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Tiny Women, Freakishly Large Men

Ohhh, so that's where all the fairy tale giants have gone! They're busy running around the castles of Hollywood, scooping up the world's most petite princesses and cupping them in the palms of their dangerously large (but also kind of sexy?) hands.

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I'm 5'8 and when I was dating, it was really hard to meet tall guys - they juse were not interested. Most of the men I dated had a couple of inches on me, which was fine. But I did date one dude who was around 6'3 and the high difference eeked me out - it felt like...I don't know...a massive power imbalance. I'm used to feeling strong and powerful and this dude made me feel like a tiny weakling who had to stand on their toes to see eye to eye. I did not like it.

RK Fire

@parallel-lines: I could see that being really disconcerting! I'm used to not being able to see eye to eye to most people I meet, so it's not a terribly big deal for me.


@parallel-lines: That's an interesting personal take; I would think that girls that are looking for these taller men may be seeking this feeling of power imbalance, for a number of reasons.


@parallel-lines Thats interesting. Im 6'8 and most tall girls I meet love standing next to me because (I guess) it makes them feel more normal than usual. The last girl I dated was 6 feet and would always start giggling when i would give her a hug that picked her off the ground, I guess none of the other guys she dated could do that. She also like that she could wear heels if she wanted to.

Lily Rowan

@Too Much Internet -- Yeah, I appreciate that feeling, at least, although it's not the main thing I'm looking for in a partner. As a taller lady.

major disaster

@parallel-lines I've only ever dated one guy who was significantly taller than me to the point where I didn't like it. He was 10 inches taller and it always felt really uncomfortable having to crane my neck to look at his face. The worst part was I really couldn't kiss him while standing unless I stood on something.


@sp8ce I always wear heels - I don't care if it makes dudes feel short or not. A few dudes have taken issue with it, but fuck 'em, I like how I look in heels and it's not my fault they're shorter than me.


@parallel-lines I'm 6'2", and I feel similarly - I'm not terribly comfortable dating any guy who is more than maybe 6'5". I guess I'm just so accustomed to being as tall as or taller than everyone?

@sp8ce You're a good man makin' us freaky deakies feel normal.

RK Fire

My fiance (6'4") and I (5'2") are like this! After 6+ years of dating, we've adjusted to the height difference, but every so often we have these moments where even we go, "wow, you are really tall/short!" Silly, but true.

The kicker is that my fiance has very long legs and a short torso, so when we sit down the height difference isn't nearly as obvious. Once, we even freaked out a server when we stood up to leave--they didn't see us when we were walking in, and all they could mutter was "wow.. the height differential between you two is ridiculous."


@RK Fire My dad is 6'4 and my mom is 5'0" the hight difference is weird not gonna lie. I ended up at 5'5" and my fiancée is 6'4" but he tells me all the time that I was at his hight limit. Any taller and he swears he wouldnt date me. Hight discrimination? I think so.


@RK Fire Yeah, I'm 5'2 and my man is 6'4, I don't really think about it much, but I guess it's kinda ridiculous. We can't see eye-to-eye even if I'm on my very tiptoes.

I have to admit that even though I am a very petite person I generally prefer way taller, physically "manlier" guys, the heart wants what the heart wants.


@emilylouise I'm 5'3 and my man is 6'5, and we only notice when someone else does. Or occasionally when we notice other couples with big height discrepancies, and laugh at how they look dancing and then laugh harder when we realize we look exactly the same way.

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

Awwww, c'mon. Leave some shorter girls for us short guys.


I want to see the inverse of this gallery! I am 5'10" and it's always the short dudes who hit on me.


@scully Ha! Me too! And now married to a guy who's 5'10" - a friend of mine calls this "Big Momma Syndrome"


I saw the url on the link and thought "the daily beast? a single serving site for just this kind of- oh wait, this is a website that I already read every day." Anyway, good picture choice.

Artressa Vandelay

I am also 5'10". Tall dudes are definitely few and far between and I get a little annoyed when I see them with shorties. At least I have learned where to find pants that are long enough for me! Whoa is the vertically rewarded woman...


@Artressa Vandelay I can't even remember the last time I dated a guy who didn't become shorter than me when I had heels on. And speaking of: can this stupid fad of platform heels please die in a fire immediately!? I'm already 6' in heels, I don't need to be 6'3"!


