Monday, July 11, 2011


Dog People Are Like This, Cat People Are Like This

Dog owners like Paul McCartney, cat owners like George Harrison. Dog owners have iPhones, cat owners have Androids. Dog owners listen to reggae, cat owners listen to New Wave. And it was ever thus.

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Hot mayonnaise

Pffft, my dog is named "Awl Thyngs Must Pa$$"

Johanna Stapleton@facebook

I'm infuriated because I don't fit what these statistics are telling me I should like. Harumph.

fondue with cheddar

@Johanna Stapleton@facebook The fact that you don't fit the statistics is exactly what makes you fabulous.


Dog owners like dogs, cat owners like cats.


@Kneetoe I am a cat owner and I love dogs! Stop trying to stereotype me!


@Quinciferous: I know, I hate my cats!


@Kneetoe Haaa!

Setec Astrology

So is John just everybody's favorite Beatle?

(And Ringo is clearly for fish people.)

Hot mayonnaise

@Setec Astrology: Ringo is in his own category. By which I mean that he is totally awesome but can not win any head-to-head Beatle match-ups.

fondue with cheddar

@Setec Astrology John and George are both my favorites, but I gravitate more toward George because John seems to be everybody else's favorite. And not just because he was my mom's favorite. ;)


@Hot mayonnaise For instance he wins as best Thomas the Tank Engine narrator! (sorry george carlin and alec baldwin)


and sometimes dog owners like cats and dogs, and cat owners like cats and dogs and goldfish, and then sometimes dog owners' dogs are kind of like cats, and...

Pound of Salt

Dog people are 36% more likely to use a popular song as a ringtone. That’s all I need to know.

Pound of Salt

@Pound of Salt Also, yes, the ancient tradition where men, upon turning 18, free their exotic pets, move to the city and become more optimistic and admirable.


@Pound of Salt Until recently my ringtone was a Hilary Duff song, so I guess this is accurate, if we are counting Hilary Duff as "popular"... I currently am sporting Nicki Minaj. When my phone rings people think I am 17 (and a dog lover, apparently).


Paul McCartney, iPhone, reggae = yuppie
George Harrison, Android, New Wave = yuppie

The differences are staggering.


There are people who actually like Paul more than George?

fondue with cheddar

@insouciantlover There are people who like Wings.


@jen325 stfu!!


I didn't really think "The Hurt Locker" was all that. I guess I'll be taking kitty to the pound!

tiny dancer

Let me be clear: I only have an Android because my contempt for At&t is about the same level as my contempt for cats. However, since they unfortunately purchased my provider perhaps I will be getting an iPhone (at about the same time I hope to be getting a dog).


It doesn't say anything about people like me who have one of each. How am I supposed to self-identify without that?


Bird owners don't have cellphones and think Ringo was the best Beatle.


You can pry my copy of Confederacy of Dunces from my cold, dead hands and similarly I'd rather be dead than listen to a jam band. So yeah; CATS!


So in other words I do all the things a cat owner does, except I own a dog instead of a cat?


I use my Droid to take at least 10 pictures of my dog every day. She's come to know what it means when the black rectangle is shoved in her face and now coyly turns the other way. Also, cats are lame. And creepy.

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