Thursday, April 21, 2011


The Crossword Puzzle Wedding Proposal and the Hidden Camera in the Closet

("It's too hard, I'm gonna take a shower.")

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Wait until she sees what he and the Washington Post Company have cooked up for her honeymoon.


"I think she has no idea this is coming"

UGH this is my LEAST FAVORITE THING about elaborate marriage proposals. If you are planning on spending the rest/a good portion of your life (what, I'm an optimist) with someone, they should probably have some kind of idea you are so inclined.

I am full of the least amount of joy.


@annepersand I'm sure she knew that they were eventually going to get married (looks like they are living together and all...) but she didn't know when it would happen.


@annepersand well that's true but on the other hand if you absolutely know it's coming (like I did) you lose some of that shock/joy of the moment.
The ones I hate are the hugely public proposals - like on a TV show or something - I would be mortified, and I think it's a sneaky bastard way to pressure a chick into saying yes.


@annepersand I am so with you on this. It bugs the everliving shit out of me that we fetishize a practice that relies on women having no agency. Also, if I were a man, I would be a little pissed about the expectation that I had to plan such an elaborate proposal.

Lily Rowan

@finguns I have to say that in general, I agree with you and don't believe in Proposals anyway (big purchase, joint decision, feminism, etc.), BUT if my future husband should HAPPEN to want to do this exact thing, I would TOTALLY go for it. So there you go.


That didn't make me cry at all...


Ok, it is really hard to get me all mushy with this kind of thing -- but OH MY GOD.... I am so touched!!!!!


They're lucky her name is so easily clue-able. You could not do this proposal if you were marrying, like, Alyxe Grumplevoss.


@MollyculeTheory I bet the crossword guy at the Washington Post asked that ahead of time. "Her name is MARLOWE? I'm in!"


I imagine the usual post crossword puzzle sex was probably more intense than normal.


Okay... that was really sweet, but I think that guy's kind of a douche.

Justine Garrett

My husband (then boyfriend) proposed to me in the LA Times crossword puzzle. I was a f'ing wreck, but it ended up being pretty sweet. I wrote about it here: http://articles.latimes.com/2006/aug/31/news/wk-tell31

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