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Something to Drink

Writing for a site that's ostensibly for women has made me develop what feel like ladies' internet glasses, where when I see something online that's girly in some way, there's a little reflex that's like, OK, yes, do that. The site started a little differently, though — the idea was to write about whatever was appealing, regardless of "female relevance," but as the months have passed and certain things have proven (relatively) popular while others haven't, it's become clear that sites like these naturally skew girly. They tug your hand toward the party dresses and the training-bras. And then I slap them in the face! Go wait in the car. Anyway, cupcake vodka.

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the idea was to write about whatever was appealing, regardless of "female relevance," but as the months have passed and certain things have proven (relatively) popular while others haven't, it's become clear that sites like these naturally skew girly

This is something I have been wondering about in the past few weeks/months - as the advice and makeup posts come more frequently and get more comments, are the days of the giant gummy worm now a thing of the past? Don't get me wrong, I'll happily talk about relationship advice and makeup all day long, but that's definitely not where we were when we started.

I think this is also more pronounced because The Awl has been skewing super-male these days, between the men's fashion advice (shorts bad, half-windsor knot, good) and the ridiculous Docker's ads.

Also if this is not the place for this, you have 4:59 seconds to ask me to delete this comment. Go!


@cherrispryte I totally agree, and slightly related: I'm kinda rubbed the wrong way by the posts tagged 'How to Be a Girl.' Like not knowing how to use lots of beauty products makes you something else? They're well written posts though, with information that people find useful, so [shrug].


To say nothing of the phallocentricity of the logo over there...

princess rainbow

Agreed. So much wedding talk! I remember the days of sideways ghost and witch with a knife (though of course I don't fondly remember large-scale bird deaths).

I don't know where I'm going with this. Just feeling nervous that in two months there will only be posts on diets, dresses and celebrity news.

Which is problematic since obviously, the only diet advice I need has already been posted (wine diet).

Edith Zimmerman

@cherrispryte No, this is exactly the right place for that. I've been noticing it too, obviously. Makeup/advice/beauty pieces usually do so well -- and I'm always so proud of/happy to post them -- that it's sometimes tricky to feel like the right balance is being struck. I truly appreciate your feedback. I love this site, and I want to make it the best and most successful it can be. And by successful I don't mean purely traffic- and money-wise, obviously, but whether it's fulfilling "the vision," which is constantly evolving, but which I feel a lot of us are on the same page about. OK maybe this is a little overearnest. Reel it in, Edith!

Jolie Kerr

@Edith Zimmerman Aww Edith, it's okay to be earnest with us. We love you, and we love that you love the site so much that you're willing to be commentally earnest with us!

To show my commitment to a more holistic Hairpin: I'll axe Ask a Clean Person—even though writing it has made my life a million times better and I would have to make a shoebox coffin for it and make you all come over for a funeral service (I'LL SERVE PIE) and generally mope about aimlessly—if it means restoring balance to The HP.


If you want some earnestness: I think all of the long, nerdy pieces on history--like Lili Loofbourow's broadsheets, or the just-posted Classic Scandals article--are the best best thing on the internet and I would gladly print them out and hand them to strangers on the subway. I love them because they're meaty, well-researched, and so unexpected/obviously not SEO-pandering that they can't be anything but the brilliant product of genuinely creative writers. This isn't to say I want all history all the time. I just see those as a good example of how The Hairpin is more than cupcake vodka, sort of like how Dave Bry's nature reporting helps distinguish The Awl from other media blogs.


@Jolie Kerr
I am not a clean person, but I enjoy your Ask a Clean Person feature! Please don't go, nobody said you ruined the HP!

Edith Zimmerman

@Jolie Kerr Never!


@Edith Zimmerman I think the fact that you can get in the comments and say you appreciate feedback already puts this place miles ahead of other spots on the information superhighway.

I'm really digging on the scaling back of the advice columns - it's not that I don't love em, it's just that I also love all the other hairpinny things that make this site so hairpinny.


@Edith Zimmerman

Over my Giant Gummy Worm!



@flowerpower The day of the sideways ghost and the witch with a knife was one of my favorite days ever (minus the dead birds) here, but that said, I have learned A LOT from those beauty posts, I guess I don't know where I am going with this either, but I sort of find the evolution of the site interesting, like all of the sudden there were tons of "ask a....." columns every week, then several commenters asked for those columns to be scaled back, and it happened!

I think I might spend too much time thinking about the hairpin.


I will always say yes to more food art and witches.


