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Who Is Kreayshawn?

Kreayshawn (pronounced "cray-shon") is a rapper (slash cinematographer, slash variety of things and non-things) whose video "Gucci Gucci" hit the internet last week, and which I turned off after 20 seconds because it was annoying (see above). Then all weekend my cooler friends on Facebook and Twitter kept talking about it (oh no, I just called young people I've never met "friends"), so I watched the video again and it's kind of as amazing as it is annoying. Plus "one big room, full of bad bitches" is a genius hook.

But who is Kreayshawn? She's a 21-year-old Bay Area Berkeley Film School dropout named Natassia Zolot who embraces her thin, white-girl voice and her flail-y, spindly arms, and who's sort of like Ke$ha and Amy Winehouse (aesthetically at least), and also Die Antwoord's Yolandi Vi$$er, and Nicki Minaj (kind of?) and Odd Future and Lil' B, and basically that whole crop of young people who look and act like cartoons, and where you can't tell how much of the joke they're in on and how much of the joke you just don't get because you're old, or if everything is just stupider but funner-looking now. "You should see my crew, we're like Bratz dolls," she says in this half idiotic, half entertaining video interview. "Like one of every race. And then, like, two different girls with different hair colors and shit, you know what I'm saying? It's tight."

From the same interview, and in response to the question "What makes a bitch real?" she explains, "Can't have no quiet bitches on the team. She has to party, she has to drink, she's gotta smoke weed. Because if you don't, we're not even on the same plane." Kreayshawn looks so fragile and sounds so silly sometimes, but she never seems nervous, which is hypnotic to watch.

Here's her first video, "Bumpin' Bumpin'" from last summer. It's goofy and scrappy, but it features a great Fred Flinstone hoodie. And if we're throwing out names and actually trying to consider Kreayshawn as a real musician, which who even knows, there's also debts paid to Missy Elliot and Lady Sovereign — insofar as they're all non-hypersexual female rappers — and ... ahh, I give up. Here's that video.

"I am a piece of shit, but I am raw talent," she says on her website.

Do these kids know how blurry and terrible those tattoos will look in 10 years? Kreayshawn's also on Twitter (17K followers) and Tumblr, and she's part of the White Girl Mob — a crew consisting of her, Lil Debbie (a DJ), and fellow rapper V-Nasty (who I believe is the girl in the chunky glasses in "Gucci Gucci"), and is it possible for people to be so young and colorful that you can actually feel yourself dying? They have a show on May 27 in San Francisco if anyone wants to report back.

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This post led me to believe that the subsequent 170 seconds wouldn't be annoying.

Hot mayonnaise

@boyofdestiny: Since I can't watch vids at work, your comment is leading me to believe that the video was annoying.


@Hot mayonnaise That would be a not inaccurate conclusion. Then again, I might be getting old, and hence untrustworthy regarding such matters.


@boyofdestiny : the trick is to turn the sound off....much less annoying that way.


@MoonBat I dunno. When I turn the sound off, it just reminds me of the lady version of this, except with more weed.


@Hot mayonnaise ...been out of town and out of the Hairpin loop : but I'm so curious what you named the puppy!?


@MoonBat: Even with sound off, hand was twitching for a slap upside the head. But I'm even older than boyofdestiny, so...


@boyofdestiny Woooow that LFO guy looks even more like date rape personified than I remembered from 5th grade. Like I couldn't finish watching that video, it was kind of a violation. Yikes.

Emma K@twitter

@boyofdestiny Female version of LFO sounds incredible to me. Sign me up!

Hot mayonnaise

@forrealz: Abby! I posted it at the end of that thread.


Oh man, I feel down a Kreashawn google rabbit hole this weekend. I AM IN LOVE W. HER!! Vnasty is her sister, Vanessa, who is also a freestyler in her own right. I personally don't think she's as rad as Kreayshawn. Based on her crew requirements, I could totally swag out their crew (see, I told you I fell down a google rabbit hole. OT: Did you catch the OF article in the NYer last week (omg, I am officially a white aging hipster). OF has some connection w. Kreayshawn; a bunch of them are in her video.


I'm not so sure about the video (the lack of eye contact with the camera and uncommitted waving of her arms make her look confused) but the lyrics are absolutely hilarious/awesome/hilariously awesome. My two favourites:

"I'm rolling up my catnip and shittin' in your litter."

"I got the swag and it's pumpin' out my ovaries."


@sarahf i also, fell down this rabbit hole last night! and even though (besides that awesome/weird interview) the other songs on her youtube channel were not very notable - those 2 lyrics above get my approval for life. and one big room, full of bad bitches ... is obvi my new summer mantra.

