Monday, April 18, 2011


The Hot-Rolling Hair Tutorial

Oh, and the woman who taught Jane everything she knows about beauty is back with a new video.

Previously: The Eyeshadow Tutorial.

Jane Feltes produces the radio program "This American Life," and no one is paying her to use or recommend any of the products she uses or recommends.

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Jane, how do you maintain your bangs? Do you trim them yourself, get them trimmed at a salon? How often? Your hair is beautiful.

Jane Feltes

@Groovymarlin aw shucks, thanks! i do get them trimmed at the salon - my hairdresser does trims for free in-between cuts which is awesome :)


@Jane Feltes I used to have a hairdresser do that too, but do you tip them? I usually did but it kind of took the 'free' out of free so I didn't get it done as often as I should have.

Jane Feltes

@Groovymarlin yeah, i always give her $10 and i go in once every 3 or 4 weeks. i quit smoking a few years ago so now i use my cigarette money to reward myself with bangs and makeup :)


FYI for beauty-product lovin' ladies, or those inspired by Jane's work: Sephora has 15% off all week if you're a Beauty Insider (which is free and I think you'd probably get the coupon just for joining). Which is not a great sale by normal standards, but is about as good as it gets for Sephora and is a pretty good deal if you buy stuff already on sale!

Rana Gheissari@twitter

Holla! Hot rollers have been gently guiding my hair and showing it the way since 2001. For the purpose, my favorite hairspray is Sebastian Shaper. It is also crucial to have bone-dry hair. You can't do just a half assed blow dry and expect results. Do it, bone-dry.


So Jane and Madison are both back with new torials? Seriously, this makes my Monday morning!


Srsly did all guys ride longboards in 2001, or what?


I'm emailing my mom right now and asking if she still has her hot rollers... it's a good week for giada curls!


Teach us how to do "vintage" hair with rollers? Like this style but less curly... some of us have insanely curly mop heads and don't know any other styles than that or flat-ironing the whole thing.


Jane!!! I do my hair in hot rollers everyday! They are the bessstttt and I loved this. I will be trying some of your tips.

For me though I do put in a thermal heat spray thing plus a thickener all over and then blowdry. I also don't backcomb or hairspray before and I curl my front hair under. I do hairspray a lot after. The front under gives me a more retro look, but if I want a more wavey look I take the rollers out and just let the curls cool on my head for a few and then spray. Maybe it is my roller set or my superthin hair but I only leave them in for ten minutes and this plus a ton of Elnett keeps my hair curled even to the next day all slept on and what not.


I just wanted to say that the typography in the intro makes me happy.

HRH Your Cuntness

Damn, I think I'm going to pop in the hot rollers tonight while I drink wine and watch Sweet Valley High tv.


What are some good non-sticky hairsprays? The only one I have is so tacky you can't even run your fingers through your hair.


@marisajane I use the blue bumble and bumble and it's not tacky at all. I can brush through it and everything. I also got one at the drugstore and I can't remember for the life of me what it was. It was the only travel size I could find. Usually things that say "soft hold" will work.


@marisajane Frederic Fekkai!


@marisajane, bumble and bumble does it all styling spray thats what it's called "does it all styling spray" its about 20 bucks but the bottle is huge and lasts a long time


@marisajane i think elnett is the best. it's made by l'oreal and you can buy it at most drugstores.


Is there anywhere you can get just the clips for hot rollers? I lose all of mine ):


@MollyculeTheory Are you talking about clips as in the plastic hinge or metal ushaped things? I just ordered some clips (plastic hinge) from drugstore.com but I have also gotten them through Amazon. Amazon also sells the metal ushaped ones.

Jane Feltes

@MollyculeTheory http://www.rickysnyc.com/ has about eleventy hundred types of clips too.


@Jane Feltes so, I went to rickys today and asked about the hot rollers giving me creases and the guy said to use end papers or tissue...but I'm not sure how?

Jane Feltes

@corinne once you get them rolled up, put a layer of tissue over the curler before you clamp, it is what he means. but what i usually do if there's a crease is just hit it super quick with my flat iron. try not to clamp them super tight to your head and that helps avoid creases too.


@marisajane that bumble and bumble one is really good. also, the Moroccan Oil flexible hold spray is MAGIC. it holds for days and brushes out really easily and smells like unicorn dust in a good way.


@jro Really? Really? I use Davines Glam Power spray and have forever. I like that doesn't feel like cement, not sticky, holds, and is touchable. But I would like a better hold. I've considered Kenra spray; anyone have experience with that? I need a travel size of these two and try them both out.