@Jolie Kerr I would miss your column so, so much! You saved my favorite baking sheet from a life of grime!

Jolie Kerr

@melis There needs to be a Hairpin meetup in Salem, I think.


I should have made more clear that my comment above was said out of love. As my frequent commenting ought to attest, I am nuts about this site. I love it dearly. And I love the weirdness and the quirkiness most of all.

Also for me, watching J*zebel go from "OMFG awesome" to completely unreadable drivel really sucked. And I'm not saying you're heading down that path, at all. But I think knowing what happened there made me more apprehensive about any shift here. But visions do shift! That is okay, and probably good!


I think Hairpin strikes a good balance. I like how Anne Helen Peterson characterized it on her site, as coming from a place of intelligence (and not necessarily feminist, for better or for worse). I get my angry feminism elsewhere and I'm ok with that.

I like the longer things, I like the beauty things. Sometimes I think there are too many "Ask A's" but that is only when I am longing for one of Edith's short classic totally weird 3 line posts that make me laugh and laugh and email it to my friend who I know is reading it and laughing it, too, just emailing it anyway to say "THIS! I mean really! Yes!" I am a relatively new reader, so maybe others remember some hairpin good old days. One day a very prominent "women's" site linked to Women Laughing Alone with Salad. I think I spent the entire afternoon reading old issues of Star and that was it!

I think most regular readers really wish they could hang out with Edith and I don't know Edith if you are out there don't worry about it too much. I think the site does come from a place of intelligence (and intelligent humor, and intelligent silliness), and I love that. Good job is what I am saying here. Good job.

Lily Rowan

@Vicky Johnson -- Not to be whatever, but I'm pretty sure as an adult female, you know how to be a woman perfectly well, which is what I think "How to be a girl" is winking at.

Lily Rowan

@Jolie Kerr -- I swear, if anyone tries to imply that being clean is a thing for the ladies, I will pop them right in the kisser! Being a clean person should be for everyone.


@Lily Rowan No, I get it, it just irks me a little (the title, I mean. I LOVE/use the posts, and to derail my own comment Jolie please don't stop being a clean person available for asks).

Jolie Kerr

@cherrispryte Oh gosh, yes me too! (You all flatter me! And I love you for it!) Mostly what I was getting at was this: I love The HP so much that if cutting something that I love doing would make it a better, more well-rounded place I would do that.

Jolie Kerr

@Lily Rowan I don't think anyone would! And actually, a number of the questions I've run/will run soon have come from men. Which, yay for The Men of The Hairpin!

Hot mayonnaise

@wallsdonotfall: do you mean Matthew Galloway re: nature reporting on The Awl?

Jolie Kerr

@Hot mayonnaise I miss 'In The Weeds' so much. I have this secret (well! Not anymore!) fear that it won't come back now that The Awl smells more like a men's locker room than a Japanese spa, and that fills me with sadness. Matt's words have an incredible calming power to them.

Maybe... maybe it could live on at The HP??


@cherrispryte just to add my own 2 cents, as a relatively new reader I love this site, I love how it's so random and you never quite know what you'll get. I love the Ask A's and Edith's short things and the historical stuff, and don't care much for the fashion, but there's something for everyone all the time I feel like?


@Edith Zimmerman I think what's amazing about The Hairpin is the "voice." The collective voices. Writing from your interests seems to be working great! And I'd hate to see that change much based on what "our" interests appear to be, as tallied by page views or whatever. I mean, that way lies Gawker.

I know, you JUST said you are not planning to go that way. And, oh, obviously you can't ignore pageviews. And I would be thrilled if you got to be as big Gawker! But, whatever, I'm just weighing in. I do love this site, and I feel like you have this great collection of bloggers who have worldviews that feel unusual and interesting and charming to the rest of us. And that's uncommon! And delightful. Plus, we, your audience, are not always a reliable indicator of what's good, or even popular among us. I think some things look disproportionately popular because they're easier to weigh in on than one of those awesome history pieces that you finish and think "gosh, that was great" about. The way controversial books get more press than perfectly crafted novels.

In summary, I love makeup and weirdness. Please continue to provide both, but maybe slightly more weirdness, because it's harder to find it elsewhere done as well.


@Hot mayonnaise Him too! And Ann Finkbeiner! They all do different sciencey things and they are all wonderful.


@flowerpower I agree! I prefer more of a mixed bag like when the Hairpin first started. I don't usually have much time to comment because of work (and by the time I do have downtime to read it is late in the afternoon since I work till 8pm or so) but I do love to read a wide variety of quirky stuff and would have sad face if it became less multidimensional a site.


