Thursday, June 23, 2011


Truly Do Not Do Cocaine

You shouldn't do cocaine, but if you do, you should check out these pictures of people who also do cocaine and happened to do some of the cocaine that's been laced with the veterinary drug levamisole. Their flesh is being eaten, and it is beyond horrible. Never do drugs, never do anything. More pictures here if you are literally out of your mind.

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Setec Astrology

I have not clicked on the links. But is that image meant to be the Snow White poison apple?


@Setec Astrology Wow I saw an everything bagel, I was too scared to look any closer.


Okay those pictures weren't as bad as I thought they would be. Try googling Steven-Johnson Syndrome, then claw your face off in horror.


@redheadedandcrazy jesus fucking christ.


@likethestore and that one you can get from legal drugs! although it's probably definitely more rare, I hope.


@redheadedandcrazy Which legal drugs! I need to know without risking seeing hideous pictures!


@josiah i think mainly it's a very rare adverse event for drugs to treat psychiatric disorders, but according to wikipedia, also non-steroid anti-inflammatories and also ... cocaine! So there's another reason not to do it.


@redheadedandcrazy I am a maniac so I have come across that before. You know it's bad when you google something and the images do not come up in the web search.


@redheadedandcrazy Or you could just look at the wikipedia entry for bedsores, like I did by accident doing research at work the other day. VOM.


@rayray Or you could just seal yourself off in a plastic bubble/vacuum, away from the internet, away from everything harmful, away from the world. I guess you could still get bedsores though. DAMN IT!


@redheadedandcrazy Oh god why would you do that! You knew I couldn't resist googling it! I am seriously crying. We are not friends anymore.


@jacqueline sorry :( I knew you couldn't resist googling it! But I thought if I had to be burdened with the horror, I should at least bring other people into my circle of pain so as - oh fuck it, there's just no excuse! I'M TERRIBLE!


@redheadedandcrazy Why do I alway look, why?!

Creature Cheeseman

@redheadedandcrazy oh my goodness I discovered this the other day when I was having an allergic reaction to my antibiotics... which lead to a semi panic attack because I thought I was going to die. Googling your ailments NEVER helps.


@redheadedandcrazy oh my, my dad had that when he was a kid. I guess his case was pretty mild otherwise I'd imagine he would be horribly scarred.


@redheadedandcrazy I'm actually taking one of the medications that put you at risk for this! But I've been on it for years and if it's gonna show up it does so pretty soon after you start taking the drug. So I'm okay. Right?!


It's almost like banning drugs.... makes the illegal drugs more dangerous?!? Who could have seen this coming!

(See also: Krokodil)


Against my better judgement, I clicked, and now I'm totally paranoid even though I've never done cocaine. Does my ear look okay to you!?!?!


@pallas Augh I know. Now my ear sort of hurts?

A few weeks ago I read an article about morgellons and itched uncontrollably for about three days. I was really freaked out that I had somehow caught a (possibly) psychosomatic disease from Teh Internetz. Then I remembered I'd just started using fabric softener, so I stopped and so did the itching. SO RELIEVED.


I give up. (I clicked on the links).

Hot mayonnaise

Nancy Reagan, ftw.


COKE vs. METH !!!


@atipofthehat Is coke ears the new meth face?


Okay, that Krokodil stuff is like a real life SAW movie: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/russias-disgusting-new-drug-epidemic-krokodil

Also, switching dealers: WRONG SOLUTION!


My parents are both doctors, and one of my favorite bored-at-home activities when I was younger was to flip through the medical books and see all of the horrible, gruesome stuff that can happen to the human body. It's so fascinating and terrifying!

Daisy Razor

@empem I did the same thing when I worked for an infectious disease specialist! Grossed myself out every time, but it was kind of amazing too.


@empem Hahaha...my dad's a doctor and that's what I did, and then I'd show them to my younger sister, and she'd freak out and run away, and how I'd laugh. Now she's a doctor and I'm not, so I guess that worked?


@empem One of the earliest humor books that really seems modern to me is THREE MEN IN A BOAT (NOT TO MENTION THE DOG). In the first chapter, the protagonist is reading a medical manual and manages to diagnose himself with every disease besides "Handmaid's Knee". It is just delightful.

Moira @twitter

@redheadedandcrazy ahhh oh my god my whole body is itching. I'm definitely coming down with SJS. I can't wait to send this to my sister, she loves this stuff too. Looks so bad, and yet, only a 5% mortality rate.


@Moira @twitter ugh I totally get that too, where reading about something makes me clutch at the body part in question in super paranoia! 5% mortality rate doesn't sound so bad! the part where I become a Medusa-esque figure where nobody can look upon my face (and I have to religiously avoid all mirrors) would be traumatizing though. well, its one (relatively superficial/inconsequential) traumatizing aspect anyways.

Noelle O'Donnell

Just sent this to some of my cocaine-using friends, hopefully they will not hate me forever but seriously, I do not want this to happen to my friends. Nonononono.


@feverdreams I read somthing like 40% of coke coming across the border into the US has this stuff in it, so yeah, this is your brain, this is your brain saying "hell no!". Don't do it.


I mean. Maybe I'm Old School Internet or maybe that one college boyf just sent me too many disturbing links but those were not that bad... thankfully, since I had to look. (Does the internet still have a secret dark scary side? Remember Ogrish and Stileproject? No? Lucky you.)

Noelle O'Donnell

@allifer Just read the Wiki pages for them, I knew about rotten.com but not these two. I was in tears about the guy cooking and eating the kitten story.


@allifer rotten.com, too. there were some scary, scary things on that website. especially to a sixth grader.


@allifer I agree, not that bad. Doing a GIS of harlequin ichthyosis is still the worst.


@feverdreams Rotten.com, oh my word the things I've seen on there. I cannot believe some people's jobs is to encounter those sorts of things with regularity.


@piekin I saw an TLC special about two sisters that had harlequin ichthyosis. It looked indescribably painful. Alright this post and the ensuing comments are going to make me mindful of my behavior, which is saying a lot because it's Pride weekend here and all hell breaks loose!


@feverdreams ahhhhh didn't mean to make anyone cry! stupid Wikipedia

Countess Sandwich

I learned not to do cocaine when Regina Morrow tried it once and DIED, myself.


@Countess Sandwich Same here. I was scared to do drugs forever after that. What if I have a heart murmur and I just don't know about it yet?


I am opposed to coke because everyone who does it seems to be an asshole. (An asshole with more money than me...this theory may be part jealousy.)

Also, cokehead boys are bad lovers.


@mauritia it's true. people are so BORING when they're on coke.


People who use narcotics indiscriminately, whether they are doctor prescribed or recreational, take actual risks with their health. Individuals who use impure drugs fall prey to illnesses that may make the flesh crawl, quite literally. When over 80 percent of street cocaine in the United States and Canada causes users' skin to rot and fall off, authorities take notice. Here is the proof: Flesh-rotting cocaine flooding US, Canadian borders

Judith Slutler

Also, in case you are like "what the hell is this levamisole stuff doing in my coke" you can read these fucking amazing investigative articles by Brendan Kiley:



And then NOT DO COCAINE. seriously.


I will never do party drugs until they're FDA-approved and CVS carries cheap generic knockoffs.


The levamisole stuff can also make you look like you got the worst bruise ever:


Seen pictures of a mononostril caused by cocaine. Once, That was enough… I'll stick with red wine and be a classy alcoholic instead.


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