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What Has Gray Hair and Is 26?

S.J. Culver is 26 and has gray hair. [Via]

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Tragically Ludicrous

My roommate dyes her hair every month and a half or so because she gets grey hairs. She is also 26!

I think if I started going grey now, I'd be mostly pissed that I'm still getting acne while it's happening.

Tina Steele Wiltzius

I have acne and crow's feet. If I find a grey hair, I'm grabbing an Uzi and wiping out a city block.


I found my first grey hair at 18. That was fun.

Jaime Green

Damn, I think premature grey is gorgeous. I'm 28 and have *one* grey hair that I am so proud of. My boyfriend can never see it when I point it out. He reminds me that he's not gonna go grey for decades, and then I get sad.


@Jaime Green, agreed. Gray hair, premature or otherwise, is incredibly attractive to me. (Not just because I have three at 23!)

Pound of Salt

I found my first gray hair at 20, the second at 25. I like this rate.

Pound of Salt


Edith Zimmerman

@Pound of Salt GRAY we live in the goddamn UNITED STATES. Or, I guess some don't actually. Wait

Tragically Ludicrous

@Edith Zimmerman I keep forgetting which one I'm supposed to use! Maybe I'll just go with grijs.


I found my first grey hair right before my 23rd birthday. Considering my mom started to go grey at 16, I consider myself lucky.


I have blonde hair so they look like highlights! Yaaaay!

Not so exciting: thinking about this at 26


I started going grey at 20. At 35 I caved and started dyeing my hair when the comments just became too much. Back then I could go 2-3 months between dye jobs, but now I have to dye it every 3 weeks which sucks balls. Thanks for the crappy genes Mom.


My mother discovered my first gray hair at a grocery store check out right before I left for college (18). "OH! LOOK!" she said and then she ripped it off my scalp.

Caitlin Podiak

I turned 26 the day before yesterday, and I have found several gray hairs over the past few years. But since lately, guys have been pausing while hitting on me to confirm that I'm over 18, I'm not too worried about it.

I have them, I dye them. Seriously, this is not that big of a deal.


@S. Elizabeth: Preach. At least we can disguise them. I know many unfortunate guys who were mostly bald by their mid-twenties and there wasn't a thing they could do about it.


@S. Elizabeth: Yep. Another shout-out to beauty products.

@Bittersweet I was so waiting for someone to yell at me for being a meanie-pants, so thanks fellow Hairpinners for being cool and shtuff.

The author of this just makes it seem like way bigger of a deal than it is. I freaking love the "Mindpop" posts because dude when you're 26 and have a stroke WHOA big deal. But lady-friend really, "Mindpop" style posts about your gray hair? It's a bit excessive. If it bothers you so much that people see your grays and assume you're a mom/older/stressed, there is an easy solution, and it's called Frederik Fekkai.

Somehow I think the lady in question likes this odd attention a bit more than she's letting on.


My hair was more than half grey at 16. I want to cry when I hear 50 year old women complain about their first grey hairs.


My friend's stylist calls her gray hairs her "sparkles." I am adopting that and making it my own. Particularly because most of my grays are, um, not on my head.


Oh God I have two on the top of my hairline and it is honestly like watching Death's withered hand creep slowly across my head. "I'm cooommminnng for you," it whispers. Death. Not the hand. Or the hairs. But Death.


@melis Because sometimes I feel like the gray hairs are the corpses of the red hairs that once lived there. Like horrible dead copies growing out of my head.


Both of my sisters (20 & 22) have found a few grey hairs. I haven't found any (24). I must get my hair from my mom's side and not my dad's, we always joke how my maternal grandfather has less grey hair and more overall hair than my dad.

so what?

i found my first gray hair when i was sixteen. i'm now mid-twenties and definitely have more of them, but still not a ton (maybe ten to fifteen, total). they don't bother me at all, but since nearly all of them are strangely in the front half of my head, i have a few in my bangs and sometimes people will zero in on a particularly shiny one and get all close to my head and squinty-eyed. "OH MY GOD. you have gray hair!" "...yup."


I have lots of grey hairs; found my first one at 20, and they just kept on coming. I've stopped covering them up. Now I just refer to them as the "shiny things in my hair" to help cope.


my boyfriend is probably 1/3 or maybe 1/4 gray now. he's only 23 and this probably started a few years ago. i think its cute and it definitely doesn't bother me but every so often he'll come back from the bathroom and be like, "oh my god! my hair is so gray!" i never know if i should be like, "oh honey, its barely noticeable" because duh, its definitely noticeable, or go the route of, "but i think its hot!" or even do the whole, "well you can totally cover it up with hair dye" thing.

Pound of Salt

@jennie I usually go with, "It's barely noticeable, but when I do notice it I think it's hot?"

Miss Sunday

I started graying at age 20, I'm 25 now. I have them, I love them. My girlfriend loves them. Not a big deal.


When does grey start happening for most people? I'm 33 and figure I don't have much time left. I loathe the thought of having to get my hair dyed regularly to cover it.


@peaches: It varies by incredible lengths from person to person, mostly controlled by heredity. Each hair has code that 'asks' the body for melanin to color it; as these cells replicate, they eventually break down and one day the hair will no long receive any melanin, remaining white or silver or gray. There will be outliers as well, hairs that go gray very early, and hairs that stay colored very late. I believe testosterone also plays a part in this, as it seems men gray before women in general.


Except dyeing your hair all silver is totally a thing now:

raised amongst catalogs

@steve Oh my god, it looks like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada!


@vanillawaif It's Meryl's birthday today! All hail Meryl Streep!

raised amongst catalogs

@shenannies Thanks for telling me; I needed a reason to have a drink despite being slightly under the weather. I can't NOT raise a glass to Meryl Streep's birthday.


