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i guess it's time to retire my gams since i'm nearing the 30 mark.


And I'm gonna be FORTY!


@Monkey: Already there. It's not so bad. And praise be, I don't have Gisele's horse face...


@Monkey: So you avoided Carousel by running?


@Monkey When?!

(Please say "in 8 years" and make my life.)


@Monkey Renew! Renew!

(I turned 30 last Halloween and dressed up like Jessica and made my boyfriend dress up as Logan. NOBODY got it. Even after telling them what we were dressed as.)


@Brunhilde (That was supposed to by @ejsanfran)


@annepersand Ha, nobody ever picks up that snap. God I WISH it was 8 years.

Charismatic Megafauna

A bit disingenuous of Huffpost to call them "Tricenarian Models" when, of the 13 featured, only three are 30 years old, five are 29 years old, and five are 28 years old. Of course, zero are older than 30 years.


I learned a new word today 'tricenarian'.

Erin Wasson! xioasjdiofjasjfdopiajfdo. Love.


I think Erin Wasson would be doing both of us a favor if she'd just share my bagel with me.


Disgusting. One of them is even old enough to be pregnant.


Hmmm... as a 28 year old, it's good to know that my life is over. And I thought that I should relish the soon to be end of my 20s and the shitty jobs, shitty pay, shitty apartments and move onto bigger and better in my 30s? Guess I'll go buy a copy of MORE magazine and a box of ho-hos and cry my hag self to sleep cause I'm an old crone.


@DrFeelGood I turn 28 on Sunday. On Monday I'm going to wear blinding white walking shoes with ankle socks (with a skirt) when I go for a walk on my lunch hour.


@Mere Oh crap I do that now. Except my walking shoes are grey. And my ankle socks are black with white stripes. Whatevs. I'm 36 and I own that shit.


@Mere @kayjay: Niiice. I find the older I get, the less I give a crap! Own those shoes gals!


@kayjay To be clear, I have nothing against tennis shoes and ankle socks. Mine are grey too. Walking shoe twins!


Because EVERYONE knows the Pretty Train just stops running after 30. Tell that to Iman, Cindy, Linda, etc.

As long as Adriana Lima is always older and hotter than me, I'll have no excuse to let myself go.


Devon Aoki is almost 30?! Wasn't it just yesterday that I was reading about her foray into modeling and how she was so very, very young...? Probably seems that way because I'm an ancient tricenarian, too. Mind grapes ain't what they used to be.

Ferris Wheel

@octagonfudge Ha! Mind grapes.

so what?

One time a customer at work told me I looked like Irina Lazareanu. I think the resemblance is a stretch, but I like knowing we're close in age. I don't know why.


I am turning 30 this year and when I tell people I'm starting to get the response of, "You look so good for your age / I would've never guessed!" which, thanks? but also, NOOOOO.


@klaus Ugh. Approaching 30, it feels like... hey wtf I'm not "old" not even close!


@DrFeelGood I'm going to be a tricenarian tomorrow; I'll let you know how it looks from the other side, although I'll probably need bifocals to see you from there.


@klaus heh. My mom (~70) says she still walks by mirrors and catches herself thinking "who's that old bag?"


I can't wait to turn 30, 30s :has: to kick the arse of the 20s, surely the most godforsaken hellish period of one's life.


I love that this is tagged "WORK."

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