Watts Up?

@sarahf There is also a prime, high-quality rap video circulating by this little chunky white kid (and yes, he's a kid) who calls himself Locomotive Curt. Fall down THAT rabbit hole and call me when you recover.


I remember when Western civilization was only moribund.

Richa Gupta@twitter

This past weekend in a nutshell:
Me: Guess what?
Friend: What?
Me: One. Big. Room. Full of bad bitchesss.


did anybody else have a hard time concentrating on anything but the awkward girl in glasses? i felt like i couldn't stop looking at her and waiting for her to get some swagger on.


@freelee Right there with you. SHE'S MESMERIZING.


@freelee I like how she doesn't know the lyrics.

Leigh D. Phingas

@freelee Is it odd that I thought she looked like an alternate-universe hipster Taylor Swift?

Ironika Leigh

i won't watch the video because i sort of love her and am sure it'll be so annoying that my love will turn to ambivalence.

in case you're reading this, kreayshawn, am i a quiet bitch? i have kind of a big mouth but i don't drink or smoke weed. will you please accept me the way i am??


As I said on my facebook on Saturday night, when I posted this video (HI Edith!), "I kind of love this. I kind of hate myself for loving this."


@antarcticastartshere also when you think her name is pronounced Cree-ay-shon (like creation), it actually makes her less annoying when you find out you're wrong!

Oh aaaaand like a sucker I downloaded her mixtape, will report back.


Wow. So. I'm not into her voice and I think the lyrics are kiiiind of shitty, but I could see myself getting into her if she had ANY kind of presence AT ALL.

Oh my god. I have never seen someone look so uncommitted and confused in a music video! Like, lip sync with some GUSTO, dude, don't just stand there, blandly wiggling your arms and mouth the words like A. you're not super sure what they are, and B. like they're not from a rap song about being a "bad bitch" but rather like you're being called on in class to answer a question about a book you didn't read.

I wanted to like it (sort of?), but I just couldn't.

Also, fear not @freelee, the girl in glasses was so awkward I couldn't handle it. Like, why was she even there? Somehow, her lip syncing was even worse than Kreayshawn's (which, how is that even possible?) and mostly I just kind of wanted to punch her in the face.

A big fat BLLEAAAAGHHHH to this video. She is definitely no Missy Elliot or Nicki Minaj; not by a long shot.


@SBGBlogs I know, right? I actually think some of the dis lyrics were cute in a Roxanne Shante kinda way and I might've enjoyed them more if she and Rat-Tail McBrassyBangs weren't dragging along the strip like they had hangovers from a three-day bender.


@applestoapples Definitely just LOL'd at "Rat-Tail McBrassyBangs!" What are the chances that this is actually her rap name? Moreso, what are the chances that we can petition to get that to BE her rap name?


@SBGBlogs I think her name is actually V-Nasty, which is either better or worse.


I think I'm too neurotic to be a bad bitch--all I could watch in the second video is the girl getting her hair trimmed while wondering, "but isn't it windy up there on the roof?"


Edith have you heard Northern State? It's a female trio from New Jersey or New York. They broke up at some point recently but they are pretty awesome white-girl rappers. I loved "Things I'll Do"...it has a very Hairpinny spirit.


@fourdayweekend Yup I thought of Northern State immediately when I saw this. Although I think they are a little less badass by dint of not being from Oakland.

Jon Custer

Uhh didn't you guys get the memo? In 2011 all blog articles about rap music have to contain at least 50% Odd Future-related content by volume. Retitle the post "Female Joke Rap After Odd Future" and I think we can let you off with a warning this time.

EDIT: OK I was a bit dubious but this actually really good??


I'm off the internet for half a weekend and look what I miss! This is annoying and catchy in all the right ways: new Monday morning jam.

Keren Richter@facebook

I too am totally obsessed with her "Gucci Gucci" song. Not my typical playlist fodder, but not too surprising if you ever had a thing for L'trimm, Fanny Pack, and Gravy Train. Her music has that vibe: doesn't take itself very seriously, silly lyrics, simple beats, new wave-y clothing, and a mind-control style hooks. I mean, how can you NOT get her song stuck in your head?

PLUS it has "MEOW" peppered through the song. Secret sneaky meows! That did it for me.

young preeezy

"is it possible for people to be so young and colorful that you can actually feel yourself dying?"

Yes. It started with my confusion of what Twitter is, and so it continues. I'm 26 and I feel incredibly old.

