Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hi, lovelies.

Nicole Cliffe here, announcing my summer stint as Edith's new handmaiden. When I'm not here, I'm moderating "Classic Trash" at the Awl or putting in minimal effort at Lazy Self-Indulgent Book Reviews. And living in Utah, which, whatever, life takes us weird places, right? Let's have some fun.

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Jolie Kerr

Ooooh fun! Diana, you get her drunk; Katie, you tell her about this great costume party you're throwing where eeeeeveryone will be dressed up (wink wink amirite??); Jane, could you be a love and run out to grab some sharpies; I'll get to work on short sheeting her bed and we'll get all the A Dudes to prank call her.

Katie Walsh

@Jolie Kerr Ohh, yeah, Nicole it's a Tarts n' Vicars party so dust off your Playboy bunny ears! Hee hee.


@Jolie Kerr Y'all don't forget to hide A Spider somewhere.

Jolie Kerr

@deglatitude Maybe we can convince Bonnie to drop in for a spell, dressed up like a ghost?

Nicole Cliffe

@deglatitude You guys are SO SWEET. Will you hold my diary while I run to the bathroom? Don't peek!

Jolie Kerr

Oh! And Edith just told me she wants to set you up with this great guy she knows... Rich something or other?

raised amongst catalogs

@Jolie Kerr Oh no you didn't.


@Nicole Cliffe Yay, Lazy! Welcome! Did you know we have an Olympic sized swimming pool on the roof?


What do you think about strippers?

Nicole Cliffe

@boyofdestiny From what I can tell, they either do or do not want to rub their breasts in my man's face, and I should or should not be threatened by this. Also, it is either like or not like that time we ran the piece by the abortion provider.


@boyofdestiny I always have like the Zinsser Magic Strip Gel - smells like fruit! Delicious, poisonous fruit.


@Nicole Cliffe Oh, I like this one.


AAAHHHH Hairpin + Lazy = my two favorite internet things in one place!


Mooooommmm, the Classic Trash Lady from The Awl came over, pleeeease can we keep her?



We'll need a pumpkin shell.

Lili L.

@atipofthehat Oh, hurrah for this and tiskets all round.


Nicole, I like your coat. And anyone combining talking about books with self-indulgence is alright by me.


Ooooh, Utah, eh? Where? Also, I'm sorry.

Nicole Cliffe

@Riff Randell The part with the pointy things you can ski down (Little Cottonwood Canyon). Also, two minutes from an active polygamist compound, because Utah is all about reinforcing outdated stereotypes.


@Nicole Cliffe ahhhh the Wasatch Front is so gorgeous! I have a lot of family in the Salt Lake area.

Anyway, this just means you have to write a The Best Time I Lived Two Minutes Away From A Bunch Of Plygs. Pleeeeeeeeease?


Welcome Nicole,
Let's get started with some basic information. Height? Measurements? Turn-ons? Turn-offs?

Nicole Cliffe

@saythatscool Being six months pregnant, I'm afraid we're on 36-1045-36. Which means my turn-ons include soft, non-binding fabric and iced drinks.


Ahhh HI!!!!!


Shut up. Shut up! I had a dream about this. Y'all just cranked it to 11.

I am so happy about this. I AM SO HAPPY.

Matt Blank@twitter

Whoo another Utahan up in this joint.


This was the clear sign that I needed to get a commenting account.


that unneccesary fur coat (you're inside, amiright?), that camera in the mirror pic, and this comment: "And living in Utah, which, whatever, life takes us weird places, right?"

make me looooveee you!!!


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