Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My, What Big Limbal Rings You Have

"In the 20 milliseconds or so it takes to assess a person's attractiveness, you're factoring in the size and shade of the limbal rings. The bigger and blacker they are, the more attractive the eyes." —Go to a mirror right now and look at your limbal ring! (It's the line that divides the colored part of your eye from the white.) How big is it? Big enough?

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My eyes are dark brown so I can't even tell. Buuut my husband's is huge, OB-viously.


@deglatitude Me too! I think we win this round (since our whole iris is like one big limbal ring). Let's just go ahead and call it.

Jaime Green

How can these be seen on dark eyes without getting your face reeeeeeeaaaaally close to theirs?




truth. a good photo retoucher will always darken the limbal ring and lighten the whites of the eyes slightly to make the eyes pop.


It's like looking at the target logo, if the center were black, and the outside were a beautiful blue. Obviously I am the fairest of them all!


Mine are 9 inches.

Internet Girl

@ejcsanfran Size doesn't matter as much as how you *use them*.

Hot mayonnaise

My limbal rings are small, but I'm good at oral.

Internet Girl

@Hot mayonnaise I knew you were compensating for something.


This story is relevant to my avatar


No joke, people have been telling me I have giant pupils and giant these things (I mean, they don't say "limbal rings") for years, but if the amount of action I get is supposed to be increased by it, then the rest of me must be, like, super-ugly.


@ranran: I think this and things like pheromones have been superseded by lots and lots of social evolution, but still hang around the (very far) periphery and ultimately amount to .01% of our actual attractiveness/non-attractiveness.


My entire eyeball is black, so I've got everyone beat.
PS- I'm a shark.


I don't seem to have any limbal rings =(
Oh wait, is that it? I think I might see it...
Thank goodness. I was worried no-one would be willing to sleep with me.


Huh. How big is big enough? I can't tell if my limbal rings are voluptuous enough to pull in a proper mate. Guess I'll have to fall back on my A-cups and knowledge of Sears Subject Headings.


Mine are really big but not that dark. They're more dark gray than black. I had never heard of limbal rings but that's cool. I always thought it was how widely spaced your eyes are that was the secret subconscious marker of attractiveness. I find myself going "He/she's so hot, look at how wide set his/her eyes are!" all the time.


I am so glad I found this forum, cause I have been wearing color contacts for a while just so I could have a bigger limbal ring which makes you look more attractive and younger. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/love-sex-and-babies/201104/how-big-is-your-limbal-ring

I found this company that can permanently implant thicker limbal rings for your eyes called OPHTHOGLOW. Check it out and if anyone has done this yet, please let me know if it is safe and how long does it take to get the procedure done. Thanks

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