Friday, April 29, 2011


Prince William Is Driving a Convertible!

OMG!!!! The Royal Couple has just left Buckingham Palace en route to a period of "reflection" before tonight's party. The Prince himself is driving! In a convertible with balloons attached and a custom license plate that says JU5T WED! It's a total surprise move! They look so happy. This is the sweetest possible ending!

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constant reader

"sweet william, darling, where would you like to reflect first?"


Car so new, it's still in the wrapping!

Michael J. Levy

What kind of car is that? An old Jaguar? It's tough to tell here.


Michael J. Levy

Nevermind, it's an Aston Martin Volante. Phew, that was a close one.

Hot mayonnaise

@Michael J. Levy: circa 1967: http://www.picturelane.com/cars/astonmartin/db6vantagevolante/aston-martin_db6-vantage-volante_1967_02.jpg

Michael J. Levy

@Hot mayonnaise Circa I'm not really sure but probably the 80's, Lady Diana on the very same car:


Hot mayonnaise

I like the C-3PO figurine on the hood. Probably solid gold.



If I were her I would have a nap now, to be honest.


Agh! That is adorable. I love these two together.


reflection = gittin' it awwwwwwn.

Just saying.

Katie Walsh

I especially ESPECIALLY want to see what Kate wear's to tonight's disco/hip hop dinner dance!


Wow, is it just me or does this really look like a frame from the Zapruder film? Or am I just subconsciously really sick of this wedding?


Funny pic from the balcony!!

Sorry, I don't know how to make this link smaller!


Yes, that little lady is awesome!

But I couldnt' help share this kind of hilariously rambling gibberish from the comments... (Elton John's niche cultural values!!!)

Garnet Renaud (AlphaRedFox) wrote:

It was gorgeous to see representatives from many countries in attendance wearing there cultural outfits. Sir Elton John and his significant other displayed a couple of times on the tele representing his niche cultural values. This beautiful wedding brought together the attention of two billion viewers around the world to share in celebration. The grand style of matrimony that will play in the mind of every girl about how they will one day envision a dream wedding. Thankfully as they, the royal couple, planned out the wedding they kept the Obama's off of the guest list as they would have brought down the level of class of the whole affair. A fantastic decision keeping that angry urban wife of the president from ruining it for generations of viewers. A decision that was not racially motivated as there were members of the audience that were people of color. This was a matter of taste. The ghetto fabulous presence of the first couple just does not belong in the company of world class people.


Are3n't they supposed to wearing seat belts in that car?


volvicstorify Prince William Is Driving a Convertible!


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