@permafrost I have to add, I still adore the site and hope it succeeds wildly in every way. I can just skim over the "too girly" articles if I don't want to venture in but it won't chase me away from this place. It's a haven!


"The days of the giant gummy worm"--alas!


What's so girly about cupcakes? I often tear one apart with my manly hands while pounding away d-style, tugging at a lady's hair, and saying choice curse words. And let the crumbs fall where they may!


Cupcakes during sex? *starts preheating oven*


Edith, Edith (shakes head). Cupcake vodka? What would Balk say?

Also, content wise, you can never go wrong with booze. IMO.


@diane47 One of my favorite things about The Hairpin is all the advice on ways to drink more booze.


@diane47 Yes! The booze posts always make my day, and also realize I obviously don't drink nearly enough.


Next up, macaroon whiskey.


Their website says, "We don’t add any unnatural sweeteners, because we don’t want our Vodka exaggeratedly sweet; we want it clean, crisp and {you got it} delicious." Why even call it 'cupcake' then.

Anna Marquardt

Top these with some Whipahol and you got yourself a nice, drunken dessert.


There's a whole line of "whipped cream" vodkas out now too. They taste EXACTLY like artificial whipped cream flavoring.

Oh, and there's a red velvet cake one. I can't find it on the interwebs right now but I saw it in the liquor store.


@diane47 Whipped cream vodka is amazing with ginger ale or orange soda.

Red velvet cake sounds nasty.


@KatnotCat Or goldschlager and apple juice for a Thanksgiving apple pie cocktail!


@filo You're very smart and I like you.


@filo : goldschlager and Bailey's = oatmeal cookies!!!


Cupcake is the company's name, so I'm wondering whether the vodka actually tastes like cupcakes. They actually make a decent and cheap prosecco that's quite dry and delicious and nothing at all resembling cupcakes. So color me confused.

Hot mayonnaise

@kayjay: A closer look at the above pic reveals that it is "lemon citrus flavored vodka," so maybe you're right.

Edith Zimmerman

@kayjay It does. Four different kinds!


@Hot mayonnaise yeah, they actually make decent table wine. The label always makes me a little embarrassed though.


@kayjay I work for a grocery distributer and have seen these come through in the past couple of weeks. Cupcake is indeed the brand, but I can't really say frosting flavor is that much of an upgrade.


@Edith Zimmerman

This calls for Tom Oatmeal's sauce bottle invention, reborn as a multi-chambered decanter!


Yikes! Revolting! Note to self (Norm McDonald-Style): Continue to ignore weird flavored vodkas in favor of booze-flavored booze.

Carrie Hill Wilner

Yo I am gonna skew girly at you right the fuck now and tell you I invented a drink called the Birthday Cake that is Stoli Vanilla and gingerale and disgusting and I'mma drink one and put on some fucking fake eyelashes both on myself and my pet spider JUST SAYING.

Lily Rowan

@Carrie Hill Wilner -- Ooh, I love Stoli Vanilla and ginger ale, but never called it anything in particular. It's delicious and I don't care.


@Carrie Hill Wilner please do more Fancy Lady Film Club or whatever it was called!


@Carrie Hill Wilner: Not enough thumbs!

Hero of the Beach

Yes, but it's a lady blog that sometimes posts giant pictures of spiders, and that's why it's my favorite blog on the internet.

I actually tend to stay out of exactly the kinds of posts that prove the most popular. I like the meat and potatoes content (I guess what would be "filler" on any other site) the best. There's enough of it every day that I'm happy and I'm super glad you got this site! I <3 the Hairpin.

Unrelated idea: Meat and potatoes vodka. Or I guess a lot of vodka is potatoes vodka anyway, so: meat vodka?


@Hero of the Beach There's bacon vodka, and a new salmon one from Alaska that I don't have the courage to try. The bacon one mostly tastes like salt though it would be good in a bloody mary.

As to the popular posts: I think the ones that get a lot of comments are the ones where everybody has a story to share, not necessarily the ones we enjoy most or even read most carefully. So we can't judge posts by comment number alone!


@diane47 The bacon vodka is unbelievably gross. There's a bottle that jokingly ends up at every party my friends throw, where we try to seek out guests that haven't tried it just to see the look on their faces when they taste it. Then we leave it at the party house, but that host inevitably brings to to the next party. Rinse, repeat.


Was that the last Stevie Nicks post we'll ever see?


