Thursday, April 21, 2011


Netflix Instant for Every Situation

5 Movies for When You’re Supremely Jealous of Kate Middleton and Need to Be Reminded of What She’s Actually Getting Herself Into
The Young Victoria
Richard III
A Man for All Seasons
The Last Emperor
Lady Jane

5 Movies for When You Want to Brush Up on Your Athletic Jargon and Relate to Sports Fans Without Having to Actually Watch a Game
Field of Dreams
The Basketball Diaries
Jerry McGuire
Rookie of the Year

5 Movies for When You're Going Through Your Bi-Annual "Maybe I'll Take a Photography Class..." Phase
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Center Stage

5 Movies You Will Not Actually Watch but Will Look Impressive in Your Queue If Anyone Comes Over
Wild Strawberries
Nights of Cabiria
The 400 Blows
The Stoning of Soraya M
Ken Burns’ the Civil War

5 Movies for When You Don’t Even Have the Energy to Pretend to Want to Watch Anything Other Than a British Costume Drama
Bleak House
Daniel Deronda
Downton Abbey
Wives And Daughters

5 Movies About Teens With Special Powers, Because Maybe in Your Own Prolonged Adolescence You'll Develop the Ability to Fly or Something
Teen Wolf
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Practical Magic
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Lost Boys

5 Movies You Won’t Tell a Soul You've Seen and If Someone Notices It on Your Recently Watched List You'll Act Confused and Blame a Technical Glitch
Beauty and the Briefcase
Zombie Strippers
Dogs: Decoded
Monique: I Could’a Been Your Cellmate

5 Movies Starring Helena Bonham Carter, in Case You Need an HBC Fix, and Fast
A Room With a View
Howard’s End
Conversations With Other Women
Alice in Wonderland

5 Movies That Were Vaguely Unsettling as a Child but You’re Ready to Give Them a Second Chance
Harry and the Hendersons
Mac and Me
Little Monsters
Where the Red Fern Grows

5 Predecessors Of Popular Contemporary Movies To Watch So You Can Forever Annoy Your Friends By Asking Them To Specify “The Original Or The Remake?” When They’re Brought Up In Conversation
The Taking Of The Pelham 1,2,3 (1974)
Ocean’s 11 (1960)
The Italian Job (1969)
The Producers (1968)
8 ½ (1963)

Chiara Atik is a writer for HowAboutWe.com, a Netflix Instant enthusiast, and a willing candidate for Lady-In-Waiting, should Kate Middleton be reading this right now and interested.

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Lera Atwater

When I was a kid my parents had an old VHS tape of Yentl that they stole off of HBO and for some reason I got OBSESSED with the movie and watched it over and over. It spoke to me but I can't remember what it said. :?

Jolie Kerr

Movie That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Alcohol & Drug Consumption, Spark an Interest in Tap-Clogging Hybrids
The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

(Mostly this is an excuse to plug this unbelievably awesome awesome awesome documentary that I've been banging on about for weeks.)


@Jolie Kerr I would be far more impressed to see this on someone's queue over The 400 Blows or Ken Burns. It is truly great. FYI Mamie and Jesco have a solid YouTube presence.


@Jolie Kerr OMG, seconded. This documentary was tits.

Jolie Kerr

@murdear Mamie is on twitter too!!! (I KNOW!) http://twitter.com/#!/mamieswhite


@Jolie Kerr So I watched this awhile ago, LOVED IT, and then started cranking through the entire Roseanne series [Also streaming. Get on it!]. Jesco White appears at the end of one of the episodes and I nearly exploded from the Netflix small-worldin'!

Edith Zimmerman

@Jolie Kerr Yeah, love that movie.


@Jolie Kerr I remember The Dancing Outlaw being pretty awesome too.


@Jolie Kerr Co-signed!

Noelle O'Donnell

@Jolie Kerr Oh my god, that documentary was unreal. My boyfriend and I still quote the drive-thru scene to each other all the time. He also shudders when he thinks about "Sue Bob, the sexy one".


@Jolie Kerr I just added it! Can't wait! Thanks!

Princess Slayer

Labyrinth is only unsettling because of all those new and confusing Bowie-related feelings you get as a preteen.


@Princess Slayer Which are not helped by those ridiculously crotch-tacular white pants he wears toward the end. Dear god, those pants.


@FMoss3 i've never seen labyrinth, but i have never, ever, ever heard it brought up in conversation without someone mentioning david bowie's wang. ever.


@plonk because it's real. and it's spectacular.


@Princess Slayer The one and only time I saw Labyrinth is when I was about 5 years old, and the orange creatures that can take out their eyes and heads and juggle them absolutely terrified me. I had nightmares about those things for YEARS.
Twenty years later, I still have not yet rewatched it.

Oliver St. John Mollusc

@plonk What I don't understand is why no one warned me about the astoundingly prominent moose knuckle on the hot guy in Suspiria. David Bowie's wang is great and those stretchy pants really showcase its full range of jiggly-ness, but this guy and his painted-on mom jeans are in another universe entirely. Also on Netflix streaming!

sarah girl

@cherrispryte OMG, yes. I rewatched that part a few years ago with some of my friends and we were a little drunk, and oh, it was a bad idea. By the end of the segment we were all just staring at the tv in horrified silence.


