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Like sands through the hourglass . . . so are the days of our Relationshapes. Slip into your loosest bra, pour yourself a glass of prosecco, run your fingers through your hair, and enjoy!

Actually, we only have three weeks left so we’d better get right to it:

Thanks to reader Nora R. for drawing these amazing shapes! Send your best shapes to; maybe they’ll be featured in a future installment!
Reader Simon dV. found this shape in the wild and immediately snapped a picture!
After a week of silence, the ol’ answering machine at Relationshapes HQ is blinking and flashing once again. Let’s listen to a random message:

“Hello? Hello? Oh, I guess that was the beep and I should leave a message. (CLEARS THROAT) Hello Relationshapes, it’s me Chloe Sevigny, the famous actress and clothing designer(?). Can I just say that I’m your biggest fan and your shapes are almost too much for me to handle? I love everything about this comic strip. And the frames, don’t even get me started on those amazing gold frames! Meet me on the Lower East Side and let’s ‘paint the town pink’ like one of your shapes! I’ll wear my hottest fashions and you can wear whatever you want because you’re an artist so you can look like a bum.”

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David Rees is a former political cartoonist. Now he is an artisanal pencil sharpener.


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