Thursday, June 16, 2011


Rye Rye's Fashion-y New Video, "New Thing"

Rye Rye, the young and excellent hip-hop pre-star (comet?), linked up with designer Prabal Gurung for this reversible music video/fashion catalog. (All outfits appear in Prabal Gurung's resort 2012 collection. Her favorite is "the dress," as it is "fantabulous.")

Rye Rye! Rye Rye's debut album, Go! Pop! Bang! is still supposedly due this summer, but her mixtape is always here.

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Baby stars are called protostars.


@antarcticastartshere Thank you! I knew comets don't turn into stars (though I like hearing about rising young rappers!) but I realized I had no idea where stars come from. (When a daddy star loves a mommy star very much...). Anyway. Now I have something to google, so thank you!

Pound of Salt

Yeah Rye Rye Bmore gettt it


@Pound of Salt Yaaaaaaayyyyyy baltimore represent

mademoiselle cait

This just made my morning. SHAKE IT RYE RYE

Julianne S.

Rye Rye is gorgeous. I love her.

Judith Slutler

Love the black top with the giant silver sequins!

Also girl can daaaance


Just decided my morning yoga should be accompanied by this and Missy Eliot vids. Namaste!


I love her and want to be her when I grow up (I'm only a few years behind, no problem!).


TWO RYE RYE videos in one day??????


I want all the clothes.


Be very careful about downloading that mixtape because it seriously will play in your head at all points of time forever.

Go go go
pop pop pop

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