Beauty and the Briefcase was not Hilary Duff's best fare, but I still enjoyed it. And no Teen Witch or The Very Worst Witch of All?


@Pizzahut I almost died thinking that Teen Witch was on netflix instant (spoiler alert: it's not). I'M GONNA BE THE MOST POPULAR GIIIRRRLLL.

Beauty and the Briefcase is probably the worst movie I've ever seen. Also: weird to see Hilary Duff drinking in a movie.


@notjenny Weirder than seeing her hook it up with Luke from the OC with cheesy accent?


@Pizzahut weirder still: the crazy-religious Fellowship of the Sun guy from 'True Blood' as the boss/love interest.

I kind of enjoyed this movie? And I share my netflix with my best friend so I am really ashamed that it showed up in 'recently watched' but I guess I shouldn't worry as her very nerdy husband has her watching farscape which is too low-rent for me. But anyway: SHAME.

Internet Girl

"5 Movies for When You Don’t Even Have the Energy to Pretend to Want to Watch Anything Other Than a British Costume Drama"

I love you.

Also, may I suggest a sequel: BOOKS ON KINDLE FOR EVERY SITUATION.


@Internet Girl Not ashamed to say that I've watched ALL those 5 she listed. Sooooo good.

lily bart

Please add: Movies to watch when you're stuck at home sick. That special level of sick where reading requires too much energy, yet you can't quite seem to nap. Thanks!

Internet Girl

@lily bart UGH YES.

The perfect sick movie is a unicorn. Last time I was this sick I cycled through the first 5 minutes of millions of movies before finally settling on a melodrama about a gay mormon missionary.

Which I then re-watched twice.

lily bart

@Internet Girl
Days like today make me wish I had Lifetime Movies for Ladies network. Something involving a serial-killing-anorexic-unwed-mother-on-the-run-from-her-stalker would be just my speed.


@lily bart: Sick days are made for marathons of TV shows you otherwise would never watch. I think I saw several seasons of Real World and waaayy too many episodes of Wedding Story because of stumbling across marathons while being laid low by some bug. Just this past Saturday I woke up feeling like hell, and before I knew it I had burned through 7 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress on Instantview.

lily bart

I was just considering marathoning "Ugly Betty" or "Veronica Mars". I've never seen a single episode of either, but both seem to have the whole series available to stream. Thoughts?


@lily bart
VERONICA MARS IS SOO GOOD. But not the last season. It's not that great, but the first two are amazing.


@lily bart Veronica Mars is an awesome one to marathon. I was an unabashed fangirl of that show with viewing parties and everything! Although S2 was kind of meh (for me), season one is like, "season one of The OC" enjoyable.

lily bart

@Megoon and @ilikemints
Sweet, I'm as excited as I can be in my current sickly state. Firing up Veronica season 1 now.


@lily bart Just prepare to get your feminist rage on during the last season of VM. I still haven't recovered.


@lily bart I went through most of Ugly Betty when sick with strep. It is upbeat and a little stupid and great for when you have a fever of 101 and can't pay too much attention to plotlines (Veronica Mars may require more attention). Recommended!


@lily bart I actually love any and all Star Trek for this exact situation.


Law & Order (regular or SVU) marathons are perfect sick-fare. It's essentially the same show, over and over, but with different guest stars.


@SuperGogo Yes! Also, Real Housewives of any neighborhood, any Bethenny show, and Top Model.


@lily bart I'm pretty sure I watched a marathon of Ice Road Truckers the last time I was sick. In my defense, I would have had to stand up to get to the remote, which is so not happening when you get that sick.


It absolutely must be the Jonny Lee Miller version of Emma. Romola Garai is far more adorable than Gwyneth.


@likethestore the Jonny Lee Miller version of everything is always the right answer. he was so dreamy in Mansfield Park, even though his character is a bit of a tit.


@likethestore Romola Garai as Emma was one of the most delightful Jane Austen-things I have ever seen. Emma's always been my favourite but her depiction was just so... perfect (or at least, perfectly in sync with my mind's Emma).


@likethestore Agree with you completely on Romola Garai. She did a brilliant job. But when Jeremy Northam's voice breaks on "Badly done, Emma!" my heart breaks.
And when he swings his cane when he storms away from from her, rejected, thinking she's in love with Frank Churchill!
I liked Johnny Lee Miller more than I thought I would, but I'm sticking with my first love.


Um...have you guys seen, "Nature: Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom"? Kiiiind of awesome.


@Jenn I love that movie. Like, watched it so many times that my boyfriend refuses to watch it anymore. I spread the gospel of Nature: Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom wherever I go.


@Jenn I DVR'd it a year ago and have it saved so that it will never be deleted. And i keep rewatching it.


