Thursday, May 19, 2011


Reminder: Hairpin NYC, LA (and Now Chicago and Boston) Get-Togethers

You're coming out to either The Magician (NYC) or The Parlour Room (LA) tonight, yes?

And then tomorrow, Friday the 20th, we're all of us going to Monk's Pub in Chicago at 6:30 p.m.?

(Also, Boston, save the date: Friday, June 10, location TBD, although "probably Eastern Standard.")

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Who's organizing this Boston pin-up?


@boyofdestiny "pin-up" is genius.


@fairlyalarmed You can thank the lovely and clever Jolie for that one.


@boyofdestiny: Hey boy, Lily Rowan is putting it together. Be there or be square. Where's garge?


@Bittersweet I'll make sure gargie gets the word. My cousin's graduation party in Jersey is the next day, so I'm trying to figure out the earliest possible bus I could take. It'll be tight!

major disaster

@boyofdestiny: Hey all, sign me up too, tentatively. I have family plans the next day and a wedding all day that Sunday, which for me is a lot of activity all at one time (it's sad, I know). But other things in my life have suddenly been going kind of shitty and I could really use some friendly faces.


@boyofdestiny YES to Boston and ES! I'm just getting back into the town that night from a business trip too, so good job on the perfect timing. :)

Jolie Kerr

Waaah I'm going to be in Boston the week before you all are pinning-up! Damn it!!!


@boyofdestiny I am totes going to be there yaaaaay.

Toby Jug

@Bittersweet Do I need to be on a special email list to keep tabs on this meet-up or just generally pay attention to the hairpin?

Also, skipped the Awl meet-up this year and am hardcore regretting it. I WILL SHOW UP THIS TIME. Even if it means getting drinking 3 martinis before removing myself from the corner and meeting people.


@Toby Jug seconded to the question of how good I'm supposed to be about remembering the June 10th date. Because there will be enough martinis between then and now that it might get fuzzy??


@Toby Jug: I *think* Lily R. is going to coordinate with Edith to get a reminder out to everyone via this site, so you don't have to rely on your memory (or Outlook) to make it on the right night.

Lily Rowan

@Everyone: WOO HOO BOSTON PEEPS! I'm pretty sure there will be a reminder on here? Edith will hook us up, right?? But you can also email me (in my profile) and I will try to put together a list. And unless anyone has a better idea, it will be Eastern Standard.

(And I only offered to "organize" because otherwise I would try to bail and/or not talk to people, so.)


Please let there be Hairpin readers in the South? Yes? BBQ and spiked sweet tea in Memphis?


@juliannasays Or alternatively, a different iteration of BBQ and sweet tea vodka in Houston?


@juliannasays We're doing a New Orleans meetup... hey.alpelican at gmail dot com if you're interested.


@juliannasays I'm in Nashville so YES!


@alpelican Ooooo, maybe? When would it be?

Also, @QuiteAimable, one of my best friends lives in Nashville, and I'll be in Knoxville soon. Maybe we should email to meet up sometime? My friend in Nashville needs more friends there (most of us are centered in Memphis).


@fairlyalarmed Houston is a little far? I am not sure though! But I second the sweet tea vodka. I like it on the rocks and mixed with lemonade.


@juliannasays Oh yes, let's all meet up! I like meeting new people as long as they are aware ahead of time that I'm socially awkward. E-mail: julieahollis at gmail dot com. PS. Nice name :)


@juliannasays I love it on the rocks, splash of water. Tastes delish. Anyone who's interested in a Houston (or similar) pin-up, please email me at priya.monster@gmail.com! I will be watching like a hawk!

Tragically Ludicrous

Dutch meetup! Dutch meetup!


@Tragically Ludicrous It would be puur genieten. If I was there.

Tragically Ludicrous

@alpelican I moved to the Netherlands from Seattle in September and I love it, but I keep missing out on fun things like this.

Lucy Samuel

DC too, please! Capitol Hill! Ohhhmygosh please!


@Lucy Samuel Ditto ditto! Maybe not the Hill though. That is like, super duper far away from me. At least a mile.


@fierce_pierce thirding the DC request! somewhere with a patio/roofdeck option to enjoy the spring weather before wretched summer stank arrives?


@Lucy Samuel Fourthing. Red Derby has a solid deck, as does Marvin and The Reef and many others. How do we go about organizing one of these things?


@Vicky Johnson Ooo Marvin roofdeck summertime sundays = best peoplewatching in town. I don't know how we organize this! I love organizing these! Let's do it. Edith? Are there rules?


@fierce_pierce Yes please on the DC meetup!


@Lucy Samuel PLEASE can we have a DC Hairpin meet up? Reef Bar has so many drunken, regrettable memories for me but I would go there ANYWAY for you sexy minxes.


@Lucy Samuel HEY ALL DC HAIRPINNERS. If you want in on planning a meetup, email me at cherrispryte at gmail dot com and we will figure out something - also if you want to attend, so we've got a general idea of how many people. I don't want to steal anyone's planning thunder, but this is usually the best way to get the best date for everyone.


