Monday, May 9, 2011


A Stylish New Way to Wear Pet Hair

Everybody has seven or eight Ziploc bags full of their cat's fur that they've stashed somewhere. (You don't? That's weird!) Now you can stop hiding it and start flaunting it — by making it into jewelry. That you wear. On your body. Seriously, blogger Kate Benjamin has done just that by teaming up with jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson to create these actually pretty attractive pieces made from real cat fur. Rest assured, these hairballs were not horked up by kitty dearest, they're more like feline felt balls. (Dog owners do not despair, you can also wear your pup's fur with pride.)


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I have two ziplock bags of cords from my departed puppies in my jewelery box. Their fur dreadlocked, and when they died, I asked the vet to cut some of the cords so I could always have them with me. I keep cords all over the house: tied to my bed, over the car windshield, tied to lamps, in my purse. My puppy finds her sister's scent all over the place, and I think she likes knowing that she's still around.


@stinapag I thought you meant the umbilical cord when I first read this and was in awe of how creepy this comment was.


@stinapag this comment is still creepy


@nightbroth I'm ok with people thinking I'm creepy. My dreadlocked doggies meant a lot to me. If people can't deal with fur around the house, then I'm not the person they need to hang out with.


The cat in the photos (at the link) is astounding.

Tammy Pajamas

I did actually, at one time, have one ziploc bag with my cat's hair in it. It wasn't by any means full, but I can definitely never go to any Hairpin meet ups now that I've admitted to this.


@Tammy Pajamas Um...you mean, now you HAVE to go to Hairpin meetups. With your ziploc bag.


Allergy couture.

Hot mayonnaise

I have a necklace made from the pubic hair of my lover.


@Hot mayonnaise.. Jamie???


Wow! My mom has already done this.


@cdog Mr. Luckier has made several cathair balls, which he adds to a red silk cord like it's an add-a-bead necklace. He was so disappointed when he saw a listing similar to this on Regretsy.


@Luckier Mr. Luckier has my sympathies! I bet my mom won't care though! (But she's not trying to sell it, I don't think..)


I have had several bags of cat fur hanging around my house at one time. I think I was doing a science project for school and my hypothesis was that one of my cats would shed more because he was orange, or something like that. God, I was a stupid kid.

amateur hour

@Nutmeg My science experiment was about mold. I got a bunch of slices of bread wet with different liquids and then watched them grow mold. I don't even think there was a hypothesis.

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