Little Monsters was terrifying


Conversations With Other Women is in my top ten movies of all time, and nobody has ever seen it! It was the winner of the Best Use Of Split Screen That May Seem Like A Gimmick At First But Actually Totally Isn't award in the DeepOmeggies.

sergeant tibbs

@deepomega No one has ever heard of it! I watched it last week, and I could watch it today, no problem.


@deepomega Agh! The split screen just seems like it would give me a headache!


Um, I own Yentl. On VHS. It has sentimental value!


Nope, still not ready to give Mac and Me a chance.

young preeezy

@applestoapples never ever! although I will still youtube the McDonald's "dance scene" from time to time and laugh to myself.


Ohh no you guys 'The Stoning of Soraya M' and it is heart-wrenchingly sad. I am glad I watched it, but I would not recommend anyone watch this to kill time between work and a party. I was wasted and bawling alone in my house at the end, then had to dress up like a bear for a costume party. Saddest, saddest bear.


I have been driving my boyfriend mildly crazy since they added the entire run of Cheers. He had never watched it before (??!!) and had no idea that Frasier was once kind of awesome. I am avoiding the Diane years because she is now impossibly annoying to me. They have also added all of Twin Peaks and X-Files. Exciting!


@adminslave You're avoiding The Diane Years?? But The Diane Years were the best years!


@DorothyMantooth I like the Rebecca eps, and while the Diane/Sam romance was good I just really hate the character.


ummm, I think What A Girl Wants needs to be on here somewhere...or am I the only who has a weakness for Amanda Bynes, with bonus points for the dreamy Colin Firth?


@heyits If you like Colin Firth check out "Another Country," it has young Firth, Cary Elwes and Rupert Everett. There is a hot rowboat scene (no Firth, sadly).


@adminslave noted and Netflix-queue added.


I love how two of my favorite films ever are in the "Films you won't actually watch" category. Does this make me a pretentious asshole?


@Amber Nah. Every movie on that list is wicked good, but who wants to sit down to Fellini on a whim? Let's just agree not to make a big deal about it, and we'll grant you pretentious absolution.

Sorry For Partying

@Amber I feel really good about myself now just for having seen The 400 Blows


They have added a lot of movies lately that I last watched when I was 11 or 12. Several of them have been surprisingly disappointing from an adult perspective. "Lady Jane" is a lot cheesier than I remember and "Look Who's Talking" has not stood the test of time (what? I thought it was awesome).


I discovered the charming Downton Abbey recently, and I can totally recommend it. I watched the entire season over a weekend, and now I'm waiting for the next.

Like others, I've been disappointed by some movies that I thought I remembered better. Labyrinth was only good for David Bowie's pants.


@nancydrew Downton Abbey is (Oprah voice)AAHH-MAY-ZING! Love it so, so much. The new Upstairs Downstairs is streaming at PBS.org; it's not as good, but should hold you over for a bit.


@callheralaska Yay! Good to know. :)

HRH Your Cuntness

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Just . . . trust me.

Candice H.@twitter

@HRH Your Cuntness OMG we watched that drunk and thought we'd missed entire scenes (we hadn't)! And the chameleon... God yes... Trust, people!

HRH Your Cuntness

@Candice H.@twitter Though it's worth renting on disc (or buying!) so that you can see the bonus features, which include Val Kilmer doing a dead-on Werner Herzog impression. "Zey vill not let me bring my lizards to zis film. I vill retire from filmmaking and everyvone vill know that it is YOU ALL who have caused de Verner Herzog to exit ze film industry!"


Kids. I'm not going to lie. I think "When in Rome" should be in the running for Beauty and the Briefcase's slot. Aside from that I find Kristen Bell adorable (she's so tiny! Like an elf!)I thought the movie was goofy, and except for the inevitable: "try to make a hot girl seem awkward" rom com set up, not too sexist! Silliness abounds. When you are alone and drunk, I say go there.

Also. The Long Kiss Goodnight. Oh my. It's so much greatness. First of all, I have missed the old school action squence where you actually get to linger lovingly over an explosion, instead of the hurky jerky style they seem to prefer these days. It makes me mad that they pay 500k to make that thing blow up, but they won't just let me watch it, because they must spin the camera in a puke inducing spiral, indicative of ACTION.

No but also, Geena Davis makes about 10 billion filthy jokes about Samuel L Jackon's penis. Its heaven.


@E When in Rome is so much worse than Beauty and the Briefcase. It's unwatchable! The whole thing about getting struck by lightning ruining your football career? What creature wrote that?


@E Ugh, I have an intense desire to watch When in Rome but it's matched by an equally strong desire to avoid absolutely everything with Josh Duhamel.

Noelle O'Donnell

Am I the only one who loved HBC in Sweeney Todd?


@feverdreams She actually sang way better than I anticipated!

tea tray in the sky.

Aw, The Stoning of Soraya M was amazingly powerful. People should actually watch it, not just pretend they did!


"5 Movies for When You Don’t Even Have the Energy to Pretend to Want to Watch Anything Other Than a British Costume Drama"
This has been me for the last 6 months, except I've run out of Netflix options....moved onto Britsh Comedies. My boyfriend thinks I'm insane.

Ayushi Verma@facebook

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