Monday, June 6, 2011


The Anti-Prom

"Near the end, the prom king and queen were selected. The prom queen, Dinae Anderson, 15, ... wore a funky purple tutu outfit that she designed and made a couple hours before arriving, she said. The king wore a black tuxedo — possibly the only tux at the anti-prom. Immediately after being named prom king, he sprinted out of the building and up Fifth Avenue and could not be interviewed."
Things are a little different at New York City's anti-prom, but it actually looks like a lot more fun than the real prom.

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I kinda feel bad for the regular gay kids whose only option is to go to prom with a bunch of weirdos.


Oh, the shame those pretentious goth children will feel when they grow up.


What kind of figure of speech is "actually looks like a lot more fun than the real prom"? With the "actually" thrown in there, it would have to be something stronger than understatement.


Honestly, this sounds like comicon.


“We aren’t a category — we’re a way of life,” Joey said. “We show off the inner darkness that everyone else tries to hide.”

Said at least once by every single emo teenager everywhere.

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