Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Brooklyn Has the Wildest Picnics

"In four hours, the crew filled 22 bags. Among the contents: Cigar wrappers. Tissue paper. Empty bottles of vodka and coconut rum. A gold lamé thong. A studded dog collar. Stapled pages of a manuscript. Subway cards. A hypodermic needle. A pair of pants. Chips packets. Breath mints. A raccoon skull. And, according to the volunteers’ estimates, upward of 2,000 condom wrappers and 600 condoms. The group had just cleaned the same area two weeks earlier."
—Did you drop anything last time you were partying in the woods of Brooklyn's Prospect Park?

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Onetime I was running in the wooded area of Prospect Park and there was a pile of clothing that had obviously belonged to a crusty punk - bondage pants, ripped Crass t-shirt, collar, spiked bracelet and I wondered if the lord had taken had suddenly taken him. In case of rapture, this bondage belt will be unmanned.


So THAT's where I left my racoon skull!



That was a great evening we had in the park! Darn, we should have cleaned up better.


Does that mean at least 1400 people wore their condoms home?


If you let your (and by your I mean my) dog who loves trash root through the bushes on the trails near the Carousel, it'll recover plenty of the missing ones.


@applestoapples Amen.


@applestoapples I was just thinking someone yelled "COPS"


I want to know which of the volunteers identified the skull as racoon and if that person was qualified to do so. DID YOU TAKE VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY, VOLUNTEER.

Hot mayonnaise

@Kneetoe: I bet it was a turtle without it's shell.


Yeah, I biked through the park that night around 11... it was not a pretty sight. Thankfully I didn't see any condom use/raccoon skinning in action but there was GARBAGE EVERYWHERE and it made me sad for the park and for Brooklyn.


The first time I walked through Prospect Park I encountered a man throwing ninja stars in all directions. I haven't been back.

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