Friday, April 8, 2011


Thirsty Dog Shows Kid Who's Boss

"That dog mean!"


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That's what you get for naming your dog Bogart.


Hahaha. Poor kid, the dog steals his water then the camera person sprays him in theface with it.


That child is terrible at drinking from fountains. The dog was clearly doing it a favor.


I agree, Harpoon. The dog was trying to show the kid how to drink out of concern.


that dog is teaching that kid a valuable lesson, "respect your elders, curly sue."


I always wonder about the parents who would rather record their kid's frustration than... you know... help them.

That said, I may have once recorded my kid for a bit longer than was probably kind when she got herself stuck under a chair while trying to learn to crawl. So glass houses/stone throwing/etc., I guess.

krugmanic depressive

You let you kid get stuck under the chair in your glass house and threw stones at her?! Beast.


That makes me so nervous. Dogs snap so easily, especially ones that are getting pushed away from something they want by small people.


Not the ones that are totally used to small people.

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