Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Casey Anthony Verdict Stuns Obsessive Court TV Followers Across America

Casey Anthony found inexplicably "OJ Of First Degree Murder." Again, the internet search histories, people!

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

My mom is LIVID.


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood nancy grace is as well, i'm sure.

(edit: not that your mom is nancy grace. i'm sure she is lovely.)


@becky@twitter Total MILF by the way- Murderer I'd Like to Fuck.


@saythatscool well, she's on myspace. have at her.


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood Facebook is having a conniption right now, I feel like it is untoward to post pictures of my lunch like I usually would.


OMG WTF for serious right?! I almost hijacked the learning how to drive thread because we need to discuss, stat.


Nicole Cliffe

@Josh Your mom and I should be hurling bridge mix at a TV set together, trust.


I don't understand how she was found not guilty on the abuse charges.


Do you think George Anthony was the baby's father? I do. (did they test the DNA to see who the father was?)


@sox They did, he's not. There's still all sorts of f-ed up going on there though.


whether she killed her daughter or just tried to cover up the situation, i sincerely hope casey anthony gets some type of mandated counseling.


"I just google searched 'chloroform' 84 times because I find it really, really interesting."


@jacqueline I'm kind of tempted to start doing repetitve google searches of random, dangerous things to throw off the investigators, just in case.


@Ophelia if i am ever investigated for anything, i am frightened what my google search history will mean to investigators.




I think she was guilty. BUT there wasn't a smoking gun and there was too much shady family shit being brought in as background for her defense. Reasonable doubt's a bitch.
If you know a lot of people in Florida, just sign onto Facebook and watch the outrage pour onto your News Feed.


I guess I'm just frustrated that we'll never know exactly what happened? Or why the kid was missing for a month before she was ever reported missing?


@rootmarm or why I can't craft sentences to save my life?


Lessons I have learned about murder charges lately: if accused of murder, make the whole story unintelligibly convoluted, involve every crazypants member of your extended family, and you might get off. But not in Italy. If accused of murder in Italy, flee the country.


Today, we are all legal experts.


@heb Funny, I think that's Nancy Grace's official slogan.


Seriously though, how can I get my fix of her cute brother now?


Ugh never thought I would agree with Nancy Grace.


Now, I only somewhat recently CNN-headline-in-the-corner-of-my-iGoogle-page followed this case, and mostly only because her first name is my first name!, and yeah, too much summer free time, BUT hey, was not ANYONE disturbed that the prosecution's main argument was that she was a dumb-slut-who-murdered-because-she-was-such-a-partyloving-dumb-slut. And apparently America agreed. Cause yeah, sluts! HOWISTHATANACTUALMOTIVE. Relieved to see her free, and eagerly anticipating the next morbid time-waster of a news "story." What have you, CNN?


@cooolcat Totally and completely with you. Partylovin-dumb-slut-being (and Italian-tattoo-having) is neither motive nor cause of death. Between this and the DSK case -- because hey, *she* wasn't raped because she was a lying slut! -- I'm feeling exhausted of both the justice system and the media that covers it. Yeeeeesh.

Better to Eat You With

@cooolcat Yes. As much as we'd like to make being a dumb slut a crime in the U.S., I'm pretty sure it's not.


@cooolcat Regardless of your interpretation of the prosecution's argument - Casey Anthony hid the fact that her child was missing, for over a month. In my book, that means she either killed the child, or helped cover it up, which makes her liable either way. She was that child's mother and protector, and she partied while the girl lay dead in a swamp. That is not slut-shaming - it's pointing out heartless disregard for her daughter.


@cooolcat Yes to this, and also to wanting someone to unpack the whole "look at all these awful mothers" angle that seems to me part of the whole kneejerk wave of motherhood/pregnancy/baby obsession the media's been doing the past 5 years or so. Glorifying every potential celebrity "bump" and canonizing every Teen Mom has so obviously been a pushback against feminism and women's strides in the workplace, and I feel like a lot of the extreme attention this case has gotten ties right into that, like this is the cautionary tale for what happens when women forget their first job in life. I have no idea of her guilt, but I think the media coverage has been creepy in the extreme.


i just got into a de-lite-ful discussion with a woman in my office who is livid. she remarked that the jury is comprised of child-hating atheists because they didn't convict the woman of at least neglect. when i mentioned that the jury could only consider the charges offered by the prosecutor and couldn't make up charges and that this woman wasn't charged with neglect...well, apparently i am also a child-hater who should be imprisioned as well.


My mother, who watched the trial with religious fervor, is not taking the verdict well at all. She has taken to bed to wait for Nancy Grace. I didn't follow it save through her daily updates but I too am quite stunned.


i usually don't care about stuff like this, but this one bothers me. i guess i feel like this person thought they could get away with murder, and then they did.


I find this case upsetting and frustrating. I think she probably killed her daughter, or was at least involved in concealing her death, and I also think the jury probably did the right thing. The verdict was unanimous--if they had reasonable doubt, they couldn't convict.


@Lola I am right there with you. I think Casey was probably involved in some way, but my feeling that something is true doesn't mean the evidence proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. We don't convict people in this country based on our feelings, which is something I'm glad for, in spite of outcomes like this one. I feel particularly sympathetic for the jurors, who had an extremely difficult job, especially considering that Casey Anthony would have almost certainly been put to death if convicted.

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