Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Nerds Nerding Up the Gin and Tonic

The secret to making a scientifically perfect gin and tonic is apparently dry ice:

Using the same ratio of 2.5 parts gin to 4 parts tonic, combine 5oz of gin, 8oz of tonic, and 2t lime juice and pour into a tivolo tray. This should make 13 1oz cubes, leaving two holes for you to fill however you like. Put the tray inside an insulated container that has at least 5lb of dry ice in it and freeze for 1 hour. These cubes will not be easy to remove from the tray, and I recommend using a towel or cutting glove.

Two questions remain: What is a tivolo tray (tivoli tray?), and where do you buy dry ice? The answer to the first is I have no idea and just spent more than 30 minutes trying to figure it out, and the answer to the second, as far as I can tell, is through this freaky dry ice directory.

Update: Tovolo Trays. Thank you, Tuna Surprise.

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Tuna Surprise

Tovolo, perhaps?


no way

@Tuna Surprise Beat me to it.


@no way Crazy nuts, I was JUST looking at these yesterday because my bff's boyfriend wants silicone ice trays and we were clueless. And now today, a cocktail recipe! Yay for mindreading, THP!


@Tuna Surprise

Tovolo also makes KING cube trays - which are giant ice cubes, SOO RAD!


Hot mayonnaise

You get dry ice at Ted Drewes, at least around here.

Setec Astrology

@Hot mayonnaise If in NYC, you can get dry ice at this beverage center on West 37th Street. About $15 gets you a chunk that fits in a medium-sized cooler.


@Hot mayonnaise You're in St Louis? I knew you were good people.


"2.5 parts gin to 4 parts tonic" .... dude. 1:1 ratio. And that's when you've got access to an unlimited supply of tonic.


@cherrispryte That is the babiest gin and tonic I ever heard of. However, the idea of making g&t ice cubes to put in your g&t so that it doesn't get watered down is genius.


@cherrispryte The skewed ratio might have something to do with the higher freezing point of alcohol compared to water. ...speaking of nerds.


@BattyRabbit, lower* freezing point of ethanol compared to water, hence the need for dry ice to freeze the resulting solution


@theinvisiblecunt Thank you, yes, lower, my bad. I guess the less-knowledgeable parts of me were thinking "You put things in the freezer and the coldness goes UP!"


Um, there is also this crazy invention called a freezer. I've never seen one but I hear it makes liquid things really cold.


@Bittersweet I have such a refined palate I require an extra sixty degrees Celsius to make gin ice cubes so my artisanal G&T made from botanicals collected by virgins riding ortolans won't get watered down which, just, uuuugh.


@MollyculeTheory But if it gets watered down, that's LESS ALCOHOL. Important.


@theharpoon: What, the alcohol disappears when the ice melts? C'mon. Either you drink the G&T faster to avoid meltage, or you get a little hydration with the your G&T. Win/win!


If you order frozen steaks, they send them to you packed on dry ice! Also, you get steaks!


I'm not sure about NYC, where the grocery options are one or zero steps up from gas station snack marts, but out in the wasteland that is the rest of the US, there is almost always a dry ice cooler somewhere in the frozen foods section of the standard grocery store. It's covered in warnings, and last time I bought some I got carded.


@marilyn Yes. Back home in middle-of-nowheres-ville, CA, you get dry ice at the grocery store. I think the mini-mart might have it too? I've never tried in Seattle.

Okay Yeah

How has no one commented on "leaving two holes for you to fill however you like"? TWSS, etc., etc.


Here in Ohio, dry ice is easily found at local ice cream shops. They advertise it around Halloween but carry it all the time.


I am definitely making this. I love gin and tonic and dry ice.


And in my area, Publix has dry ice.

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