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Adele: "You Think I'm Gonna Play a Fackin' Arena?"

"I honestly don’t feel like I’m here to be a singer, I feel like I’m here to be a mum. I wanna look after someone and be looked after, give my all to someone in marriage and have a big family, have a proper purpose."
Adele's charming, candid interview with Q magazine is as good a reason as any to post this Adele/Jay-Z/Kanye West remix that's been floating around the internet for the past couple weeks (and which Miami production duo Urban Noize technically put together last year), "Never Chasing Pavement." (Click the downward-pointing arrow for the MP3.) And you already have 21, right?

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She won't do an arena but she will do Dancing With the Stars?

Um, okay then Adele.


@parallel-lines Technically it is a small venue.... I love Adele but I definitely agree that she must be tripping balls if she thinks Dancing with the Stars complies with her "5-point plan" on not being a sell-out.


@kaaaaaaaydee I like her music fine but it was such a head scratcher, that one.


Every time a successful, talented woman publicly states she wants to give up her career to be a wife and mother, an angel's wings are violently ripped off.


@Lauren_O'Neal my thought exactly. that quote's creepy. 'giving your all to someone in marriage' constitutes 'a proper purpose' whereas being an artist doesn't?


@Lauren_O'Neal @TrilbyLane absofuckinglutely. That quote gave me the sads.

Also, she's talking like nobody ever had a happy, creative career while also being married and having a kid or two.


@Riff Randell Right?! It's the 21st century, we can have it all now! Especially when we have millions of dollars to spend on babysitters.


@Lauren_O'Neal et al. Yes, this. I was just talking last week about how people still give women who don't want kids a hard time. Or women who work while their partner stays home. If that's her life goal, whatever, but don't devalue other people's perfectly proper purposes if that's your life goal... know what I'm saying?


@Lauren_O'Neal It's more her idea that being a wife/mom is "a proper profession," as opposed to being, say, one of the best voices to come around in years.
I'm sure being a mom and wife is fulfilling--I'm not either, but know plenty who are great at it and enjoy it--but to effectively downplay all that she's accomplished makes me sad for her talent.


OMFG, Adele, you're TWENTY THREE. We all want to be loved and you are way too young to truly understand that love means supporting and encouraging your talent and passion, not replacing it!!!


@MoonBat This feels like the family-oriented version of the sort of infuriating statement actors make all the time -'If I weren't an actor, I think I'd just be, you know, a sheep farmer, or a kindergarten teacher somewhere in the wilds of Montana. A simple life, you know? If I weren't on this hit show, making millions of dollars and doing expensive drugs every weekend, that's what I'd do' when talking to People.


@melis Maybe. Here's hoping. I love her songs, I really do, and they aren't the product of some radio hit machine. The kids she wants ti have would benefit from seeing their Mum continue to express herself in song and create her gorgeous, powerful art. But I'm sort of biased, I think im a better parent because I'm passionate about my career and education as well.


If she honestly doesn't feel she's here to be a singer, what's with all the albums?


aww..*sigh* i love her...like, i listen to her album 21 8 times a day because i feel like i wrote 2/3 of the songs on there and co-write the remaining 1/3 love her...but this makes me kinda sad...only because she is an artist, an amazing, soul-filled artist..but if you listen to her music it makes sense...she wants to be truly loved. her music, her art, comes from the pain of not having what she wants...different choices are different choices..if someone wants to be taken care of and to have babies and live that life why are they any less of a woman then a woman who wants to conquer corperate america!??


@ThundaCunt It's the wording. She calls being a house wife and mother a proper purpose... which, for such an articulate person, is horrid.


@ThundaCunt I agree. Not everyone is cut out for the fame machine. It can eat a creative soul alive and tear it shreds. Singing scorched earth break up songs can not a life make. I can see her going off and having a family and then making an album every few years and we will all eat it up. And it will be glorious. She'll figure it out, she is only 23 afterall.


I'm kind of disappointed in the comments on this one. As someone who chose to work over starting a family, I say kudos to Adele. We live in a time when we get to choose what we want - whatever we want. If she wants to invest in other people rather than a career, who are we to judge? She's obviously smart, talented, and thoughtful. Those things won't disappear if she decides to focus on a family.


