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Paint-Splatter Tattoos

Amanda Wachob has been making "conceptual," "modern," and "abstract" tattoos (like this one) for the past 13 years, and is currently accepting appointments at Dare Devil Tattoo in New York City. Her hourly rate is $300, with a one-hour minimum.

Buzzfeed (by way of Design Sponge) put together a much bigger gallery of her work.

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I have an amanda tattoo! it is this beautiful botanical drawing of a flower that looks like a watercolor. it's so pretty that my mom couldn't even get mad. yay amanda!


@mynamebackwards, picture?


@theinvisiblecunt it is located on the inside of my upper arm, a place that has proven nearly impossible to photograph correctly. I'm sorry....I tried.


@mynamebackwards, haha, no worries


I want to lick them to see if the snozzberries taste like snozzberries.


Well, they're pretty I guess, but then you have to deal with looking dirty for the rest of your life?


Probably her customer base considers that an advantage.

elysian fields

@likethestore uh ... don't hate me tattoo-lovers ... but I think even regular tattos make your skin look dirty! These are no different in my eyes, but at least they're prettier (to me).


@likethestore The example they used above is kind of ugly and dirty looking I agree (no offense person who got that tattoo). I like the ones in the Buzzfeed photo gallery wayy better, the ones that actually look like swipes of paint are gorgeous.


Ahhh! I saw her work on All the Mountains blog sometime ago and have been seriously considering planning an NYC vacation around getting tattooed by her. I LOVE HER <3

sorry your heinous

Or you could teach kindergarten and get paid for it.


@sorry your heinous Do you know any kindergarten teachers that get paid $300 an hour?

sorry your heinous

@theharpoon First, it was a joke, just a joke. I'm not sure I understand the relevance, though? Pay $300 dollars for tattoo or get paid to end up with paint smudges all over you?


@sorry your heinous Ah! I misunderstood. And I wanted to find out where kindergarten teachers make $$ so I could move there.

sorry your heinous

@theharpoon Agreed!

Katie Walsh

@sorry your heinous @theharpoon Kindergarten teachers DESERVE to get paid $300/hour!


@Katie Walsh Exactly! Dealing with those uncontrollable little brats all the time. At least people who are paying you to tattoo them stay still.


@Katie Walsh ps I do not actually hate children.


I love looking like I just walked off the set of a photoshoot for a twelve-member psychedelic electro-indie stonerpop band circa 2005 but I never have the time to drop acid and artfully drape finger paint about my person in the mornings. Lately I've been wondering whether there is a way I could possibly streamline this process.


@theinvisiblecunt: I chortled.

mk rilea

@theinvisiblecunt THIS. Hahahaha. Thank you.


I love her work! 300 dollars is steep but I think 100/150 per hour is a pretty standard rate - and this is so far removed from throwing flash on someone I get why it's 2x as much. I would love for her to do my sleeve.


@gidgejane I have a tattoo from a custom artist I think is just as talented as Amanda (although she doesn't specialize in the no-outline paint splatter stuff that Amanda does, I see similarities in their work) and she's $150 an hour. But, it might be a Chicago-NYC cost of living difference at play.


@misskaz But you are not going to tell us her name? Pretty please?


@misskaz ooh, would you mind sharing your artist's info? i am v interested.


@sox, @gunface, I'm not the OP but if you like these, you might like the paint-style tattoos David Allen at Insight in Chicago does in some of his pieces here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/allentattoo/sets/72157624159050283/. He did my first tattoo a few months ago (feathered dinosaur fossil styled like an engraving, I LOVE it), charges $150/hr and is just generally wonderful.


@misskaz Was it Esther Garcia at Butterfat Tattoo? http://butterfatstudios.com/artwork/1932908_All_Seeing_Eye.html She's also on my list of possible tattoo artists.

Rosemary Böig@facebook

@stinapag holy hell those are gorgeous! (the mid-century chairs... how wonderfully nerdy.)

Hot mayonnaise

I want Cheeto dust tattooed all around my nostrils.


@Hot mayonnaise What about a juice stain on your upper lip?


@Hot mayonnaise Have you discovered a way to eat Cheetos with your nose??? Tell me.


her other work is very beautiful (especially oh my goodness, the birds. THE BIRDS!) but I can't get behind this permanent paint splatter nonsense even though they're done really well.


@contrary Yeah, I spent my morning commute staring at a young woman with Russian prison tattoo sleeves and I was like "Whhyyy?! You weren't in a gulag!!! You didn't do time!" They were really well done, and I do find Russian prison tats fascinating within context, but NOT ON HIPSTERS ON THE F TRAIN AT 8AM.


@maevemealone If there is a God, all hipsters who have Russian prison tattoos (and I know two personally) will somehow end up in a Russian prison.


@theharpoon Gah! This is a thing? Oh irony, they're doing it wrong.


@DrFeelGood I was hoping that I just know some particularly idiotic people, but apparently not.


@maevemealone I don't get it. I'm sure people think some of my tattoos are stupid, but they all tie to experiences that I was actually involved in ...or are animals (whatever, not everything has to be super sentimental, I just dig echinoderms and mollusks).

I would really like to see the practice of 'stick and poke' tattoos go away, especially on people I know, because...woof. Nobody is going to give you a job with a crudely drawn nutsack tattooed on your hand.

Becca Zurlo@facebook

@contrary You have echinoderm and mollusk tattoos????? As a bit of an invertebrate zoology nerd, I would love to see pics.


@Becca Zurlo@facebook give me your email! I will show you! I have to confess, I have some vertebrates (cmon, verts are cool too)


I cannot wait to be able to afford tattoos again, though I do not foresee ever being able to afford one of these (and they are oh so gorgeous, but also wow, expensive!).

mk rilea

I'd be interested to see how these hold up over time. There's a reason that traditional tattooing involves the black outline.


@mk rilea Me too. I think after a period of years, these would end up looking less like paint and more like birthmarks?

mk rilea

@DrFeelGood Exactly. Especially the pink ones? On pink toned skin? I'm not a fan of this idea :[


@mk rilea I have a white tattoo on my back that's been there for almost 10 years and I'm sure it doesn't look exactly like it did then, but it's still highly visible and get asked about it any time it's showing.
But then again, I obviously wanted subtlety and the fade/evolution was part of it for me. I kind of wanted it to look like a crazy birthmark? My tattoo artist was weary about doing it though because of the fade potential and his name linked to it but I just assured him he would never get anyting but praise from me! That's why I almost died of want when I first saw Amanda's work.


I might roll the dice and get a tattoo from the grubby but deft little hands of Madison.


@zidaane that sounds like a terrifying yet awesome plan. I've seen the girl to good linework in her vids, but oh man would she have some gawky little kid coordination going on with the needle.


I've desperately wanted one of her tattoos for about two years now, and I need to just get organized with frequent flyer milage, a lot of cash, and book an appointment. Hopefully, I can sort it all out before my wedding in April, because I'd love to highlight one of those tattoos on my back in the wedding dress I've picked out.


Looooooooooooove these. I have a big abstract tat on my leg based on this painting-- http://bit.ly/lRWT7l (based very, very loosely and simplified a lot)... I wish I had heard of her before because I would have loved to have had her do it.

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