Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Baby Is All Grown Up

“There’s nothing else like it, waking up in a crib as opposed to a bed." Ohhhhhhh, Baby Stanley! Also, Sandra Diaz... Nevermind, I'm just going to put my hands back over my eyes.


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raised amongst catalogs

Those soldier toys are WAY too small for a baby to play with. Choking hazard!
Omg, also: how tempting is it to call in "baby" (as opposed to "sick") to work tomorrow?


@vanillawaif call in "baby" instead of sick. done.


"Picture an adult man, laying [sic] in a crib with his puppy, his little stuffed dog, smile on his face, asleep. It is so cute."


@juliannasays http://ca.jezebel.com/5798077/the-weird-world-of-adult-babies

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

I'm kind of torn on this. On the one hand if this is what you're into and you're not hurting anybody than by all means go for it.

But, on the other, after watching this I kind of want to go climb in a hole. Or do my taxes.

young preeezy

Some 'Far East Movement' song just cooed "we can go back to my criiiib" on Pandora, right as the camera zoomed up on big-boy laying in his crib, and I almost spit out my coffee. Well played, universe.


I accidentally saw a minute of this while scooping ice cream into a bowl last night and I screamed and dropped my ice cream and ran out of the room. So thank you giant man baby, thank you for ruining my dessert!


The BF and I were scrolling through the channels last night when we stumbled upon this gem of a TV show. I have more questions about Sandra than I do about Stanley. (Though I do have questions about Stanley. When I was in 7th grade, a big group of my friends and I decided to be babies for Halloween, complete with footed pajamas and pacifiers. I was uncomfortable all day.)


@empem yes, SO many more questions about Sandra! Sandra show, please!


@julia Like, she thinks about him as her nephew or whatever. But, 29-year-old nephews shouldn't be sitting in highchairs. I get the "love" she feels, but it still doesn't explain how she justifies it in her mind. We need answers, Sandra!


Also, can we talk about how much this dude looks like Frances from Pee Wee's Big Adventure?!


@parallel-lines Seconded! And furthering the comparison, Frances's character definitely had some infantilist undertones.


So, is this a dealbreaker?


And just a reminder, folks: adult babies are NOT the same as diaper fetishists. They are two completely different things.

raised amongst catalogs

@ejcsanfran Yes; one is about Pampers and one is about being pampered. (Ugh, sorry -- but not sorry enough not to post it.)


@ejcsanfran: I *love* breakdowns of extremely eccentric fetishes into sub-categories. Really fascinating stuff.

Charismatic Megafauna

"To avoid public shaming, Stanley switches to adult mode when he leaves the house." Apparently this involves hitting the hardware superstore wearing a vintage Esprit knit skirt.


I was really wishing he was wearing the feety-pajamas while he was using the power tools. I guess that's against his "rules" though.

But how does he support himself? I'm guessing he works at Walmart or the Post Office.


@punkahontas social security


@punkahontas real reason why he keeps his fake mother around $$$

Rachel Hersh@facebook

I think I'm more freaked out by his worrying physical condition: the weight, the strange yellow/blue circles around his eyes, the little brown teeth... ???

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