Friday, June 10, 2011


Boy Demolishes 1991 New Hampshire Lip Synch Music Video Opportunity

When Robert Jeffrey was nine, his parents took him to Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton Beach, NH, where in addition to card games and slot machines there was a blue-screen music video machine.


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This is the greatest thing ever! I am almost positive that same video machine is still at the Hampton Beach Casino along with the little store full of Juggalo merchandise and the old timey photo studio.


@rootmarm ah, hampton beach.


@rootmarm I will have to go up to Hampton Beach sometime soon and make sure this machine is still there. *CROSSING FINGERS AND TOES*

vivian darkbloom

That little boy has better moves than me and I'm a grown ass woman.

raised amongst catalogs

@vivian darkbloom Even when I would dance in the solitude of my bedroom, I never had that kind of confidence.

vivian darkbloom

@vanillawaif I know, right? I can barely muster a lackluster "Caucasian Shuffle" at even the best of songs.

cholla cholla

Damn-that boy is a MONSTER! I have similar videos from 1991, sans blue screen or, uh, moves.


He must have had lessons...


raised amongst catalogs

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I can forego coffee this morning after seeing that video. I am super fired up about life now!


this is the best possible way to start my day. so sassy!


I'm pretty certain this is the most fabulous thing I'll see all day! I'm also pretty certain I'll watch it at least three times.


Thank you! I was hoping that I'd get to eat a steaming bowl of awesome for breakfast. (The smiles á la mode was a delicious surprise.)

Can we talk about his transparent, acid-wash jorts? His mom must use clear-safe bleach.


Are they not swim trunks?


Oh WOW those are acid-wash jorts. Even better!


Best part of the video? The kid's vogue action at "Rita Hayworth gave good face" (3:30-3:31). I died a thousand deaths.


robert jeffery is my hero.


@becky@twitter I know! I want to marry him, but I'm fairly certain he's not interested.


@punkahontas i'd open marry him for the west elm registry and the madonna dance parties that would occur on our west elm rugs.

Harmony Hunter

Someone has to show this to Madonna!

Artressa Vandelay

I am normally homicidal before 10:00 a.m. I am now smiling, laughing, and spitting out a little of my morning tea. Thanks, Edith!


In 1991, I would have stalked him down to be my best friend. In 2011, I am still considering this.


BEST. THING. EVER!!! and i am sooo glad i hung in there until the end when it split screen to 9 and he did the rap part!! that was FREAKIN awesome!!


@ThundaCunt Oh My GOD! When it went all Brady-bunch! Amazing!


Toby Jug

My hometown made the Hairpin! That was awesome. Hope to see some of you in Boston tonight.


@Toby Jug i am hoping to stop in! love ESK!


@Toby Jug FYNH! (fuck yeah new hampshire) ;)


Words cannot adequately express how much I love this.


Haha. I did one of these once for a birthday party, we all pretended that we were Pearl Jam in front of a blue screen and hair-banged... meanwhile we're all wearing stirrup pants and long sweaters, and I think the tape is still in my parent's basement!


@DrFeelGood So did I! At a birthday party at Six Flags! But we did En Vogue's "You're Never Gonna Get It."


@BlushAndBashful ooh. bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop.


@BlushAndBashful I definitely sang En Vogue songs, loudly, on my back porch with several bffs in 7th grade. I am sure that the neighbors really appreciated our talents! My parents must not have been home.

Tragically Ludicrous

@theharpoon I had a birthday party of this. Fourth grade. I am pretty sure one of the songs we did was All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow.


i love the end, when he really sells it. i was also doing lip synching this song, but in the park and i was in 8th grade in 1991.


This made me laugh with delight. I can only hope my 4-year-old son, whatever his sexual orientation, will be that confident and fabulous at age ten.


But... now it's says something is broken and we can't watch!!! Sniff sniff!

Sorry For Partying

@Barracuda this happened to me too. under the description on the vimeo page, there is a link that says "switch to flash." click that, and watch the magic happen.


@Sorry For Partying THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was getting very upset reading the comments and not being able to see the magic.


@Sorry For Partying Thank you!!!! Omigosh, so prosh!! Ha!


OMG this is so fantastic! I want to eat that little boy up and buy him a feather boa! Love love love love love!


You're a superstar, yes, THAT'S. WHAT. YOU. ARE.


Somewhere there exists a bluescreen mall video of Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac lipsyncing. She mentioned it in an interview once, but I don't think she said which song they picked. They were good friends and went to arts high school together, Tupac & Jada. I like to think about the VHS tape, that I would die to see, living in a vault somewhere on the creepy Pinkett-Smith estate, calling out to me...

Rebecca Craven@facebook

@dokuchan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3L0oo9GcTQ You're welcome.


@Rebecca Craven@facebook Thank you thank you! Hairpin cohort ALWAYS comes through.


This is pure joy! It was a little disconcerting, though, to be bopping along with him and suddenly see the twin towers on screen.


oh my god, WOOOORK.


I am so impressed he knows all the choreography. How does he know all of the choreography?


I couldn't love this any harder if I tried.


Dude, the eye contact!! The sexy face!!


seriously, RuPaul would be so proud of this kid's lipsynch game.


I've watched this like 5 times today. I want to give birth to a kid just like this. Please, God!


@nancydrew I know, when are my nieces going to start doing this?


pretty sure he turned out gay


@thist NOOOO!? Really?

nancydrew & theharpoon, I'm with you! I was thinking, "is it bad that I think having a super-duper gay boy would be so much fun? Would I accidentally make it worse for him by buying him dress up clothes and letting him paint his toes?" (worse in a bullying/gender norms way)


I grew up going to Hampton Beach every summer, and while I don't have this kind of video evidence, it was BOSS. This guy is legend, I can't believe the world has been deprived of this up to this point. Brilliant.

Julie Wilson Miller@facebook

I. DIE. The shorts. The shorts. The shorts.


I just did a side-by-side comparison of this clip and the Madonna video (because it's that kind of a Friday night) and holy shit! He's doing the actual choreography! I can just picture him in his family's TV room, practicing over and over and over again. (But the awesome kiss he sends Bette Davis at 3:35? All him.)

snicker snack

You know, after reading all that "sissy boy experiment" bullshit, this is beautiful. This little boy is fierce and awesome and everything a child should be. His parents must be the coolest and most amazing evah.


BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!! Ohmigod, if there was ever inspiration to say, "watch out world, here I am," this is it! Looooooooooooooove.

Amelia Palmer@facebook

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