Maybe this sounds silly, but getting my first few whites in my stubble/beard made me hella depressed.


@Too Much Internet
There's a few in my beard, right on my chin. I think it really helps sell the whole sea captain look.


@steve: I do not have a boat. :,(


@Too Much Internet
You don't need a boat, just a hat with an anchor on it.


@Too Much Internet Don't be depressed, I know ladies who think that's hella sexy (myself included).


There was a kid in my middle school with gray hair.

I love mine, but I'm happy not to be in middle school.


I am 33 and have loads of grey hairs. I love them. I think it looks kinda cool and want more of them. I am really surprised not to read more positive comments from people about their greys. Age is something to be embraced.



"Age is something to be embraced."



@alliot I embrace. Hard. I love grey on others and myself. Work it.


I'm 27 and about 10% gray. My boyfriend is 39 and has a couple of stray grays in his sideburns. I dye my hair, but have a wicked skunk stripe in my bangs that I'm cultivating.


When I was 26 I thought I was still fresh-faced enough to pull off my premature gray streaks.On the way home from work these two teenage boys were staring at me and my mumbling to each other on the G train and I knew they were up to no good because teens on the G train are never up to any good. One was all,"Can I ask you a question?" Bracing...uh, ok."Is that your real hair?" Uh, yes. It's not a wig if that's what you mean. "It looks really cool...because you aren't old." Uh, thanks, I guess. Now, at 38 it just doesn't work the same way. I see aging hipster dudes all the time with grays, but never the women. It bums me out and I vow to let mine go, then every three weeks I cave and dye again. I want to pull it off without looking like an earth mother. Is that even possible after 35?

every tomorrow@twitter

@goodiesfirst I think some of it depends on skintone? My mom's been all gray since she was in her 30s and she dyes her hair because gray hair looks awful with her skin. I'm taking after her as far as graying early and often but it actually looks good with my skintone so my plan so far is to let it go. I also have a friend from my department who's in her late 30s and has really awesome salt and pepper hair. On her it just looks straight up badass.


@every tomorrow@twitter Skintone definitely has something to do with it. Personality/style too, I think. Just yesterday morning I noticed a woman maybe mid-30s standing outside the subway station (not obsessed with subways, really) who just had a really fun look, not the natural, serious mom (I am none of those things) type I normally see with gray hair in the neighborhood, so she gave me hope. Plus, I recognized the guy she was with as a writer whose work I admire so I figured, well, at least this stranger, writer guy digs gray-haired girls (she seemed more girly than womanly).

Obvs Rather Debauched

@goodiesfirst There are some really good before-and-after pictures here



@goodiesfirst The cut's pretty important. I had to switch hairdressers to go from a soccer mom look (I have no kids) to something edgier.

Magpie Shinies

My husband has mid-back length, thick wavy white hair. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love it! (shameless brag)


Is your husband Gandalf?

Magpie Shinies

@melis well, he CAN work some magic with his hands...

every tomorrow@twitter

I got my first gray hair at 23, when I started working on my senior thesis. At 27 when I started working on my MA thesis the gray hairs multiplied. Now that I'm almost finished with it I seem to be developing a gray streak in front.

I figure if I do a PhD I'll go all white.


I just celebrated my 20th anniversary of coloring my hair to cover the gray. Every 6 -8 weeks for 20 years. Sigh. I'm 43. I don't even know what color my real hair is, other than gray.


I've had strands of gray since I was 13 or 14. Just genetics. But stress tends to make it worse. I'm 25 and at this point, I'm getting to the point where I could rock an streak like Rogue from X-Men.

I don't find it that big of a deal. I get lots of comments/compliments on it. Plus, I relax my hair and dyeing relaxed hair involves almost D-Day-like timing so you don't fry your hair (even more).


@fuzzydunlop I've been called Rogue since the end of middle school- love it.


I've been going grey since I was 16 (I'm 34 now.) My natural color was dark, so I had to touch up the roots every 2 weeks. Last year I gave up and cut my hair off. I actually love the grey and get lots of compliments on it, which surprised me at first. I thought I'd get hit on by older men, but the young dudes seem to dig it. I'm sure I'll color it again eventually, but for now it's great that my head's so low maintenance. (Grumbles)Damned old head, always demanding my attention...


I started greying at 13-14... Maybe earlier? I seem to remember having the start of a grey streak at my Bat Mitzvah. I've never dyed them out- only when I was sixteen and made all the grey blue for the summer so I could look like Veronica from Archie Comics. Now at 25, I'd say I'm between 17-23% grey, and it's my absolute favorite part of my appearance. The day I found my first grey pube, though.... that was depressing.


My first grey hairs appeared when I was 12 and it's been a nonstop party ever since. I've never dyed my hair but I'm getting close to considering it now that I'm in my mid-30s. My hair is like an aging mullet--geriatric on top and youthful in the back.


I got my first grey hair at 17, freshman year of college. Dyed my hair until I was about 40. Stopped that (gradually over 6-8 months, so no skunk line down the center) when I realised my grandmother (via photos) and my aunt both had FABULOUS heads of silky white hair. Now for the last 10 years, I have it too! I get compliments from total strangers on it often, much more than when it was brown (or reddish brown, or dark brown, or ...)

Laura R. Nye@facebook

Started going gray at 15. Now completely gray at 27, turning to white. Imma be chick Gandalf, and you all will be jealous. Right now I dye it red though.


I'm 34, and after grad school and associated psychological breakdowns, my hair is pure white. I dye it black, as I have forever, but when the skunk stripe comes in every month or so I fantasize briefly about Cruella de Ville hair before blotting it out with more dye. If it wasn't getting past my shoulders I might be tempted to let the white grow in and do a pixie crop - could be adorbz, could age me 40 years. Not sure if I'm ready for that.

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