Monday, June 27, 2011


Bus Driver Hates on Woman's iPhone "Boombox"

"So, I was riding the B62 towards Williamsburg," writes YouTube user anyland, "when this lady starts playing music on her iPhone. The bus driver ... asks her to turn it off or use headphones," and the woman flirts back. (NSFW audio.)


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*sigh* i love public transportation. sometimes the adrenaline i get from witnessing a good screaming match on the bus is enough to convince me i don't need to go to the gym.


I don't know if NYC has more assholes per capita or if I just have more exposure to said assholes because of my usage of public transit, but man, there are a lot of people in this city who ar just complete shits. And the music thing is all too common, like every day even though you can get headphones for a buck or two. WHY?!??!

Hot mayonnaise

@parallel-lines: STFU


@Hot mayonnaise What the hell is your problem?


@parallel-lines Okay, you guys be the people arguing on the bus, and I'll be the person recording it with my phone. Annnnd ACTION!

Phil Koesterer

@parallel-lines Haters gonna hate.


@parallel-lines Obviously, you've never been to Philadelphia.


Awesome. I saw an almost identical fight on a bus in Buffalo last year. It was over the walkie-talkie feature on a cell though. I did NOT have the foresight to record it, unfortunately. And it went on for about 10 blocks!


What song was it? I'm guessing Hall and Oates - One on One.


@MrComment This is the second time in as many days that this song has come up in conversation. The universe is trying to tell me something. Something stupid.


@JessicaLovejoy It's pretty much the only song that can elicit that strong of a reaction. H + O have their finger on the pulse.


@JessicaLovejoy Hall & Oates! 'Say No Go'? Really, you don't like?


@shenannies I can't go for that. (No can do.)

And of course he had to make jabs about her weight as his closing shot. Why can't people just grow up.



Charismatic Megafauna

I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE DIDN'T EXIT THROUGH THE REAR DOOR! Ugh, good lord why can't people just use the rear door???? There are audible instructions!


That was so trashy. What's wrong in her personal life that she has to abuse a stranger like that? No regard for anyone else.


It isn't just public transportation. I was in first class on the stupid Acela, where some jackass thought he ought to be watching Star Trek on his laptop without the benefit of headphones. Do not get.

major disaster

@oudemia Or transportation at all. I was at the supermarket a couple months ago waiting at the deli counter, and there was only one guy working. He was busy helping someone else so I took a number, as you're supposed to do. Another lady cam up and started demanding the guy pay attention to her, and he politely told her he was helping someone else and she should take a number. She went completely apeshit on him about how rude he was to her (note: he was not rude). It was so uncomfortable. Pretty much almost identical to this video except with a little more crazy.


Good thing I wasn't on the bus. I would have waded into this fight (probably smashed her phone) and gotten my ass kicked.

Anna Marquardt

The last time I rode the B62, a dude PUNCHED the bus, from the outside. It's a route full of strife, seems like.


It's stuff like this that makes miss living in NYC.


Wow, people still call people "honkies"? I guess I should ride the bus more.


@kariface Louis CK has a thought on this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG4f9zR5yzY, skip to 2:07 for the relevant portion. Personally I prefer to make skin cancer jokes when I'm trying to put down white people.


Seriously. WHY can't people use headphones???? Every time I use public transportation in Dallas I'm subjected to it. Fortunately there are printed rules against it, but there's no way I am pointing it out to potentially crazy people. I've witnessed some pretty great screaming matches, too. It always passes the time when I forgot a book.


@McEllen Because they get all tangled in your pocket and also when you're lip-syncing to Your Kiss Is On My List while pointing at someone, it makes more sense when they can hear it too.


I don't know what it is about public transportation that makes people lose their minds but it's pretty fascinating. It is so ill-mannered to yell at someone like that but the best part for me is the person calmly reading their book despite the ruckus.


Not really pertinent,the dude who got on the bus in the black t-shirt was smokin hot, looking at him would make that ride worth it for me. Yum


i like it when she keeps screaming "you're just a fucking bus driver, you drive a bus!" ... and you're the bus-passenger who can't bother to put in headphones and then goes nuts on the bus driver who calls you out?



I've borne witness to more of these situations than I really care to admit. Just kidding. I love admitting it! People be KRAAA-ZAAAYYY! It's *almost* great as long as they're not screaming at you!

But I still mostly want to go up to that bus driver and be like, "That lady was a dick. It's okay that you're a bus driver! You're a great bus driver!" because I'm worried about his self-esteem...

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