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Which Disney Princess Wedding Dress Speaks to You?

Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding? Alfred Angelo can make dream weddings come true with a magical collection of Disney wedding dresses or bridesmaid gowns for your Cinderella moment.

Put on your girl hat because we’re about to go deep into the girl mines. Actually, I’m going to lower a bird down first to see if it dies.

OK, bad news, I pulled the bird up and not only was it dead, it seems to have died from a combination of anorexia, white wine cirrhosis, and … meth addiction. No one knows how it got addicted to meth so quickly, but it did and we’re all very, very sad. So bring a pocketful of Splenda to sprinkle in case you get lost, becuase — no, don’t eat it yet! OK, actually sure, quick Splenda break.

Anyway, let’s do this.

Sleeping Beauty:


Belle (from Beauty and the Beast):

Ariel (from The Little Mermaid):

Jasmine (from Aladdin):

Snow White:

And Tiana (from Tiana and the Frog):

I like the Ariel one. Oh look, this Splenda has turned to meth. I don’t know, honestly the Cinderella one is kind of pretty too.



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