@Lucy Samuel I'd do that.

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

Oh, cool! Def going to try to go to the Boston Meet Up. I went to an Awl one earlier this year and it was lovely.


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood I was going to make a "Ooh, Eastern Standard. How fancy!" comment, but then I remembered that Green Street isn't the diviest place in the universe either.


@boyofdestiny and @Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood: also wanted to make a "fancy" comment re: Eastern Standard. BostonTweet always hangs out there and says great things, so I am beyond excited to give it a try with fellow Hairpinners! Though I wouldn't hesitate to go somewhere like Cornwall's... anywhere but McFadden's.


@beeline96: Looking forward to visiting this "fancy" dive for the first time. See you guys there.


@beeline96 "anywhere but McFadden's/Kitty O'Shea's/Sissy K's/anywhere on Union Street/the Tam/the Pour House/Whiskey's"


Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

@boyofdestiny @beeline96 Haha yeah, so fancy!

(Is this the time when I admit that I didn't know what the Eastern Standard was until I clicked the link or any of these other bars? I live in Lowell)

major disaster

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood: I also didn't know where it was, either, but now that I've looked at the link as well, I give it a thumbs-up. Mostly because it's apparently really close to where I live!


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood: It's cool. I've never been there (YET) and I live really close by.

@boyofdestiny: I wholeheartedly agree.


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood: Didn't know the Eastern Standard either. I live down 495 from you, where the new British Beer Company is the current town hotspot.

Lily Rowan

@Everyone here: I've never been to Eastern Standard, but I walk by it every day, and it was recommended to me for fancy cocktails and plenty of space inside and outside.


Roll call for Chicago?


@e-liz: This (non-glue trap) mouseketeer! Are we all wearing pink carnations? Will someone have a wee Pin-Up sign as if we're in an airport?


@e-liz I would go, but I'm not sure if I can stick around that long on a Friday. I usually get out about 2.5 hours before that.

Edgar Allan Bro

@e-liz Hopefully! Maybe!


@e-liz Looking forward to this has gotten me through the week so far! I will see you there!


@e-liz greetings!


@e-liz I'll be there!! So excited.


@e-liz FUCK. I don't know whether I can make it or not! WHY IS MY LIFE SO TERRIBLE??


@e-liz Present.


Awesome. Now I have to actually show up!


@e-liz Going to try!

Ironika Leigh

@e-liz i will be there!


@winchesterwolcott I will be there early! I will be an awkward-looking lady with brown hair and glasses, possibly reading a book. I may or may not put a hairpin on my glass.


@e-liz i'm seeking a babysitter now..


@callheralaska Ahhh that is such a good idea!


@DenimGlow I can't make it tonight. Bummer.


@saythatscool Because you don't actually exist.


@e-liz Waaait is it okay if I'm like, a new official account golder (i.e. waited until today to register) but I still love the Hairpin and want to come to this Chicago meetup? Will this be like the girl who told the Gawker story where they asked her commenting name and then kind said "never heard of you.." ?!


@winchesterwolcott Are you going early?


@saythatscool Not sure if I'm going yet. I might run an errand and then come back down. Everyone has to promise that I've never actually met them in real life first.


@beasley Absolutely not! Please come.


@winchesterwolcott Email me and let me know? saythatscool@yahoo.com

Also, zidaane, SBGBlogs and wallsdontfall email me if you read this.


@beasley I hope so, because that is my situation too!


@winchesterwolcott What's the earliest that people are going?


@winchesterwolcott I'll meet you as early as 4:30 winchester.


@saythatscool will be there at 4:30-ish if anyone is coming early.

one cow.

@winchesterwolcott Hopefully my earlyish 5:45 show-up will be tolerated & un-lonely!


@one cow. You bet!

elysian fields

oh man. I reallly hope I'm not out of town for June 10th.


And I'm going to do my own roll call for Seattle....


@swxnw yes please!


@swxnw YES!


@swxnw Seattle! Seattle! Seattle!

Okay Yeah

@swxnw I am in!


tonight will be great!


PS Thank you for putting the Bubbly McBubblyson Champity Doo Dah as the image, Edith. LYLAS.


@fierce_pierce I'm hoping we can all start the night with a sparkler.


@Ophelia A very SPARKLY sparkler.


@fierce_pierce I wouldn't have it any other way.


(whispers kind of shyly) Denver?


@sockiboos YES!


There is a Dolce Vita sample sale right down the street! Depending on how many pairs of shoes I purchase (I'm so bad at these) I'll stop by.


@parallel-lines I'm going to pretend I didn't read this. *hides credit card from self*


Why oh why aren't any of you beautiful assholes in Portland?


@madamvonsassypants this asshole is hoping to get out there next year!


@madamvonsassypants I'm in Portland! I bet there are other PDX lurkers out there.


@madamvonsassypants hiii-ee portland

Watts Up?

@madamvonsassypants This asshole lives in or around PDX.


