Tuesday, April 19, 2011


New Beyoncé! "Girls (Who Run the World)"

BEY! Her new single, produced by Diplo and Switch, samples Major Lazer's 2009 track "Pon de Floor," and it's ... good? Right? Is it good? I'll be listening to this demo on repeat until I can figure it out [to do the dishes] girls [to clean up my room] girls, etc.
Update: And here's the official, non-demo, non-tagged version.


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I...just kind of feel underwhelmed by it. like it's missing something? it feels like part of a mix rather than its own song.


I love "Pon De Floor" a little more than I should, but I can't decide if I like what Major Lazer did with this Beyonce combo. It feels incomplete. I'll have to dance to it before I can make my final decision.


No, don't like. I imagine the video will be all manner of booty-shakin' which negates any positive message, if there is one. Beyonce is kinda ghetto really. Can I say that? Sorry if I've offended anyone from the ghetto!


@Trilby oof.


@Trilby you can't be SRS!


@Trilby Count me among those who receive largely positive messages from Beyonce's dancing


I read somewhere else that this is the unfinished version? I really hope so. Maybe it'll grow on me like "Diva" did. But "Ring the alarm" never grew on me, and I hope they tweak the production a little so she doesn't end up releasing another swiss beatz overly-agressive dud as her opening single (wasn't that why Bday didn't sell well at first?).

But hopefully the video will be sweet as hell. 200 dancers? In the desert? Yes please!
necolebitchie posted about it the other day: http://tinyurl.com/4xhyo4x




That is one of the most dynamic music videos I have seen so far. They are very good dancers and it is shown in there. - Mint Springs Farm

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