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Vintage Men

If Bangable Dudes in History doesn't update itself enough for you (and oh, it doesn't!), there's now My Daguerreotype Boyfriend, for additional ghosts of hot guys past. (Also, if we were casting this trio: Sam Worthington, Jon Hamm, one of the Ryans? The one on the right — Laura Ingalls Wilder's husband — also looks a bit like Heath Ledger, which brings this around in a sad way.)

[Thanks to Izzy, who wonders, "Seriously, why are Irish political prisoners so handsome?"]

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Sydney C

Almanzo Wilder! It's nice to know that he was as big a dreamboat as I imagined while reading the books.


@Sydney C Half-Pint had good taste.


@applestoapples I have a Laura Ingalls Wilder obsession. And Almanzo, yes, fox status is confirmed by this picture.


les darcy and his searing glance. wowsah.


Holy *YUM*, Batman. I call the one in the middle!

Katie Heaney

Middle guy looks like a more masculine (haha, except the hat) Chace Crawford. Possibly mostly because of the squinting.


@Katie Heaney I think it's more of a Chace Crawford/Timothy Dalton hybrid.

raised amongst catalogs

@melis Oh, you totally called it. Soooo Dalton.


The one on the far right is clearly Channing Tatum, which can mean only one thing: Edith needs to interview him and find out the secret of time travel, preferably after sleeping over at his mom's house.


So, um... I know he was involved in the Lincoln assassination? But I always felt a strange attraction to My Conspirator Boyfriend, Lewis Payne:



@Jenn He's an all-time dreamboat. A villain, but a dreamboat.


@Jenn He's like if Leonardo DiCaprio were more of a badass. Approved!


@Jenn I actually said out loud "OH SHIT!" when I looked at his picture. He's that hot!


@Jenn "manacled" is most certainly my new favorite word forever.

Katie Walsh

A resounding UNFF all around.


Is it just because these men are dressed like MEN and not t-shirt and cargo shorts brahs that excites me so? My boyfriend's fantasies: lingerie. Mine: turn of the century suitcoats and ascots with a coordinating hat.


@parallel-lines The clothes are definitely helping. Gotta love a man who can pull off an ascot.


@parallel-lines Move to London, guys here are so into suits and it makes them all 1000% more attractive.

raised amongst catalogs

@margaret_r That is only one of about eight million reasons for me to move to London! Tell me...are they three-piece suits, sometimes?

raised amongst catalogs

@parallel-lines You never know. Some of those guys might be rockin' the Crocs.


@vanillawaif I hope the middle one isn't wearing crocs while doing metalsmithing - that's not OSHA compliant!

Also! Men working with their hands! Men who can build things other than websites. Good lord I'm getting the vapors.

raised amongst catalogs

@parallel-lines Yep. Capable hands are a must. Early in our relationship, my manfriend built me a wooden box to hold the letters he had written to me. Rare bird, that one.


@vanillawaif: Yeah, but they'd be made from actual crocodiles.


@parallel-lines SHOWOFF.


@parallel-lines And now we know why the ladies all had their smelling salts handy. It wasn't tight corsets after all!


You know what's really interesting is that a lot of these dudes are hot in absolutely modern ways. Especially Rorschach (Cary Elwes/James Marsden hybrid?) and the Irish dudes. For some reason I used to think that people just looked different back then? But maybe that was just the *popular* look of the time being different?

Lily Rowan

@iceberg I think it's partly because some of these pictures are more casual? So they aren't that weird stiff expression PLUS olde-tymey facial and/or head hair, which is what I think makes people look so different.


I could look at this all day. And I just might. Check out Robert Cornelius with the moody self-portrait. And tousled hair!

Tammy Pajamas

@area@twitter My fave as well!


Gosh, I've always had a huge crush on Manly. *sigh*

raised amongst catalogs

@LaFabuliste Seriously. My coworkers just see me looking intently at my computer screen, but on the inside I'm like a Tex Avery cartoon -- tongue lolling out my mouth, beating myself over the head with a cast-iron skillet while my eyes bulge out of my head and I make a sound like a Klaxon horn.

no way

Could they also be more manly/attractive because the weaker specimens died off in childhood? Is that crazy?


check out the gun show on Teddy Roosevelt! hells. yes. and Garth Williams' illustrations of Manley didn't do him justice. rawr!


@heyits The phrase "check out the gun show on Teddy Roosevelt" is making me cry-laugh so hard at my desk right now.


@Mere I'm realizing that every picture on that blog is producing the same kind of rhetoric in my head. For instance: Orville Wright? I'd fly co-pilot with him, if you know what I mean.

raised amongst catalogs

@heyits Don't forget that Teddy's always carrying a "big stick."


@heyits Me too! I feel like a cat-calling construction worker. And I totally want Anton Chekhov to tie me up with his bolo tie thing. Then maybe later I could get in the middle of a brother sandwich with Lord Alfred and Francis Douglas.


@Mere Chekhov! fuck yeah! and did you check out the smolder on Walt Whitman? whew. who's ready for a cigarette? also, brother sandwich = amazing.


@heyits Mmmmmmm, yes. I wouldn't mind seeing smoldering dude's three-piece suit on my floor. I'm spent.


Yes! I've been following that blog pretty much since it started and I'm so happy to see it here. I can't even pick a favorite picture since they're all wonderful.

Noelle O'Donnell

Fenian Brotherhood dude on the left reminds me so much of a youthful Robert DeNiro. Yumm, and don't get me started on Almanzo...


Does it say something horrible about me that my first thought was, God, I hope it doesn't turn out I'm distantly related to any of these men?


Oh yeah...except for Marat, who was by all accounts fat, ugly and covered with pustules and prettied/skinnied up in David's portrait. But Edward Steichen, hello!


Oh hello there "Man with Attitude circa 1880"...

and I've definitely dated "Mountjoy Prisoner 1857"... he was hot and fun and trouble, but it was fleeting.

Feminist Killjoy

Almonzo is so fly

Neekta Khorsand@facebook

There's also Fuck Yeah History Crushes!


ching hook? wow, like an early Tyrese but seems more serious.


It's so uplifting to hear that people think Irish men were once hot, because there has been a bit of furore here this week over only 9% of Irish men being accepted to a dating website. (Beautifulpeople.com, or something?) This is one of the lowest national rates. Their charm is beyond aesthetics :)


Guys, can we talk about this handsome fellow with curls and an amazing hat?





Sorry, this Eastman House collection is amazing.


Ok, yea... but they're all dead! *tears*

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