Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Risk of Forbidding Dolls

"My sister's doll had blonde hair and mine was a brunette, and I wanted the blonde-haired doll, so we were fighting in the back of the taxi. When we got out of the cab, my mother took both dolls, broke their heads off, threw them out, and said, 'You will never have dolls again.'" Not so: Kathy Libraty of Brooklyn has proven her mother wrong.

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Why would the mother break off their heads?! That seems over the top. Doll murder?

Katie Heaney

@nogreeneggs my little brother broke the head off my pilot Ken doll when I was 6 and I had to develop an entire cassete tape news broadcast about it. Listening to it gives me chills TO THIS DAY.

Esther Werdiger

@nogreeneggs oh i can totally see my own mother doing that! actually, once she maimed a cake she'd made a decorated for my birthday for similar reasons. love u mum! xoxo


@nogreeneggs my mom snapped a barbie in half because I kept hitting my brother with it. It was very tragic, she was redheaded with a shiny green pantsuit.


I mean, I used to purposely hurl my Cabbage Patch doll across the lawn and then take it to 'doll hospital' but I was also like 4. Also, I had a porcelain doll that gave me the CREEPS so I broke her on purpose but told my mom it was an accident and acted upset when we had to throw her out. So I guess I'm no better than this mother.


Um, anyone else reminded of Desperate Housewives and Gabi's doll obsession!?


i'd be creeped-out enough by a house full of dolls, but i know that actual house! it's a couple blocks from mine, and my friends and i swoon over it all the damn time. now i am extra-creeped out.

fondue with cheddar

@BadWolf Not only is it a house full of dolls, it's a house full of DISEMBODIED DOLL PARTS. *shudder*


I feel slightly less crazy for buying three Monster High dolls in the past two weeks now.

Slim Chances@facebook

What's so wrong about Barbie?
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