Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The Prom Dress Her Mother Spent Six Years Weaving, and for What?

But if this really is prom, why isn't everyone crying and drenched in sweat? Hm, more to come.


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The boyfriend's face was worth a thousand words.

Nick Douglas

@foureyedgirl Sad Etsy Boyfriend.

Alex Leo

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the mother has OCD and the dress was just a byproduct.


@Alex Leo Yes. What is mommy going to do after prom? Oh dear.

birah r.

@julia start working on the wedding dress.


Oh Zane, you're going to have a lifetime of sheepishly looking down while getting embarrassed in public by the woman who sparingly sexes you. Somebody buy that poor kid a lap dance.

Autumn Whitefield-Madrano

"This year's prom theme is Candyland. We kind of lucked out." Now, why do I suspect this wasn't luck?


Right? My money says someone is president of the prom committee. Or has incriminating evidence about the president of the prom committee.


Still looks better than that bathing suit made out of wood paneling.


I'm trying to think of a Wisconsin joke but I'm coming up short. Help?!


@jesseekah Something something Prom Queen/Dairy Queen something something. Badumbum ching.

krugmanic depressive

@jesseekah Come Halloween Kerrin and her neighbors would fan out looking for the best prices on value packs of Starburst. It was the kind of collective bargain hunting that's now illegal in Scott Walker's Wisconsin.


Zane TOTALLLLYY HAAAATES IIIIT!!! Plus, there is no way they can get into any funny business without the risk of ripping the paper. This chick's mom made her a candy wrapper chastity dress!

Patrick M

@punkahontas "If only she had used Pop Rocks" - Zane


It looks like the dress that Miss Cell Block C would wear to the juvie cotillion (except not made from empty cigarette packs).


@Anne yesss...my thoughts exactly!!


@Anne or cool ranch dorito bags....

Strawberry Switchblade

What's with all the hate? This isn't that weird. look up all the duct tape prom dresses that are out there. This project would fit right in on craftster.org -- anyone who likes to make crafts can relate to this. My grandmother has spent years collecting little things to add to the mosaic she has that covers her basement like kudzu (that makes her look like a crazy person).

I do feel bad for the boyfriend. He should get a normal vest and just wear a boutonniere made of candy wrappers or whatever, since he's not as amused as the girl is.


@Strawberry Switchblade Agreed! It looks shockingly cute for being made of candy wrappers. I mean, it's super weird that the mom did this for no reason, but whatever! I've seen stranger things.

Like the girl at my prom who had fiber optic lights IN HER HAIR. They twinkled. The battery pack was hidden by a coordinating ribbon.


Waiting for the outrage from the vegetarian contingent.


@garge How many innocent stars were slaughtered to make this dress?


@garge don't worry, this isn't jezebel.


@piekin And for that I am truly thankful.


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My brain read, "if this really is PORN, why isn't everyone crying and drenched in sweat?" I liked it better that way.


Don't people usually have a reason for making a "wacky" prom dress? Like, I dunno, "for charity" or "to win a contest" or "because I really like Starbursts"?

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