I'm also not a super-huge fan of the makeup posts, given that I don't wear any (see this photo? with the bandanna? on a mountain?). And somehow I manage to still <3 the Hairpin and everyone who writes here!


@alpelican Yes, I <3 the writers too and I love the commenters the mostest! I do skip some of the posts (most of the ones on beauty, the ones that really seem aimed exclusively at the younger set) but there is plenty here to like.


As a certified guy (wanna see my certification, baby?), I like the grooming posts. I always learn something!


I don't think it's so much of the 'girlier' skewed posts, as much as the 'buy this and buy this and buy this' posts, which tend to be about beauty products/clothing/weddings. I love love love the usual tone, but I enjoy the weirder stuff more than the 'how to buy ______'. Though technically the giant gummy worm was product but hilarious.
Oh yeah, and too many advice-y things. But really, this is still my favorite blog and I want it to stay the way it was in the beginning when I was forwarding almost every single article to all my friends.


I'd be interested to know if the shorter/link + a few lines of commentary posts get lots of click-throughs. I know I always want to Know More! The posts on weddings, makeup, and wedding makeup are generally not of interest to me, but I know that they obviously are for lots of ladies. And of the couple I've waded into, they are always done with a Hairpin twist (see what I did there? post-lunch lolz!) that makes them more appealing than the other wedding or facepaint-focused websites out there. I even think the "How To Be A Girl" series has a good name--it's clearly tongue in cheek, and appeals to me as a woman who definitely feels like she missed some important memo or middle-school session with the school nurse where everyone else learned how to curl their hair or shave their legs THE RIGHT WAY. The fact that those get so many hits and comments means I am not alone! We are all wandering in a lady wilderness!


@charmcity I think Wandering in a Lady Wilderness should be the Hairpin's new tagline ; )


As a straight dude who reads this a lot has always been not that this is a blog JUST FOR LADIES but a place from the point of view of ladies (not speaking on behalf of all of the ladies, but just, like the thing says, "Ladies First") - sometimes I'm like "oh, why is one of my favorite websites a lady site?"

But then I have a dream (specifically, oh I had this dream last night) where I'm at a bar with a bunch of people affiliated to it, and everyone is just interesting and talking and...well that's it, actually - but when that stuff is done well, it's just the best, regardless of it's from a point of view congruent to yours or not.


@leon.saintjean You live in NYC, right? I think we are dream sharing. Get out of my brain, DiCaprio.

Tragically Ludicrous

Personally, I really like the makeup advice? My mom was kind of a hippie, I'm the oldest, and I didn't have a ton of female friends growing up so I feel like I don't know nearly enough about makeup and I'd like to. I like the tone of the makeup posts here because they're exactly what I was looking for- practical, non-condescending, acknowledging that sometimes you do want to use makeup and look pretty but not in a way that shames you for not already being a princess. And I learn stuff! Woo, learning!


@Tragically Ludicrous Same!

double negative

New commenter here, been reading for awhile. The hairpin is the best, it makes me feel like a person first and then a lady. This is mostly just to say I hope every day, every single day, that Edith will write more letters to the editors of womens' magazines. PLEASE.

RK Fire

@double negative: I agree. Also, I would just like to point out that I would never get updates on Marie Claire's Official Sad Sap, Rich Santos, if it wasn't for the Hairpin.


@RK Fire: Also agree! Read an Elle on a flight home the other night and amused myself thinking of Edith versions of the Letters section.


@double negative +1 on the letters to the editor and also Illustrations by Edith (tm). There's something about eyelashes on a leech that helps me feel right at home.

Krista Walton

YES! Agree very much.


I think the makeup/hair posts are great as are the meatier posts/bits. And I mainly say this because this site reads like my friends and I talk to each other. We can talk for an hour about our hair and boys and girl-specific shit but then we'll also talk about politics and feminism and race and our jobs and booze and on and on. We're not one note. I see this blog as being indicative of the way my friends and I are: just because we like dresses and makeup and getting spanked while fucking, we're into other stuff too!


I love this site because we can talk about girly things without sounding like something from Cosmo. After I ditched Jezebel I was in need of a lady site without the bullshit politics and I'm so glad I found Hairpin!


It is possible to be intelligent, well-read, and curious about things like spiders and giant gummy worms while also caring quite a bit about hair care and eyeliner. Edith, you just *get* us! If I knew you, I would hug you.

Kimberly Drew

HER NAME IS DEBORAH! Just like the CEOs.