However - I will say that I find this catchy. Sorry, H8ERS!


@prizzzle Also I am 26 and approaching death quickly!

Tumbl(e?)r confuses me :(.


Well, she is not Die Antwoord's Yolandi Vi$$er, but I like the message of this song. Can it be called a song? This rap. Dissing the girls with their logo-styles. Funny.


whhhat? this is really shite.


Her pixel art is amazing.


OMG Jane Child accessories.


one of my younger cool friends posted this on Facebook and I liked it but since I wasn't sure if he had posted it ironically or not I decided not to say anything. but now I admit it -- I really like it, and only like 5% ironically.


@ormaisonogrande I'm experiencing a very similar dilemma.


Kind of love this actually? She reminds me of Lyrics Born, a little!


I am still pretty unclear on what "swag" actually is? ):


@MollyculeTheory short for swagger in how you live / act / etc. I feel really old though, cuz if something is "swag" it is what I would call "dope" or "ill" (yes i really talk like that sometimes, it is awful), but it sounds SO CLOSE to "schwag" which is the exact opposite of "swag", but I guess nobody who's young/'with it' says "schwag" anymore, so the fact that my adjective for bad sounds like Sean Connery saying the new word for good is just a little private joke for me and the roughly 14 other linguistics / 92-00 era hip-hop nerds.


@leon.saintjean Yeah and then there's me, who still thinks of swag as an acronym, à la Michael Scott in that one Office episode: "stuff we all get"!

Daisy Razor

Sigh. Well, I like it better than Ke[dollarsign]ha? Thanks for repping for the oldsters, Edith.

Katie Walsh

Didn't want to like this but I dooooooo!!
One big room full of bad bitches 4 lyfe!

Katie Walsh

I feel the same way about the tattoos. But I want Kreayshawn and V-Nasty to do a makeup tutorial.


I am so confused/feel so old. Is just sitting around and texting in your music video a thing now? I need some pop up video to explain this.


You want female rapping? Female rapping!



@Hamilton remember that time she tripped so hard running across the street?


Oh god, I'm 21 and this is making me ancient. ANCIENT. Especially coupled with the fact that I haven't seen it til now because I no longer have a Facebook. See? ANCIENT.


I sent this article to a younger hipper cooler friend and all I said was "someone summed up my reaction to all that ish you send me from the internet!" It is so so comforting to know I'm not alone in not getting this.

Feminist Killjoy

BASIC BITCHEZ WEAR THAT SHIT SO I DON'T EVEN BOTHAAAA. the girl with the glasses (lil debbie) is ACTUALLY my doppleganger. http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/249680_942034902456_11521890_44309757_8304677_n.jpg amirite?

young preeezy

I just came back to say that I've replayed both songs about 3x each today. Because. I can't stop.

I feel like - and this is probably horrible of me to say - I could actually get behind Willow Smith if she did something more like this. I mean. But I'm assuming rap + tatoos + cursing is a taboo in the Smith household.


Sara Way@facebook

Her lyrics might be silly and catchy, but she's talking about a society that has been inundated by the internet....people are really like this.


Girlfriend ain't got nothin' on Nicki Minaj.

Watts Up?

Aaaand, there goes my goal of being the first semi-commercially-viable white female rapper. I wonder if she needs a corporate drone mom bitch in her crew. I'd swag it out like no other.


@Watts Up? you and me both girl!! lets fucking do this!! 2 more bad bitches up in that one big room!!

Okay Yeah

@Watts Up? and @ThundaCunt HI I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN!!!!

Watts Up?

@ThundaCunt and @Okay Yeah - Um, totes. We can be like the white TLC, yeah?


She seems funny and cool to hang out with, but she basically just sounds like a halfassed Lil B rip off.


@Kath After I wrote this I listened to this song like 8 times. I still agree with my original comment, but I'm not sure a "halfassed lil b rip off" is such a bad thing now? I totally get why people don't like this. I think the only way you would is if you are super stupid high and you're under 25. And even then, it's not a given.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

She's no Princess Superstar


@Butterscotch Stalin Oh my god I forgot about Princess Superstar. How could I do that??


@Something unexpected surprise

Did you know Princess Superstar is a member of Mensa? Girl is fierce!

Feminist Killjoy

"this is what happens wen women get freedoms"

someone actually commented that on this video


I think she's awesome! What's funnier is I worked on the block where this is shot, and I hated my job....but I definitely am sorry I missed these .....I don't know what to call them...they aren't exactly hipsters are they?

bitchin philly ambient soul

"I'm flossin' like Ivana...Trump." Thanks, Jean-Ralphio.


