Wednesday, April 13, 2011


What if the Supreme Court Was Full of Animals?

When taken alone animals, puns, and the Supreme Court bring plenty of joy to humanity, but when they're all three combined into one object? It's like a perfect storm of happiness. Witness Zoopreme Court, an enchanting site where you can find delicate drawings of what Thurgood Marshall would look like if he was Thurgood Marshvole (pictured above). You can also rest your weary eyes on Sandra Day Okapi, John Paul Steervens, and many more. And it's not just the justices — there are landmark cases too! Roe v. Wading Bird, anyone?  

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This is the goddamn best


The lesson is that bear puns are easy.


I want to meet the wonderful people who have sent forth this site into the world and be friends with them forever.


Scalia was already a beast.


Wait, wait! I've truly been doing this for years!!! In 2001 I would find the funniest picture of a hamster and then write JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA on it in allcaps!!So I also invented lolcats too. I have friends from lawschool who will back me up.
Maybe there is just a deep jungian connection between hamsters and supreme court justices.

Cassie Murdoch

@scully Tell it to the judge! (Sorry, could not resist...)


@Cassie Murdoch Oh snap!

Feminist Killjoy

@scully i invented the word "hella" but no one fucking believes me

Tammy Pajamas

Sonia Sotomayoryx FTW!

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