@maevemealone I've had the worst time finding shoes for the last two years. I'm a size 10, I'm sufficiently tall. Enough already!

Artressa Vandelay

@maevemealone I have not hopped on the platform bandwagon, for fear I'd fall on my face. Seriously though, being 6' to 6'1' in heels can make for an awkward day. I sometimes end up with my boobs at the eye-level of someone on a crammed subway.

Tuna Surprise

@Artressa Vandelay - fellow 5'10"-er here. The platform heels are the bane of my existence. The only thing keeping me sane is the enduring popularity of ballet flats.

Although I burst a blood vessel every time I see a woman in those blasted platform flip-flops. It makes me want to rip one off her foot and beat her about the head with it. Flip-flop season is supposed to be the season where I get to wear the same shoes as everyone else! Don't ruin it by making the damn things a 3" block of rubber.


@Tuna Surprise This all makes me sad. I am in the 5'10" club too and long ago stopped worrying about a fella's height (dumb) or being too tall in heels (dumber.) I enjoy my tiny, hot boyfriend very much, also I wear whatever shoes I want. And yes, sometimes I pick him up and carry him out of a bar, caveman style. People LOVE it.


@Pizzahut yeah, I stopped caring too. It's a good feeling.

Tragically Ludicrous

Here in the Netherlands all the guys are tall. It's weird.

Artressa Vandelay

@Tragically Ludicrous I read an article about that once. I really must plan a trip there.

Tragically Ludicrous

@Artressa Vandelay When I was first going to move here, I read the same thing and was like "yeah whatever I'm used to being short" but they are really noticeably tall. It was the first observation my mom had when she came to visit.

Lily Rowan

@Tragically Ludicrous -- I am now making a Tall Ladies vacation business plan....

Tuna Surprise

@Artressa Vandelay; @ Lily Rowan - I went to the Netherlands with my sisters (both 5'3") a few years ago. One sister remarked: 'this must be like heaven for you'. Yes, yes it was.


@Lily Rowan I would like in on this Tall Ladies vacation business... I don't just work for the company, I'm also a member.


@Tragically Ludicrous I want to plan a trip to the Netherlands just to buy pants and jackets.


@Tragically Ludicrous: My Dutch genes are exactly how I got my 5'10" height to begin with (missed out on the blond hair and blue eyes though, alas). So yes, please add me to the list for the Tall Ladies Vacation so I can buy pants and woo tall men.


I'm 5'1 and dated two 6'5 guys in row. People comment constantly, particularly on me "having a type" although really it's just circumstance. With the guy I'm currently seeing, it's nice because my apartment has a lot of high shelves that he can reach without standing on a chair like little ol' me.


@maebyfunke Yup, me too. Short girl who has circumstantially dated unusually tall dudes. It's not a conscious preference of mine -- in fact in one case, where the dude was almost a foot and a half taller than me (6'8 to my 5'4) it was kind of a drawback. But I liked a bunch of other stuff about him, so I wasn't going to reject him based on his height. We really looked ridiculous together though. And conversation was frustrating if we were walking together anywhere because his words landed in the area above my head, and mine flew into the space in front of his chest.


@blily Ha, that conversation while walking thing totally happens to me too. Also his natural pace is much faster than mine, sometimes I have to remind him to slow down, I'm sure it's annoying to have to walk super slow, etc. We definitely look kind of ridiculous, but overall, just like with anything, there are plusses and minuses.


The town I live in just *is* the town in Beauty and the Beast (kind of hence my avatar) right down to the shutters and people shouting bonjour, surrounded by spooky forested mountains. I am still looking for the Beast.

RK Fire

@rayray: Have you been taken under the wing of an anthropomorphic teapot?


@RK Fire No... but sometimes I talk to my wine bottle?

RK Fire

@rayray: Doesn't everyone?


I'm 5'4" (which I'm told is average but that's bullshit because 80% of the women I know are taller than me) and only tree ents or Hobbits ever hit on me. I'm looking for some Aragorn or Legolas-height action. And maybe some proficiency with a bow or broadsword.


@applestoapples So you want a tall nerd?


@sp8ce Naturally.

Captain DuClark

@applestoapples As a nerd, I have to point out that in the books it's mentioned that High Elves and Rangers were very tall. Apparently, Tolkien once stated that Aragorn was 6'6. Perhaps you're really looking for some Viggo Mortensen or Orlando Bloom action.


