Wednesday, May 4, 2011


No Phone 4 U!

"The seven oldest children have cellphones, and text messages must contain proper grammar and spelling. No 'doen' or 'How r u?' or the kids lose their phones. The dads do spot-checks on the phones."
—Just one of the very smart rules that a gay couple in Arizona has instituted to keep their 12 adopted kids in line. If only there was a way to make this a law for texters of all ages.

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Can we start something similar for commenters?



i<3u, ss



Wait, TWELVE kids? How on earth can they (anyone) afford to raise that many kids?!


@iceberg Not that it would be anywhere near the amount it actually costs to raise them, but assuming all the kids were adopted from the state out of foster care, there is oftentimes monthly assistance available to adoptive parents. I think in some states it's extra if they are special-needs kids, and/or older.


Those dudes sound so completely awesome. I'm very inspired by parents who just make it work.


yeah, no clue how they're able to afford it, but these dads clearly rock.


When I taught my dad to text I showed him how to type the letters, spaces, and symbols, and then told him to write, "How are you?" After writing "how" he said, "Watch this, it's so cool," and finished it as "how r u." I eventually convinced him not to text like a 13-year-old, but have not been able to get him to stop using "lol" as punctuation. Baby steps.


Definitely read that as "cellophones" and thought, wow all 7 of them wanted to play cello? Lucky break!

But then I reread.


Spot check their kids texts?!? The question isn't how they can afford to raise 12 kids, it's how can they have 12 kids and still have too much time on their hands?


"Texting: you are doing it wrong. You are forbidden to view Laugh Out Loud cats for one week."

For the win?

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