Philadelphia meetup? Say yes?


@freelee I'm in, and I believe we had one other interested hairpinner in another of these meetup threads. Do you have a date/time that works for you?


@freelee Yes PLZ.


I have never heard of this "Monks Pub". Should I be scared?


@JoanTition No. But also maybe. Just don't get lost in Merchandise Mart getting on/off the train like I usually do!


I guess I realized that people lived in the Loop, but it never occurred to me that you could also drink there. Friday will be a night of learning!


I want to go to this but I sometimes get weird in social situations with strangers. but you guys are nice, right?


@Pretzels! I was afraid too, but our fellow hairpinners convinced me, and now I'm going. First time ever going to a party where I don't know anyone (IRL), alone. Eeek!

I imagine this is kind of like what internet dating is like. Except without the dating.


@Pretzels! @punkahontas I too am going alone and terrfied/excited/awkward. Come anyway! Ladieeez!


@thatsrealbutter OK, this makes me feel way better, too.


@Ophelia Makes me feel better too--if I'm sprung in time and have time for pre-liquid courage I'll try and give it a go as well. If nothing else there used to be peanuts machine in the front. Peanuts and cocktails make everything better.


@Pretzels! Come come come, all of you! It will be lovely. And I am taking quite the bus ride to be there tonight, so you better all be there with bells on.


@Pretzels! Meee toooooo. I went to a gawker meet up once and everyone was like, "what's your user name. Hm. Never heard of it." which totally made me sad about my commenting process for weeks. WEEKS! Then I got over it (sorta).


@Pretzels! Terrified! Also going alone! Srsly considering being evaluated for Social Phobia! See you there!


@Ophelia You should do what I did. I addicted my workwife to love the hairpin a long time ago, and then told her that she has to come with me (even though she doesn't comment, but did once have an ASK A... question answered)


@parallel-lines No one will recognize my commenter name either, most likely, so I'm relying on a common fondness of hilarious and weird things to get me through! Looking forward to this a loooot.


okay, you guys are all awesome. as we already knew! I left my bells at home but I'll be there.


@Pretzels! Even if we don't recognize one another's commenter names when we meet tonight, we'll learn them for the future. Don't be scurrred.


Yay guys! I'm excited to meet people I'm already predisposed to like.


@cherrispryte I'm glad to hear you're still coming, Cherri, since you're one of the ones who convinced me! Was worried, since the weather has been so shitty. (Makes ME want to stay home, and I live here.)

Looking forward to meeting all of yooos!


I vote we all wear sunglasses, a la "Ask a Lady/Dude", that way we can hide our initial awkwardness and also immediately recognize each other.


@leon.saintjean ooh, brilliant!


YESSSS! Very excited for tonight. Hoping it won't be raining. More raining.


oooh so excited for the boston meetup! i met one of my best friends at a jezebel meetup once upon a time...

Emma K@twitter

San Francisco/Bay Area?

no way

Echo. East Bay? Anyone?


@Emma K@twitter PLEASE.


@no way ALSO PLEASE.


@Emma K@twitter SF here too!

Pound of Salt

Baltimore? Balti-no?

Kate Shorts@twitter

What about UK girls? The trip across the pond can be seriously tough on the wallet.....


@Kate Shorts@twitter Whereabouts? I'm in Oxford


Ladies in CAIRO?? alternately, postpone Boston to July? Or do another one! Later on!


@annierebekah Multiple Boston meetups.


Okay I posted this above, but in case people don't read replies (are there people who don't?) EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT IN ON A DC HAIRPIN PARTY. cherrispryte at gmail dot com. I am literally on a bus to NY right now, so I probably won't respond til tomorrow, but I always think input is better than arbitrary date-picking.

And to everyone on the fence about coming to New York - COME! I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE.

Okay sorry, I'm going bus-crazy.


@cherrispryte DONE AND DONE.


@cherrispryte may have to come back to DC for this...Pin-Up World Tour!


And, for those in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, we'll be meeting up at McFeely's.


@atipofthehat Keep your eye on Lady Elaine, she's a known boozer.


@atipofthehat HA. McFeely's would totally be the name of that pub!


Los Angeles what what!

... where's the love yall? I wore a nice long sleeve T and everything.

Tammy Pajamas

@Too Much Internet I will be there with a lurked or two in tow!


bummed I can't go. fall nyc meetup plz!


BOSSSSSSSSSSSSTONNNNNNNN. yes, something to make this town slightly more bearable.


arrrggggh i will be in chicago tonight and LA tomorrow! sadface!


@mizs What horrible timing!!

Katie Walsh

Have fun youuuuu guuuyyyysss. Tell me all about it.


Can one of the Hair-ad-pin-istrators please go through and highlight all the comments in which people flirt and promise to sex each other at the meetups, so that those of us who live outside the pin-up cities have a quick guide on who to online-stalk the next morning for clues on what went down? Thanks.


What fun. Thank you Edith and everyone!


@one cow. You bet!


so, what time is the eastern standard meet up tonight?

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