@Captain DuClark How tall are you?

Captain DuClark

@applestoapples 6'4.


@Captain DuClark: Hello, sailor! *adjusts posture for full effect of 5'10'' and bats eyelashes*


@ladies Who isn't looking for some Viggo Mortensen action, amirite?


@Captain DuClark As a tall nerd, I imagine you will be attending the next Hairpin-up to meet some ladies.


@Captain DuClark What theharpoon said (about both Viggo and the meet-up).

Captain DuClark

@applestoapples Unless the meet-up is in San Francisco, I will not be able to attend.

apples and oranges

@applestoapples I like Hobbits..


@Captain DuClark Are you inviting us to next year's WonderCon?


This might be some sort of hard-wired cave woman instinct, but I'm drawn to tall men. I'm 5'4" so anything above 6 feet really. I'm not saying that I'm not attracted to men under 6 feet, but the really tall ones are like mountains I want to conquer.


@Mere: I would love to see some kind of Myers-Briggs style personality makeup cross-reference between you and parallel-lines. I think this kind of divisiveness is more prevalent in women when it comes to romantic/courtship matters and is very interesting.


Please say someone noticed how Owen Benjamin's shoelace is untied and he might get sucked into the escalator and his foot be torn off???????????
Also my dude and I only have a one-inch height difference and I quite like it.


I'm 5'2" and definitely not into taller men - it is a little weird to me to have to crane my neck up to look at someone. 5'6"-5'9" is pretty ideal, but I wouldn't discount a guy because of height (well, I did discount a guy once because he was tall AND told me to order my food mild at an Indian restaurant when I was trying to decide if I wanted medium, hot, or extra hot).

My fiance is 5'8" (clearly the reason I am marrying him, right?) and has mostly actually dated taller women... it sounds like they often had trouble finding tall guys to date. I do find it really weird to actively WANT to date someone who's a really different height, though I feel like the 5'2"/6'2" pairings can't be more than a standard deviation or so from the mean in either direction.


this gallery makes me believe that maybe stephen merchant and little 5'1" me could get over our height difference and make it work.

Hot mayonnaise

They make the dude's peen look bigger. (It always come down to the peen.)

sarah girl

I am 5'6" and briefly dated a guy who was 6'3" a few years ago and it weirded me out. Too tall. I think 4-5 inches taller is the best, because I am all about hugs where I can just barely tuck my head under the guy's chin. Also, going on your tip-toes to kiss a guy is so sweet to me. Nooo why am I single right now!


@Sarah H. Speaking as a dude, I concur w/ everything which you have stated. I think we like shorter ladies because it makes us feel more like manly protectors, and despite the fact that you really have no need of us for protection anymore, we still want to be like that. Which I'm sure is exhausting when you're like, "Damnit, I can carve the fucking chicken myself, I'm a woman not a child," but we do mean well and will try our best to not be so patronizing.

sarah girl

@leon.saintjean I totally feel what you're saying, but from the lady side. I am a strong and capable woman and can stand up for myself and be independent, etc. etc., but I sometimes feel the cavegirl instincts kick in when I am around a tall dude and all I want is to feel protected and safe! It's a little strange, but I think as long as all parties are able to communicate healthily and not let instincts run the show, it can work out.


@Sarah H. Do you also wear shoes that are too big? There's a woman at my job who's really short and she loves to wear babydoll dresses and shoes that are too big and then "go on her tip-toes" to reach things from high shelves, and some of the older (taller) guys seem to get massive boners from that and think she's the cutest thing...

... until they find out she was molested by her dad while wearing that same outfit, and then they're disgusted and traumatized.

Just kidding.


I'm 4'8 1/2 and my husband is 6'3 1/2. We only notice the height difference when we look at photos of the two of us together. It's really not a big deal.


See, whenever people ask me if it's weird to date guys who are shorter than I am I just shrug and say "I'm 6 feet tall, I can't afford to be that shallow" which is code for "Fuck off with your pants that come down to your feet and your short bitch face taking all the tall guys and leaving us tall girls with all the goddamn hobbits."