The Hairpin is just a good place to be. The editors provide witty, interesting, frivolous, and well-thought-out (is that too many dashes?) content, and the commenters are fun, engaging, smart, and sometimes terrific assholes. (All of the above is great.)
I get that sometimes the flow of content may shift, because it takes time to figure out what works as a whole, but I like where this ship is headed. And I have on my new boat shoes.

Lily Rowan

I love the mix of stuff here, especially the weird and the serious, because I do think a lot of places that would have make-up 'torials or similar would not ALSO have sideways ghosts and olden tymey dirty songs, you know?


Is it just me... but I miss the doll posts! More crazy dolls/doll people! In general, more crazy posts please, I lol'd for days over "Ask a Pigeon".


@DrFeelGood There can never be too many doll posts!


@DrFeelGood Oh god, Ask a Pigeon. lulz.


@rootmarm Yay I am not alone! Closet doll freak here. And no I'm not an 80 year old lady. I just love people who love crazy stuff in a really intense, crazy manner. One reason I kept reading Hairpin was because one of the highlight links is "Doll News". Good stuff.


Ghosts and farting skellingtons brought me here and everything else keeps me here and I even face down the scary giant spider pictures because The Hairpin is just FRIKKIN AMAZING. No mo' agonizing, Edith, just more of the same, please?


I love this place, I think you guys are doing great! I'm another person who wandered over from Jezebel and now when I see it on the street I pretend to be looking in my purse so we don't have to try and have a pointless conversation. I like the beauty, I like the silly, and I like the serious (Ask An Abortion Provider was actually one of the best things ever). One request: bring back Fuck/Marry/Kill!!


@thenotestaken thumbs up for ask an abortion provider, thumbs down for F/M/K.


@thenotestaken I would marry F/M/K on the Hairpin.


I jumped ship from Jezebel, too, and I'm kind of late to the Hairpin party. And I also have a touch of Lady nervousness in that I tend to feel pretty intimidated by other ladies and lady-related websites/blogs, but I don't feel that way here. I kind of skip the beautification stuff for the most part because it doesn't have a lot of practical application to my life (or lack thereof), but I love everything else.

So, long story short (too late, right?), keep doing what you're doing, Edith, because you've got moxy in spades, see! And that's the word on the street.

Lera Atwater

I love this place. I only found it about 2 months ago, so I can't talk about Teh Olde Days. It doesn't bother me at all if I see a post I'm not interested in, I just skip it or else I read it to get to the comments, which are usually always gratifying no matter what the original story.

Plus: Double Chocolate vodka made by 360 Vodka. I cannot recommend this emphatically enough!


@Lera Atwater I loved the chocolate vodka by 360 until I discovered how much it raised my blood sugar (not a problem for everybody, I know). Then I discovered an even better one -- Mud Puddle vodka by New Deal Distillery. It's cocoa nib infused. Not overly sweet but a really great chocolate flavor. Mixed with a good vanilla vodka or a vanilla liquor (if you want it sweeter), you have a drink that tastes exactly like a fine chocolate.


I think it is a good, ecelctic mix you have going on here. The articles are great, informative and I have referred back to a lot of them more than once.
I say, as long as a good balance is going on and the manufactured outrage that torpedoed other sites is avoided, all will be good.


I love The Hairpin. I love it so much I got my best friend to read it too, which takes a lot of pressure off the relationship as now we don't have to think of things to talk about. Without The Hairpin we'd have already said everything there is to say. (<-- Is a lie, haha!)

The main thing I love about The Hairpin is that it feels safe to participate. I never comment anywhere, I'm a habitual lurker, but the posts here are worth commenting on, and the community here seems much more interested in discussion than confrontation, which is awesome.

Also. I am one of those hairy-legged feminists people sometimes talk about, and I really appreciate your beauty posts, because I don't have anyone else to teach me about that stuff. What I've really been wondering lately is what product I can use to make my leg hair soft and manageable -- any hints? (<-- Is a joke!)


The Hairpin is the only thing that makes life worth living on M-F, 9-6. I could not deal with my shitty job and horrid coworkers otherwise. Never go away, keep getting better and better, and thankyou thankyou Edith for all of it.


..and there is nothing bad about a vodka post. EVER.


