Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What Did Mariah Carey Name Her Babies?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had twins the other day — a girl and a boy — and now she's teasing us about what their names are. In a later tweet, she gave an additional hint: "both begin w/M's!!!! : )" What do you guys think they are? My first guess is Mariah for the girl and Mr. Iah for the boy, but really they could be anything. Well, anything that starts with an M. Marsha and Melvin? Mango and Maniac? Mimi and M'Nick? When will she tell us?!?!

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Matthew Lawrence@twitter

Murgatroyd and Mephistopheles?


Moira & Myron Carey-Cannon


What is a Lambily?


@E after doing a cursory search of the #lambily hashtag on twitter, i think it's what she calls her twitter followers? because they're all lambs? i don't know.


@E Lambs=Mariah's name for her fans, so Lambily=Lamb family.

One day she'll tweet, "Commence, lambily" and they will all start stabbing people to death en masse. Beware.

STFU Kirbs

So bummed, I was hoping for Glitter and Butterfly :(

But I'm gonna go for Marshall and Mathers, ha!


Miles or Miller for the boy and Mercedes for the girl.


Wait a second. Marshmallow. MARSHMALLOW CANNON.

Judith Slutler

@deglatitude oh... my... god!


Whatever the birth certificate says, my guess is that she calls them Charm and Honi at home.


@murdear On a real note, I could definitely see the boy being named Monarch (butterfly etc). I've spent some time thinking about this today.


@murdear And Mariposa for the girl! (the Spanish word for butterfly)


Moishe & Magda

Leila Jane

They are probably going to be jacked spellings of plain names like "My'chael" and "My'shell".

Eric Spiegelman

Meltemi & Mistral
(like Mariah, the names of winds)


@Eric Spiegelman I will die if those end up being the names. Literally die because it is so perfect.


Melisma and Mini-me

Daisy Razor

Aw, my money was on Nariah and Mick.


Mazing-Grace and Miraculous.


Macaria and Maracio


Please let it be Marshall and Mathers.

Judith Slutler

Morning and Midnight? I don't know which one would be the girl and which would be the boy though


Almost 100% Marilyn for the girl.


@KatnotCat So close! They went with Monroe.

And the boy is Moroccan. Because that's a name.


@C.SanDiego Moroccan? ...Why?

I had heard it was going to be Marilyn and Monroe. I sort of prefer that.


@C.SanDiego Moroccan? ...Why?

I had heard it was going to be Marilyn and Monroe. I sort of prefer that.


Nick Cannon made a joke way back when they first announced the pregnancy that they were going to go the George Foreman route and name all their kids Mariah. A) Why did I learn this and remember this? B) Oh god please let it be true.


What are the names? Did they announce them yet? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.


I really hope the girl will be Macarena.

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