Kidding. Mostly. Why can't I find shirts that come down to my waist? *sob*


@Brunhilde: I'm 5'2" (and a proud short-guy lover), and I can't find shirts that come down to my waist either. Even though I'm an average shorty, my torso-leg proportion is all messed up so shirts are too short and even the short length pants need to be hemmed.

I'm mostly fine, too. I just wish I could reach more things. :(


@arrr starr Uuuugh. Clothes. I'm joining a nudist colony.

But really, have you noticed that those horrible horrible early 90's short shirts are coming back into fashion? And by back into fashion I mean that I keep seeing college kids wearing them in the U-district and on the models of the American Apparel windows and then I scream in horror and weep in the corner of the bar for the rest of the night sobbing out "No! Not belly shirts! I can't go through this again! I can't!".

Maybe I can join a nudist colony. Or move to Iceland where it'll just be head to toe sealskin parkas year round, no belly showing ever.


@Brunhilde: ugh. american apparel. I totally remember those short shirts. I think at the time I was oblivious enough to believe that it was actually ok to wear them around (I mean, I don't think i looked face-blindingly ugly in them, but no it was not at all ok). then I was outside at night in LA - a whole bunch of us from theater class had gone to see Into the Woods and we were standing outside at intermission even though it was winter and kind of cold, and someone else turned to me and said "how can you be dressed like that? isn't your stomach cold?"

and suddenly i realized it was. really cold. and now I can't bear to go outside in anything that does not have at least an inch of extra fabric between my pants and my shirt.

Iceland sounds appealing, though. Except I'm pretty sure if I moved there, my fiance would leave me for Bjork.


I'm 5'3 and have dated mostly shorter guys, except for one who was 6'4. It was ridiculous because he had to lean down and I had to crane upwards just to hear each other talk or kiss. Tall is only sexy in theory.

Christina Tine@facebook

@sp8ce - call me.


@Christina Tine@facebook ;)


I'm 5'8" and have never been into tall guys. (Obviously I would make an exception for Eric Northman, though. OBVIOUSLY.) I tend to like guys that are under 5'10". I dated a few taller guys but they just didn't do it for me.

My husband is about an inch shorter than me and I love it. He's always dated taller women and in high school he had a girlfriend who was 6'2". Their prom picture was adorable. He loves it when I wear heels, too. I couldn't deal with a guy who was insecure about that!


@olivia Holla to your Eric Northman reference!


Heh, I'm 5'3 and my boyfriend is 5'9, which I think is perfect--tall enough that I can wear three-inch heels and not feel like Olive Oyl (the tall women among us are now rolling their eyes, thinking "no one who is 5'3 could ever resemble Olive Oyl," but that's still how it feels!), but not so tall that it's awkward or weird. I've never been attracted to men over about 5'11, honestly. Which is odd, because I've met a lot of really tall men who are into short women.

But the most hilarious thing was having the couple next door (about 5'10 and 6'4) come over for dinner and both of them hitting their head on the paper lantern we hung in our living room... it was only then that we realized we had created a short-people apartment.


@19000_pages Short people apartments are weird.


I'm amazed at how many of those women in the gallery are 5'2" and under (Christina Ricci is 5', really??). I am 5'2" and feel very short most of the time. They must use camera tricks to make them look more average height-wise on film/TV. Only Hayden looks really short no matter what she's in.


@HelloTitty YES. i'm 5' (and routinely lie and say i'm 5'2 to tall people. cause they can't tell the difference! :P) and i always thought these people, just like models, were super tall glamazons. guess not?? christina ricci isn't that surprising.. but eva longoria?!

fondue with cheddar

I'm 5'0" and, until very recently, was dating a 6'6" guy. (same as Christina Ricci and Owen Benjamin) The only real problem we had (physically) was that kissing him standing up hurt my neck. It's a bit of a relief that we broke up, because there's no way we would ever be able to buy a sofa together that we both like. It always made me laugh when I saw pictures of us standing. "Is THAT what we look like?" For the most part, I didn't think much about it.

Watts Up?

I'm 5'7" and my husband is 6'3", which at times is sucky (hello, the man takes up an ENTIRE COUCH OMG) but usually it's cool. I like that he's way taller than me, even when I rock some 4" heels - on the rare occasion that I do, to be clear.

I also have a strange attraction to NBA power forwards. Centers are usually odd-looking in the face, but the lanky, tall, dark PFs...come to mama.

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