Friday, May 27, 2011


Horse-Herpes Outbreak Pushes Cowgirls Into "Arms" of Stick Ponies

"A stick horse is a lot different because you have to do all the work, and I think it's going to be a lot more tiring than with a real horse." Giddyup!



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Between this and the crabs outbreak among the bulls, rodeo season is RUINED. Shoulda kept it in your pants, fellas.


What the fuck? How is this in ANY WAY comparable to what they'd actually be doing in the competition? It makes more sense to have them sit down for a multiple-choice test about barrel racing than to have them do this. This is just kind of creepy and weird. I also feel like it's patronizing. Are they doing this with all ages and both sexes, or is this just for the girls because aw shucks, they're so cute with their lil' cowgirl boots on?

Katie Walsh

I want a cowgirl hat with a crown on it now.

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