Thursday, April 21, 2011


Stunning Upset in Bratz vs. Barbie

"During long hours of testimony during the retrial, jurors were presented with an arsenal of star witnesses, damaging emails and dozens of dolls."
The doll world is rocked today by Bratz' "stunning victory" over Mattel in the case of Who Owns the Rights to the Bratz Dolls, Part Deux: The Retrial. Some crazy shit! Bratz, however, remain trollish little homuncusluts. Can I say that? (Although, to be fair, the only thing that ever made me miss my morning subway stop was Margaret Talbot's Bratz piece in the New Yorker. So good!)

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I'd still rather date a Bratz doll instead of a Barbie because Barbie's knees don't bend.

Edith Zimmerman

@saythatscool Barbie's knees do bend


@Edith Zimmerman Whoops my bad. Carry on!


@Edith Zimmerman snap! that's what saythatscool gets for steppin' to the doll expert


When I went out with Barbie, she told me her knees don't bend and anyway she had to get up early the next morning. Then she shook my hand and ran up the walk to her Dream House.

When I went out with a Bratz doll, I woke up in another state and I was wearing her underwear, but, you know, I was kind of okay with it. Apparently I still owe the Champagne Room a lot of money.

Hero of the Beach

Homuncusluts is my new favorite word that I will probably never get to use.


agreed that the Bratz dolls are evil & turning our daughters into whores (probably). but there are all these other weird pretenders to the Barbie throne around these days? has anyone gone into the doll aisle at a KMart recently? there are Liv dolls, which have the DEADEST EYES I'VE EVER SEEN (http://bit.ly/hOrzLt), & then there are these weird "daughters of monsters" dolls that are like Barbies for mini-goths (http://bit.ly/gCiXDw). makes me feel old.

thanks for linking to that NYer article; I hadn't seen it, & you just inspired me to actually link my subscription up with the online version so I could bookmark it.


@nonvolleyball I have the monster ones! They are cool leave me alone. Also, agreed on the Liv dolls.

krugmanic depressive

Were the Kardashians reverse engineered from the Bratz dolls or the other way 'round?

Sensory Homoncula

total WIN for using the word "homoncusluts"

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