Tuesday, May 3, 2011


How to Get Divorced Using Facebook

A useful guide from a scary woman.


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"There are times when my paralegal and I sit in this office and laugh, because people are stupid."
Hopefully a regular Tues/Thurs evening sort of affair so they can look forward to it and book it off and bring snacks. Like a book club but better: cackle-at-the-idiots night!


Oh man, I just googled myself and there are so many pics of me I didn't even know were out there.
Here take a look.

Edith Zimmerman

@saythatscool lol, you goon


"The best advice, aside from deactivating your Facebook account, is asking friends and family not to post any pictures of you online, even if they don't tag you."

Or maybe not acting like and idiot and dancing with the teens and macking on the babysitter while your friends with iPhones snap and post away? Too much to ask?


@foureyedgirl: The Constitution guarantees us the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and pix or it didn't happen.

Katie Ritter

@ejcsanfran: That is officially my facebook status.


“Did you know you were on [the Hairpin]?”
“You’re on somebody’s [Ask a Dude question]. Somebody talked about you [in the comments].”
“Does it amaze you how easy it is to find this stuff?”
“Absolutely. There are times when my paralegal and I sit in this office and laugh.”


"People are stupid, and they put things on the internet that last forever." Like ... this video of you talking about your opposing parties as stupid? IDT this woman is headed toward a judgeship.


So you went to law school for this? Then I want this job!

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