@doomfordarlings It's because the wording makes it sound like she's casting judgment on women - like herself! - who don't have a family. She calls it a "proper purpose," which makes it seem like anything else (including her incredible talent and successful career) is a waste of time.


@Riff Randell yes, exactly. i truly believe that you can have both - AND that if you want to just do the wife and mother thing instead of doing both then THAT IS GREAT TOO - but don't say one thing is 'proper'. especially cos, girl, you can't always have the babies, just cos you wanna.


@TrilbyLane Yeah, it's hard to imagine Adele saying something like 'Anyone with a working uterus and half a brain can have a kid, but who else can sing like I do? I'd hate to be a wife and mother; I'd rather have a proper purpose like an artistic career' and getting away with it.


@doomfordarlings Me too, I think it's okay to express what you want- feminism is about being able to choose and if motherhood and family is more important to her than music, that's her choice. I read another interview with her and she expressed how nervous performing makes her and how she didn't really lobby hard for a career in music, it just sort of happened. Went to a fancy music school but didn't take it very seriously. She just doesn't seem to have a deep down passion for making music like maybe one would assume. The "proper" thing bothers people but I think she means that singing doesn't seem "proper" like it's a frivolous thing to her which is her opinion, I didn't get the impression that she was saying ALL professions aside from motherhood are improper for women or anything.

Also, remember she's really young and probably talking off the cuff and may say something totes different tomorrow!


Rolling in the disappointment.


@JessicaLovejoy Chasing Playdates

Watts Up?

Oh lawd, that track is uh-may-ZING. I want to hear Adele/Hova track remixes for the rest of my life.


Did any other theater and or history geeks listen to the track and have a moment of huh? when you couldn't figure out if you had read somewhere else about Charlemagne's son having long arms?
(Horrible sentence structure, but you get it.)


I think some things may be getting lost in the Britishims. I don't think she means "proper" as in correct or better or right. My ex boyfriend was from Essex and had such a cockney accent and I also totally watch a ton of English people on youtube so I definitely know what I'm talking about - and I think she's using "proper" to mean something like "defined." I remember he would want to sit down to a "proper" meal because at a "proper" restaurant. He meant he wanted to go to the cafe down the street and order a greasy burger and fries because he was tired of eating munchies and Taco Bell.


@OsGirl I think you're right. Also it sounds to me like she's finding that having a successful singing career isn't as fulfilling as it may seem to us non-famous non-singers. Sometimes you make it to the top of your field and realize it's not where you really want to be.


@OsGirl Thank you for reminding me she's a Brit.

My first response to the article was the same as most of the comments - and one of the reasons I like this site so much - in that everyone is okay with her having "old-school" desires, it's the wording of "proper purpose" that bothered them.

Then your comment reminded me that the Brits will sometimes just use proper to emphasize whatever they're saying - "Good and proper drunk" doesn't mean correctly or validly drunk, it just means "really drunk" - the connotation is still a little bit borderline, but I think we can safely give her the benefit of the doubt and think that she meant "being a singer didn't feel like much of a purpose in life _TO ME_", much like I feel about my job and I'd much rather just be a cheesemaker; while still possible I don't think it likely (perhaps out of optimism for my generation in equal part to close reading) that she was saying "being a housewife is more closely adherent to the platonic ideal of 'PURPOSE' than being a performer".

Of course, I could just be a dork. A brooding, swaggery dork.


@OsGirl i'm from london and i would read that 'proper' as meaning something like 'actual' or 'real' (so 'a proper purpose' raises my hackles much as it does other commenters', though it's her choice and all that). is that different from what you'd expect it to mean?


@OsGirl I am British and I don't think we use 'proper' particularly differently, in this context. she's using it to mean valid, real. (argh, we are now officially overthinking this, btw!!)


I'm having more of an issue with the hyper-airbrushed cover photo -- does it not seem to have turned her into yet another super-sexual pop star?

Not that I don't think she's smokin' but it detracts from the awesomeness of her talent and, I don't know, almost makes a bigger deal about her body shape by cropping out her curves?

Watts Up?

@clairedelune YES! Has there been a cover yet where they've showed her from the neck down?? I keep seeing face shots only. Methinks there's some fuckery going on there.

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