@bitchin philly ambient soul OMG @ jean-ralphio...freaking love those two! o, tom!...

Christina Tina

i'd be more comfortable watching my mom try to rap about having sex with my dad


@Christina Tina noooooooooooooo..noo noooo noo!!!


I want to be her when I grow up.


HOLY SHIT. Kreayshawn's mom was apparently one of the Trash Women. I LOVE their album. Love. Have it on vinyl.

I am so old I am dead.

Okay Yeah

Okaaay I like her a lot. The Fader linked to a mixtape of hers this morning, I'd recommend it! One track is called "God Bless This Doobie."



"sort of like Ke$ha and Amy Winehouse (aesthetically at least), and also Die Antwoord's Yolandi Vi$$er, and Nicki Minaj (kind of?) and Odd Future and Lil' B"
Could just be me, but I kept seeing a weirder, mutated throwaway of Lady Gaga. Hopefully, they'll grow up and be over in no time.


I kind of liked the song, "Gucci Gucci" but I can't stand her voice. "Bumpin Bumpin" was more tolerable and I think that, "One big room full of bad bitches" has become one of my new favorite quotes. I think I might say this in my head every time I step into a club or bar from now on.


How has nobody mentioned her awesome lesbian-tastic video for "Online Fantasy" - the song is shit and you can't hear the lyrics... But she makes out with a totally hot black chick guys! YOU GUYS!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY_Xc-YSxuI


I'm sorry lol but I can't stop listening to it. I can't help it, I'm fascinated.


Detective work and twitter reveals that Rat-Tail McBrassyBangs is actually the DJ Lil Debbie, and V-Nasty is some other awesome rapper girl who just got out of jail! Hooray internet!


omg I cannot believe Kreayshawn is going mainstream! on the Hairpin! My friends and I constantly quote her jamz. "rockin in the club catch me on an elephant, young kreayshawn grimy but i feel so elegant." GENIUS.

Liz Henry@twitter

I don't think this is an age thing, it's a West vs. East Coast thing! Because I'm older than you and think it's fucking perfect!


San Francisco Rap Artist Sellassie speaks on the word “N#gga” and it’s use by Non-Blacks and Blacks in America.


Socio-political Rap Artist, Activist and Entrepreneur Sellassie is no stranger to controversy. As a lyric from his previous record, I’m Tryin’ To Make A Livn’ Not A Killin’ states; “I disturb to increase the peace.” He can be seen at most anti-war rallys, youth empowerment events and on the front line in police brutality issues. This artist cares about his community and speaks from the heart with his music and thru his movement. In response of the current state of rap music and pop culture, Sellassie felt compelled to share with the world his stance on the use of the word “N#gga” and its use by non-blacks and blacks in America.

About Sellassie:
San Francisco Revolutionary Poet and Activist Sellassie has carved his niche as a leading progressive voice in San Francisco Bay Area Hip Hop. With an acclaimed and award-winning debut release, I’m Tryin’ to Make a Livin’ Not a Killin’ and recent follow-up, Sins of Your Forefathers this upcoming emcee has garnered a street level buzz with a fresh perspective. Sellassie is proof that there are young black artists that can make music that is creative, street, positive and smart. He stands firm to his message, has a charismatic presence and is evidence that not every rapper raps negatively, glorifying drugs, guns, women, money or their ego. He is also the creator and co-producer of the Independent Artist Series, We All We Got + 2Racks Rap Contest. With over 70 shows on the calendar in the last 2 years in over 15 markets nationwide, the series have distinguished themselves as premier outlets for independent artists. He is also working with many social, political and youth based initiatives, and is a contributor to various special projects including the film, It Doesn’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream.

Lenie Bolo

I think she is WET she's from my hood she come with that hood feel i just had a dream about that bitch so she must be the shit she's getting in too the right hands and i think if she keep being her self as a artist i know thats one of the first things in anything u do ex- in the industry BE YOUR SELF just for that dream ima go too her concert in frisco on the 20th sum she how good she perform that will only get better as time comes trust me YEE" YEE" gucci gucci :0-~~~

Lenie Bolo

@Lenie Bolo see how good i ment yee' yee'

TaVon Ransom@twitter

That's NOT V-Nasty with the thick glasses. That's Dj Lil Debbie. At the time of this video V-Nasty was in jail. That's why she says in the song "I'm yelling FREE V-NASTY till my throat is raspy"

Jesus Jesuson@facebook

hey old people. dont listen to rap. you wont like it. because your old. stop bitchin.


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