As a not-frequent-commenter but frequent reader, I'd venture: I really do wish the site's content hadn't changed in the direction it has? Of course, this is still my favorite blog, read it every day, really smart stuff, etc. But to get earnest: I mind the makeup/advice stuff, not because I don't enjoy reading it (I often do enjoy reading it!) but because it contributes to my worst internet habits: suddenly becoming super insecure about something I hadn't thought about 10 minutes earlier ("omg I have never plucked my eyebrows I guess I have a terrible face"), lingering on a 100-comment stream to read some strangers' arguments about an element of another strangers' life none of us can have an answer to, buying something I never wanted or knew existed the day before, etc. Not that the entire internet needs to rearrange itself for my benefit, but I did love the Hairpin when I first read it because it decidedly *wasn't* like that.

Probably just means I should come here less often, but if you're taking a poll . . .


@dham tentatively agree. Jane Feltes is great, and clearly pretty much a super woman, but her voice is damn strong. she's overpowering the chorus.


@dham Absolutely agree. Not two days ago I was trying to explain that feeling to another friend who reads this site (which I do truly love). I worry about my looks now in ways I never knew existed before some of those posts.


I think something that would be nice is also home-decorating stuff? But not like HGTV or anything, but more like a, "How to live in the West Elm catalog without spending any money" feature. Or, "Best wine to drink while packing up your entire apartment and trying not to cry."


ack. sorry. i wanted to edit that. it sounds like i want less Jane, but that's not it. dham said it right, should have just clicked like. "suddenly becoming super insecure about something I hadn't thought about 10 minutes earlier ("omg I have never plucked my eyebrows I guess I have a terrible face"), lingering on a 100-comment stream to read some strangers' arguments about an element of another strangers' life none of us can have an answer to, buying something I never wanted or knew existed the day before, etc. "


More Ask A Pigeon, please. That was one of my favorite days ever.


@queensissy yes, please. i agree.


I want to read the advice and shopping pages because I really am just that girl-typical, and I don't want to have to resort to damn Cosmo to do it. I don't feel the need for less of anything but that is because I want it want to be a princess now now now now


Advice columns and make up you call yourself a website!? More dinasours!

Sorry. I'm still in love with that note. I love the Hairpin. I like the ask a features because they were real and I loved that the rotating cast meant everyone else jumped in on them, one thought I had was it could just be, "ask the internet" and you just put up the questions and the commenters take a stab? Also maybe mixing more zany questions alongside the serious sex advice, which clearly people need a lot of.

I love the literary posts and scholarship related articles. I miss FMK, and I enjoy random biology items and absurd recipes (potato cocktails). The Hairpin is the perfect fruit garnish on top of my daily internet cocktail. I would love more rotating experts on things aside from make-up and cleaning too. Like...basic home repair, how to right size the number of accessories in a purse, and travel guides to hairpin appropriate destinations.


I see a lot of people saying they skip the beauty stuff because they don't wear makeup/ do their hair.

I am a lady who doesn't regularly wear makeup and can't seem to blow dry my hair in the mornings and I still love reading the beauty articles! This is partly because I am a lady who also sits at a desk for 8 hours a day and can't go back to jezebel. Another part of it is that Ms. Jane Feltes feels like a super-cool alter ego of mine, like someone that I could only hope to be as pretty/cool/funny/ GOOD AT EYELINER as she is. And the last part is that they are so well-written that I read them and they make me think that one day when/if I decide to become a beauteous lady, I'll have somewhere to go to get step-by-step instructions.

Also, reading Ask an Abortion Provider had a really profound impact on my life? And also on my friend who was in the process of getting an abortion when that came out.

This site makes me lol, no matter what subject heading the content is given.


This is probably so late that no one is paying attention, but: One thing I really like about the Hairpin is that you post on different subjects and the commenters are cool with it. I mean, now the "I don't read the makeup post" posts are coming up, but only because you asked! I think IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, NO ONE'S MAKING YOU READ IT AND SNARK ABOUT NOT BEING INTERESTED is a big lesson of the Internet and it makes me happy that this community has absorbed it without the heavy-handed moderation elsewhere.

Also, I love ladymags, not for the idiot "men and women are different species and they act in code OMG!!!1111one" messages, but the style and makeup tip/"how to be a girl" sections (because not everyone's mom was into that stuff). So I love that there is a website that acknowledges that you can like makeup and fashion without the idiotic "men are from mars, women are from venus, btw you're fat!" filler. I love the quirky stuff and historical/literary posts too.

I do agree that the beauty stuff can get a little... consumery? though. I know it's the nature of the beast, but all the comments about "I spend more at Sephora now than I ever have!" are maybe a little too true? So I would keep frugality in mind, I guess. I love the idea of a home decor/how to live in the West Elm catalog on the cheap feature.


I love this site so much and have "liked" so many comments in this thread that it's embarrassing.

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