Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Bitten By a Scorpion on a Plane: "Overall, It Was an Interesting Experience"

Jeff Ellis was bitten by a scorpion en route from Seattle to Anchorage, and lived to tell the somehow incredibly dull story. (The video should be five seconds long: "A scorpion bit me on a plaaane!") The airline is apparently compensating him generously, so the hidden lesson, perhaps, is to pack your pockets with bugs next time you want a free trip.

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For a clip that lasted less than 2 minutes, that really was dull. In other news, somebody get that guy a manicure!


"Looked up, and said, Oh my God--it's a scorpion."

This is how I imagine I sounded when auditioning for plays in high school. EMOTE, Jeff!!


Note: Scorpions do not bite. They sting.


@purefog They also rock you.
Like a hurricane.


I can't watch the video at work. But I wanted to say that it's good to see Leon from Bladerunner in this screencap. He's aged really well.


aaaahhhh all I can think of is when I was putting my backpack in my mom's car when she was driving me home yesterday and there was a spider with a yellow back and I said, "Wow, that spider has a weird back!" and she said, "EGG SACK" and now I am thinking of a million spiders and also a million scorpions, all under my bed, hiding, waiting.

Zombie Cucumber

He "got bit"?
Is it Talk Like Sarah Palin Day and no one told me?

Edith Zimmerman

@Zombie Cucumber What is wrong with me? My only defense is that I am out of town and ... my brain isn't working? I don't know. That is embarrassing. Thanks for pointing out, it is NOT that day, and I've edited. Sorry. I got bit by a scorpion.

Zombie Cucumber

@Edith Zimmerman Fervent apologies. I was apparently bitten by the urge to be that nit-picky commenter that needs a kick in the head.
The site is hilarious and I love your writing.
Carry on.


@Zombie Cucumber I actually noticed that it said bit, and loved that it said that instead of stung. "A scorpion bit me on a plaaane!" is so perfect.


Hahaha if the same thing happened to my dad I can guarantee he would say it was an interesting experience, too! This video killed me!


"where there were paramedics waiting for me when i got off the plane." seriously? i live in texas and there are basically scorpions hiding everywhere and everyone i know gets bit like once a year. you just stick your foot in a bucket of bleach and carry on with it. it's no big deal. this story is really making me think when i go out of town i should talk it up more though.


@roughe wouldn't a bucket of bleach be more painful than a scorpion sting?


Of all the people on the plane, I'm glad the scorpion picked the calmest guy ever. I'm pretty sure that if it happened to me, I would STILL be screaming.

tea tray in the sky.

I came to the comments section specifically to see who was the first person to say "I'VE HAD IT WITH THESE MUTHERFUCKIN SCORPIONS, ON THIS MUTHERFUCKIN PLANE."

But now I'm embarrassed to see that it is, indeed, myself.


Scorpions don't deliver poison through a bite, but "stung" doesn't seem appropriate either, somehow. I vote that this guy "got stang."

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