Friday, May 27, 2011


Don't Be the Last Girl on Your Block Without a Freaky Cup

Meredith's birthday is coming up, and so her friend Steven made her a present.

Come see more pictures.

Now Jenn and Meredith have joined the party.

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I know what I am doing this weekend.


I can't tell if that cup is trying to scream or open-mouth kiss her.

Jolie Kerr

Is... is that a GIMP CUP??????????? Camp Hairpin activity corner!!

Meredith L.

@Jolie Kerr IT IS!!!!! And the real birthday gift in all of this is that I've finally made Doll News.

Jolie Kerr

@Meredith L. Happy Birthday Gimp Cup Girl!!!!


@Jolie Kerr Aaah I want to weave the strands that the doll is throwing up into a friendship bracelet.


I love how this site seems to be developing a reputation for weird DIY cups. It's great.

Elizabeth Sherman Norton@facebook

@graffin, I just like your Buddy Garrity avatar. go lions.


I'm getting a George-Clinton-Parliament-Funkadelic-eating-spaghetti vibe.


This is about 10x scarier than my current practice of drinking wine from a mug, but also about 100x more awesome.


This is one of those things (those AWESOME things) where at first glance, I'm all like, "pfft...that was made by an ARTIST? *I* could do something like that."

But then I think about it for a sec and I'm like, "wait, no, that's awesome and I could never have come up with that."

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