Friday, May 27, 2011


The Trash Bag Toilet

"This Japanese Emergency Toilet may look like a man squatting in a trash bag in front of other people, but that's just because that's exactly what's happening." —Geekologie.

Feeling at all comfortable going to the bathroom anywhere other than a bathroom seems like a slippery slope; I once saw a mother setting up a little potty thing so her daughter could go to the bathroom outside — on the sidewalk, at the corner of a busy intersection, and in front of an outdoor bar. Why didn't she just walk down the side street a little bit?

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OK so maybe the video explains this (I am at work!), but how do you get out of the bag after?


@antarcticastartshere There are two bags. A little blue one you put on the ground around a kind of cardboard bowl thing, then some tablets you put in it that supposedly soak up urine / stop the smell and bacterial growth in poop. Then you put the black bag around you for some privacy. You throw away the blue one. Maybe keep the black one?? I don't know.


@juliannasays so you just pull the black bag over your head when you're done? How do you not knock over the blue bag or the cardboard thing? This is insane.


@antarcticastartshere Maybe you could watch the video on mute? It's pretty tame. You just pull the black bag over your head when you're done. You tie up the blue bag afterwards. It's sort of like ... A very small litter box? It'd be hard to knock over the blue bag since it's almost flat anyway.


@juliannasays I'm content with finding this weird and untenable.


My least favorite part of going to the beach is peeing in the ocean (plz tell me everyone does it) because I feel like I might make a weird pee face?? Also it's hard to pee in front of strangers!

Quick Brown Fox

@juliannasays Agreed! Also, how cold you get right after you pee in the ocean. My friend calls it "pee chills."


Years ago I was camping at a rave (YES, I KNOW) and some person was showing off a "portable toilet" he had made by sawing the bottom off a large bucket and gluing a toilet seat on. I was pretty amused by this invention until he used it to drop a deuce two feet from my tent while I was asleep. Not cool, raver dude. Not cool.



looks like this fella bit Christina Hendricks's steez :(


From the look on his face, I'm going with #2.



So last year for my birthday my parents and my sisters came to my city for a nice day at a FAMILY FRIENDLY free festival held in the park. While we were enjoying the flowers and listening to music a rather large drunk chick decided to drop her pants 5 feet in front of us and just pee right there. In a park. In front of children. For what seemed like forever. She was at least facing away from us but the view was not great. After she was done and struggling to get her pants up, one of her friends pushed her into her muddy pee puddle.

Katie Walsh

No. Nope. NO! I am not watching the video, but with the amount of work it looks like this takes, wouldn't it just be easier to spend that time finding a private toilet and/or bush to do your business?


So yeah, I am surprised that this has been posted and that people are weirded out by this. They have a lot of earthquakes in Japan. I was there in the aftermath of the touhoku daishinsai (the great tohoku earthquake), and I remember there were refugees who had taken shelter in a school and it was a huge concerted effort just to use the toilet -- there was no running water so everyone had to go outside to the pool and bring in buckets of water so the waste would go down and accommodate all the people stranded there. This kind of toilet is made for disasters, and would have been good especially for all the elderly who were stuck there.

Feminist Killjoy

WHAT IS HE SAYING??? it makes a lot more sense that it is meant for emergencies/earthquakes...

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