Monday, June 6, 2011


Try Some Dirt, I Guess

"Dirt doesn’t offer much in the way of nutrition — but it may protect against toxins, pathogens and parasites."
Eating dirt: Maybe not as bad for you as your mother said it was?


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EXCELLENT! I used to eat dirt when I was a kid... and probably still would if no one was looking.


I would say it would depend on the quality of the dirt. DO NOT TRY THIS IN NYC.

Pound of Salt

Back in the 7-8 age range I crumbled up like a box of oreo cookies (eating all the cream first, obvs) and then put it in a little cup and stuck a flower in it. Then when my mom came home I casually ate that dirt right up like it was no big thang and she hardly seemed to care, just "oh, you shouldn't eat that." BUT I'M EATING DIRT MOM.

I have had a strong need to be loved ever since.

Ozzie, The Last Hairbender

Any health benefits from eating crow? I know from experience that putting my foot in my mouth yields only ill effects, but I'm very curious about crow.


So long as there's no poop in it. That can kill you - I saw it on '1000 Ways to Die.'


This is great because I hate washing vegetables before I eat them.

fondue with cheddar

I read the same thing about eating boogers. By doing so, you ingest germs in small amounts, which strengthens your immune system. Maybe the reason so many small children do it is because our ancestors did it, and we just socialize ourselves out of it. Gross, but it makes sense.

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