@Jane: I was literally thinking this weekend as I did my hot rollers that I needed you to make a tutorial because I KNEW I wasn't getting it right! xoxo!


These are the greatest rollers ever:

They never make your hair crispy or brittle, and the curl stays in forever. My hair will barely hold a curl with regular rollers.


@optical_allusion Thanks for the rec, I was kind of hmmm on these based on online reviews but I have always wanted to try them.


@optical_allusion I have these and the curl it produces is disappointing and doesn't stay in. I must be using them wrong.


@klaus I leave them on the steamer as long as I possibly can without getting any water to start sticking to the plastic part (I think about 10 seconds). I don't steam the shields because that seems to make the curl get too damp. Then I leave them in until they're completely cool. Oh, and you can try wrapping your hair tighter around the curler, too - I don't usually do that, but if you crush the foam it pops back out after it gets cool anyways.

Feminist Killjoy

@klaus your hair may just not like curls that much. straight hair, especially if it's thick, can't hold a curl unless you use TONS of hairspray.


@optical_allusion Thanks for the advice -- I do steam the shield so maybe that's where I've gone wrong. I also have super thick hair so maybe I'm just screwed.


Jane, what's your favorite hairspray? I love the Spray de Mode by Bumble & bumble but it's too fuckin' expensive.

Also, I've tried using hot rollers before -- and I would love a tutorial on how to get a more "vintage" look, as well -- but I always end up with creases in my hair from the clips. Any idea how to prevent that?


Watching this video makes me long for straight hair and super cute bangs, like Jane. I'm not even going to attempt the hot rollers with my uber curly hair. I'll just live vicariously through Jane and everyone else on the hairpin who's going to attempt this.
: )


Is "rides a longboard" a euphemism for anything? It should be.

Jane Feltes

@redacted yeah, it's a euphemism for "get a real skateboard, dweeb!"

Paige Colbert Van Otten

This is awesome! I just curled my hair for the first time since I was probably 12 years old yesterday and now I want to figure out all the ways! Yesterday was flat iron curls which was whoa a little much for a first timer. This is awesome, and I want to try the wand ones like you showed, and all the sizes of regular curling irons, and then there's the oval-y one, that's also just a hot stick that's supposed to give you waves - have you tried that one? So many!

I put in my headphones with my podcast playlist this afternoon right after I watched this to motivate me to clean up this joint and I was like, "hot roller lady is making Netflix sound like a verrrry good idea! I should join that!" But I'm already a member, duh. (Is anyone not a member who wants to be a member? I got sent 4 coupons for a free month of Netflix to give to my friends today. Is there anyone in the country who hasn't heard of Netflix?) You were just super persuasive and I now associate that voice with awesome makeup tutorials and wine talk and cleverness. Keep 'em coming please!


what if you have super thin, pin straight hair? will this work? every time I curl my hair with a curling iron they don't stay (even if I get it done at a salon!) It makes me so sad, because it looks awesome for the five minutes that it stays. Help me, Janneeeeee!


@contrary This is my situation though I do have a smidgen of wave rather than pin straight. Ceramic rollers work the best for me. Keep them in the heat box thingy for as long as possible and leave them in your hair until they're cold. Mine are Babyliss and they take less than 45 minutes to cool. Use plenty of product at the roots as well: I use a gel before drying my hair, then when it's damp I work in a paste really well, nice and crunchy (backcombing should help this too), then finish drying. My paste is by Davines but Architexture is what my hairdresser uses. Then I spray a ton after they come out.


Jane, do you do this often and does it dry your hair out?

I have an insanely slow internet connection due to my living in a country that apparently hates people using the internet, but do you mention in this video what brand you recommend? (I'll get to the end of the video by next Saturday at this rate.)

Jane Feltes

@KenzLewis i probably do this once every two or three weeks? it lasts a few days. i think the key to having healthy non-dried out hair is to only wash it twice a week, max. and try to not blow dry it every time; i only blow dry every other wash. and the brand of rollers is conair.


That's a lot of stuff to damage your hair, especially if this is a look you want to maintain daily. Why not just put it in pincurls at night? It's cheap, makes REALLY lasting curls, doesn't require a bunch of products with questionable ingredients, and it won't hurt your hair at all. Ever. No matter how much you do it.


Jane makes me resent my decision to get this pixie cut all those years ago.
I want to grow it out, but my super-thick Native American hair always grows out before it grows down (if that makes any sense) so I end up with a hot bushy mess about four months in to a grow out and I give up and chop it off again.


@alisemarie Dude, passing on wisdom from my awesome stylist: when growing out a pixie, keep going in for trims where they only cut the bottom/inside/layer next to your head. It'll eventually turn into a bob, then you can grow it down.

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