Blueberry. We have a "Pie Party" every summer. You're invited, @janefeltes! Guest of honor status.


I've had some vodka and almost impulsively bought those baking sheets. At 1:30 a.m.

Alma Pinto@twitter

Jane-- This was the BEST Friday Bargain Bin ever. Thank you!! So many good gifts purchased.


I may or may not have rushed to SurlaTable.com and bought that apron. And another one that has desserts embroidered on it. And the kitchen towels that match.

Fun fact: The aprons are all on sale for $11.99 now.


I am a sucker for ric-rac.


Am I the only one feeling kind of sorry for those wilting little napkin rings now? I'd even be tempted to make a Pity Purchase, except I'm in the UK. PPs account for many of my domestic treasures.

Jolly Farton

The best thing about the name "Dutz Bonus, Jr." is that it suggests there is a Dutz Bonus, Sr.

The second best thing about the name "Dutz Bonus" is that it's an anagram of "Donuts Buz" ("u" must be pronounced as "oo", obvs).

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