Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Susan B. Anthony Commemorative Purse

"Every woman needs a purse of her own."
Thus spake Susan B. Anthony, who now has a $250 purse named after her (pictured). It's being sold to raise money for her own historical society, and it's made of fake alligator skin, just like the kind she actually carried (except hers was real). Inscribed on the purse's exterior is the above quote and another: "Failure is impossible!" [Via]

What's in your bag, Susan B. Anthony?

Susan B. Anthony: Ohh, just the regular stuff.

The Hairpin: Like what? Makeup?

SBA: Yeah, lots of that.

TH: Like what kinds.

SBA: Ohh the kinds that most people have.

TH: Like ... ?

SBA: I don't know, what do you have?

TH: Lipsticks, lipstains, lip BALMS, all that stuff.

SBA: Those are the ones I have as well.

TH: Can I see?

SBA: Not — not at the moment.

TH: Hah, did you just pull your bag away from me? I'm not going to grab it.

SBA: No, I was just shifting it.

TH: Why'd it jingle so much?

SBA: What?

TH: Your bag, when you moved it, it sounded like it was filled with coins.

SBA: ...

TH: Oh my god is your bag filled with coins?

SBA: Have you ... um ... seen

TH: OMG is your bag filled with Susan B. Anthony commemorative coins?

SBA: Is ... your bag filled with coins?

TH: SUSAN! Your bag is filled with your own coins.

SBA: Ahh, I don't care. I like them.

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haha! I love this--both the idea that SBA would collect her own coins, & the fact that she'd be sneakily ashamed of it.

the purse is hell of cute, too, although for $250 I kinda wish it was real leather (not alligator).


What a sacagawea of bullshit. She's just some loonie and she's trying to hide it.

Mrs. Hutchinson


Jolie Kerr

OMG Edith, your brain! Haaaaa!!


This is why The Hairpin is my favorite of all things.


This made me so totally LOL. One big loud HA! right at the very end. Fantastic.


OMMGGG hahahahhahahahahhahah I created an account just to say how much I love this HOW MUCH HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS. Made me lolololol such an amazingly brief way to create such a believable character!!!

also this upsetting NSFW picture http://tinyurl.com/3dm3ccp


I was so excited the moment I realized this was going to be another "interview".


This is just the best!

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